Friday, August 19, 2011


Jewish children, the victims of medical experiments in Auschwitz

We like Jews.

And we like Blacks, Moslems, Gays, Catholics and the handicapped.

We are ashamed of our past prejudices against such people.

Nice jewish girl.

1. Jews

Before we got to know any Jews we were aware that they had a certain 'reputation'.

We now have a number of Jewish friends.

They are good people, no different from anyone else.

Every group has its bad guys.

Take the Scots.

The Scots "persecuted native Americans, exterminated aborigines, stole land, defrauded their partners, exploited their workers and happily traded in opium...

"Scotland’s economy in the 18th century was inextricably intertwined with slavery through the sugar, tobacco and cotton industries, plus the civil and military structures that sustained them."

(The Scottish diaspora: Migrant tales The Economist)

A nice Jewish girl.

The Chinese are 'the Jews of Asia'.

An indiginous Indonesian might point to a row of shops and say that they are all owned by 'unscrupulous' Chinese Indonesians.

But the same indiginous Indonesian may be happy to use the skilled Chinese-Indonesian doctors who operate in the local clean and efficient hospital run by Chinese-Indonesians.

And most Chinese-Indonesians are just ordinary, friendly folks.

When it comes to events like 9 11, we reckon that the 'bad guys' were a mixture of races and religions - people we call the Mafia-Fascists.

What about the 'Jewish' influence on institutions in the USA?

This is like the 'Chinese' influence in many Asian countries.

Our experience, however, is that for every 'rich and unscrupulous' Chinese, there are hundreds of poor and friendly Chinese.

And the 'rich and unscrupulous' Chinese would be nowhere without their non-Chinese pals in the military and in the government.

Our most anti-semitic friend is called Peter, and he is Jewish.

His anti-semitism is caused by the unscrupulousness of a minority of Jewish folks he knew in the music business.

My body guards in North Africa

2. Blacks

Before we got to know any Blacks we were aware that they had a certain 'reputation'.

We have been mugged.

We lived near a big Black community in London.

We got mugged, by two White guys.

We found the Black folks to be generally friendly, hard working church-going folks.

In North Africa, we were protected from muggers, by some Black folks.

We nearly got mugged in Lisbon, by two White blokes.

We have been to Africa south of the Sahara.

The people are generally very friendly.

A lot of the problems of Africa have been caused by crooked elites.

Happy Moslem

3. Moslems.

Before we got to know any Moslems we were aware that they had a certain 'reputation'.

We have now made friends with Moslems in several Moslem countries.

Our impression is that the average Moslem family is friendly, full of fun, peaceful and good.

When we lived in a Moslem country for a number of years we found that our neighbours would always bring us Christmas cards at Christmas.

And when the American-trained agents of the elite were organising attacks on churches, the ordinary Moslems would be out there to protect their Christian brothers.

If we were to choose our favourite people in the world they would be people from certain Moslem countries.

What about the mad-Moslems?

We should remember that all of these recent extremists have been trained and put into power by the West.

What about religious wars?

We reckon that the religious wars, Catholics versus Protestants and Sunni versus Shiah, are caused by the manipulations of the elites.

4. Gays

Before we got to know any Gays we were aware that they had a certain 'reputation'.

I have now got to know a number of Gay/bisexual people.

Most of them are married to members of the opposite sex and most are very 'normal'.

Most of them would never consider going to a gay bar or having a gay relationship.

Many of them are somewhat religious and somewhat conservative.

The only gay 'couple' we know are the salt of the earth, helpful to old ladies in particular.

5. Catholics

Before we got to know any Catholics we were aware that they had a certain 'reputation'.

But we went to work in an institution run and staffed mainly by Catholics.

They were warm, friendly people.

Fred lived in a council flat in London. He was not well looked after by the social services.

6. The Handicapped.

We didn't used to take any interest in the handicapped.

We wrote them off as of no interest.

Then we came across a handicapped person in distress.

This person had been normal as a young kid but had got encephalitis, resulting in some damage to the brain.

This person became a close friend.

And we got to know lots of handicapped folks.

They are wonderful to know.

Handicapped kids, often unable to speak, can be full of fun and love.

The elite are a mixture of races and religions.

7. We have one more handicap to overcome.

We find it difficult to like certain members of the elite - the ones who organise torture, wars and other horrors.

It is these members of the elite who want us to look to them for protection.

It is these members of the elite who want us to hate and despise the ordinary Jews, Blacks, Moslems, Gays...

Slavery is not new.



Anonymous said...

Jewish kids victim of Auschwitz? Aang, I thought u could do better. I recommend u this thread from David Icke's forum:

And u know as well as me that its always convenient to blame the elites. Both elites and us are to blame. Period.


Anonymous said...


peter chamberlin said...

There are so many people pushing us to judge this group, or that faction as the cause of all of our unexplainable troubles. No one race or religious group controls the helm of our ship, but it is under secret control. Time and again, the evidence points to the secret networks as the source of that covert control. It is my opinion that the reason we are seeing the myth of "Jewish control" gain so much traction is that the CIA saw it as such a perfect cover for their shenanigans. Then again, the secret network had its beginnings with Nazi imports. It is little wonder that they saw an "anti-Semitic" plot to blame Jews for everything (when every corporation and every major financial institution has so many Jewish names on their Board of Directors), especially when Zionist Christianity teaches that mankind's salvation would "flow from Israel."

Billy said...

The "elite" had a certain reputation ... then we found out they are just normal people too. Position and Power corrupts. But some want to demonize "elites" as if they were all space aliens and lizard-people. Look in the mirror and, given just the right circumstances and incentives, you might just find a dictatorial elitist monster lurking there.

Anonymous said...


Yes, "divide and conquer".

If we're all at each others' throats, we're not at the plutocracy's throat.

The elite are united by common interest: greed and power lust, which they like to call "financial stability" and "global governance".

They are not united by race, nor by religion, nor nationality. Nothing so facile.

Look at the boards, committes and trustees of the International Crisis Group, the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the multifarious United Nations organizations.

They make a point even of "appearing" representative.

Anonymous said...

Is Aangirfan hacked? Please tell me that it is, or i must have a heavy nightmare...

Anonymous said...

Ah C, C, C...

Yes, many Jews were killed by the Nazis. Most of them poorer, excluded and genuinely religious.

The Zionist plutocrats cooperated and escaped, fortunes intact.

For political purposes, the number of Jewish deaths was exaggerated, greatly even, by the Zionists, but so what.

Many good people were killed because they were different. Because an evil ideology wished to "cleanse" the world of "the other".

The Nazis also killed the disabled, communists, Slavs, homosexuals, unionists, Catholics. Essentially anyone who stood in the way of their repellent concept of an earthly eugenic, technocratic paradise. And often killed in the most monstrously evil ways to further "scientific" inquiry.

C, please don't stoop to defending Hitler. Or stoop even lower and defend the Rockefellers, Whitneys and other proto-nazis.

Fortunately, you're unlikely to defend the Zionists at least.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very powerful and well articulated article!!

Your right the elite like us "peasents" to be distracted by irrelevent differences between us. And every 10 years or so we are conditioned to discriminate against a new group to further their agenda.

Anonymous said...

We also like Jews, Blacks, Muslims, Catholics, the Disabled. And even our brothers and sisters born with an inordinate fondness for their own sex.

Aangirfan, we also like you.

A person who loves others despite, or even better because of, their differences from himself or herself is the most worthwhile and highest form of humanity.

A humble person in whom love has triumphed over fear and narcissism.

Someone worthy of surviving this world.

nina said...

I love this entry.

Anonymous said...

The Gays paragraph sounded a lot homophobic actually. Gay/bi people fearing gay relationships are not normal and should look into schizofrenia. Maybe you got to know them at a church's gay cure group (joking). And I'm not sure I got the last line about the "gay 'couple'" (why not "gay couple"?).

Junis said...

Aangirfan, can you reveal the following information about yourself:
- ethicity
- gender
- age
- nationality
- religion
- occupation
- motivation in writing these articles
- martial status

It helps to know who and how these articles are posted.

Here is info about myself:
Ethicity: South Asian
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Nationality: British
Religion: Islam
Occupation: part-time Student/jobseeker
Motivation in reading your articles: alternative news source & eye-openings

Anonymous said...

"the evidence shows that the Germans were the most humane participants in the war" The Hateful Hoax

"Dr. Mengele has an open, honest, solid character... During his period of service at the Auschwitz concentration camp, he applied his practical and theoretical knowledge to combating severe epidemics" IHR

"I don’t have anything to hide. Terrible things happened at Auschwitz, and I did my best to help. One could not do everything. There were terrible disasters there. I could only save so many. I never killed anyone or hurt anyone" link

From the excellent and extensively sourced Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

"[The] “Synagogue of Satan” is a gathering of persons of like mind and spirit who are in opposition to the will of God" Louis Farrakhan

Interesting that the Book of Revelations would refer to it as a "synagogue", no? At any rate, Aang, I harbor no prejudices nor make blanket assumptions about anyone, save the Ashkenazi "Jew". Regardless of what's written in the Talmud, I do not see the Mizrahi Jew exhibiting the destructive psychopathy displayed routinely by the bulk of Khazar Jewry, and in fact see them as victims of the Khazar as much as anyone else, perhaps more so (with the exception of Palestinians, Iraqis, and Afghans), even to this day.

Many people ponder whether the Jews have been framed up by the NWO orchestrators, or whether they are the driving force (the "scapegoat" itself actually being a Jewish concept). When a group of people display the same tendencies time and time again throughout history, it is not a prejudice to make note of it, but an observation. That there are "ordinary" Jews who have no direct participation in a monolithic conspiracy is a straw man. Jews wield power completely out of proportion to their numbers, and they use that power toward destructive ends, to the detriment of all mankind.

Anonymous said...

David Icke is icky

Asif said...

oops anon slip...!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

You forgot to include the forgotten, the old among us. Our seniors who carry our memories... who lived history... AND completely forgotten also were the Roma people. When it comes to racial hatreds, they are at the receiving end in Europe as we know. I have known many Roma and those I knew were high achievers, motivated, educated, warm and loving.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Disinformation 101! Goodbye aangirfan! (Atleast the aangirfan i used to know and pass on to others)

Genie said...

One thing unique about the Yiddish Jews is they possess a warped sense of identity. Can't say that about the other groups mentioned! They are not the children of Moses, they are not semitic and you won't find any who will admit it. Look at the photos you have of the "nice Jewish girls", for example. They are not semites, they are the same race as I am and I am not a don't need a DNA test to know it. Israelites were not white, Jesus was not white, Moses was not white! And they sure as hell didn't come from the same place as those guys! So...they are liars and sickos and that is not a good thing where I come from. Something wrong with that whole batch not to be compared with any of the other groups mentioned. And this is just one aspect of the problem but it's enough.

Anonymous said...

Anony 10:13, ure the same brainwashed moron as always. I expect again my comment to be censored/deleted.


Anonymous said...

Anony 2:26, Icke may be icky and u may be a moron, but the thread about Holohoax is very useful.


Anonymous said...

Noor, darling, stop asskissing the Roma people and sugarcoating the matter. I invite to my country Romania and I can assure you u will change ur opinion in a minute. These scums are victimized just like the Jews. Get ur fact right and stop spreading propaganda.


Anonymous said...

When you say we what do yo mean: when a majority of the populace is brown, moslem, catholic, Christian and there a billion handicap. The fact that you show two blond jewish girls, throws me off. I take it you think you're Christian and White. The one's claiming to be Christian and white are more Jewish, Ashkanazi or of the Rupert Murdoch or Maontau Norman sort. You've snuck into destroy a soulful Christian religion. And needing Blacks as guards and Catholics as office managers just shows you're very much like Hollywood. And who runs that. This post reeks of an Identity Crisis. Sadly you hurt your own people, like the poor Polish Jews, because they're not as pure as you. You enter the words pure into the human lexicon. Not soulful Christian. This whole site is a war on consciousness.

Anonymous said...

What with the hug-a-homo blog a while back I think Aang's building-up to something.

Not sure which captivates my interest most: the BBC day-long showing of 'One Foot In The Grave' or the surprise Aang's going to spring on us!

(for interest, I used to know Annette Crosbie. First met her about '56 at The Old Vic, playing 'boys' etc., she and Judi Dench used to moonlight as singer/dancers as well, to make some extra cash. Both got to be mates with my mum and thus used to sunbath naked in our garden, why I used to run home after school on really hot, sunny, days, panting hard, already red in face before I got through the gate! Ah... balmy days....)

Well, Aang, what ARE you up to.

Anonymous said...

"Well, Aang, what ARE you up to."

From what I can tell, Aangirfan is up to the uncommon mischief of trying to do the right thing.

Trying to find the truth, albeit via imperfect methodology. The same as all fallible people.

Trying to express solidarity with decent people no matter what their background.

What's the alternative?

Inheriting the same set of inflexible hatreds as all your friends and forebears, which you can then proudly pass down to your children?

C's attitude of hate of all Roma and hate of all Jews certainly is much simpler and less stressful on the brain than investigating the real world in its full complexity and trying to understand other people.

C, i've met plenty of unsavory Romanians. Not Roma, not Jewish. Should I then hate all Romanians? Even those who are family? What about the English? I've met some unpleasant English too. Should I hate them all?

Or maybe I should treat people on their own merits as individuals? Even each individual is neither wholly good nor bad.

Not that I expect anything I say will impinge in the slightest on your mindset, C.

A man's set of hatreds and bigotries are a comforting, static and familiar prison.

Incidentally, I often disagree with people here too, including Aangirfan. But I try to evaluate the different points of view according to the metrics of reason and human decency.

By the way, C, you really should look up the term "ad hominem".

Anonymous said...

An article about Brainwashing followed by a,"Hug an Illuminati"piece. You couldn't make it up! Is this a case of Bourgeois Hegemony? Or simply losing the will to fight? I much prefer the Aangirfan preceding the last few weeks to this one.As another poster said well,Aang,what ARE you up to?

slozo said...

Interesting how divisive this article seems to have been, save for the usual trolling by shit-disturbers.

You hit many nerves, Aang, but not the way you might have thought. Hmm. I wasn't sure myself if I liked how you displayed and characterised things here.

And the question on what race you are . . . it's not an unfair question, really.

I didn't like the undertone behind your unspoken message here . . . if I read it correctly.

The Realist Report said...

Aangirfan, I love you whoever you/them are, because you do some great work on many important subjects.

I have some issues with this post though. Let me explain. Pardon my French, once again.

What is that picture doing at the top of this post? Can you please cite that? Jews were killed in WWII. Blacks were killed in WWII. Muslims were killed in WWII. Gays were killed. Handicapped folks were killed.

My fucking grandfather was in Japan guarding the fucking prisoners over there after the fucking Jews invented the fucking nuclear bomb that the fucking Jewish controlled US government (just like your government Aangirfan, the UK, is controlled by Jewish power), just happened to decide to drop on them after they fucking surrendered.

These motherfuckers, huh? If it's racist to say that, then count me in man. I'll proudly proclaim that in public. Come to San Diego and find out.

They fucking destroyed Germany, Russia and then had to destroy Japan. Anyone that challenges their power must be destroyed. And please don't think I'm shilling for anyone's war. I'm not, at all. Wars are fought for the profit of these fucking bankers that you've written about.

Let's stop being chicken shit about this. WE KNOW JEWS CONTROL THE WORLD. This is no secret anymore, and it's not wrong to say it, yeah Aangirfan? It ain't about us hating Jews, or Blacks, or Chinese, or Japanese, or Muslims, or whatever. Fuck that. I love everyone, literally. I have plenty of Jewish friends, including my best friend from Omaha who works in DC right now (who is unfortunately not on board with these facts), and this revolution I'm fighting for ain't about that! It's about the Jewish crime gang that has control of my country, my country's media, and my country's banking system. And no, it ain't the CIA or the Illuminanti. It's the fucking Jews man. It's obvious for anyone willing to take a look. Especially here in the US, where I live and have the best insight into. Our fucking politicians here in the US suck these Jews dicks on camera man, it's sickening. Wow, that's pretty provacitive. Good thing I've got the First Amendment backing me up.

Junis said...

To John Friend: You don't have to keep using the Fxxxing word in your comment. I have a theory which is that those who who this word frequently are atheists. Am I correct in believing that your're an atheist? Btw, I agree with the essence of your comment which is that Zionists are upsetting the world economy and peace.

The Realist Report said...

Hi Junis, yeah, I shouldn't have used the f-word like that. I do sincerely apologize to Aangirfan. I didn't mean any offense to anyone. I was just a bit worked up, obviously. I'm so sick and tired of seeing all this destruction, war, murder, theft and the whole litany of other crimes committed by the Zionist-led and dominated global power structure.

No I am not an atheist. I guess it may have appeared that way by my filthy comment. Sorry everyone!

Anonymous said...

That picture you have displayed at the top of this post is a well-known fake.

Here's a good page on fake holocaust pictures:

Nice shilling for the Jews, aangirfan.

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