Thursday, August 18, 2011


Former MP John Corrie, who says the West is making a big mistake in Libya.

UK journalist Stuart Gillespie has a scoop on Libya, but you won't find it on the internet or in any of the big news outlets.

We found it in a small local newspaper.

John Corrie is a former UK Conservative MP and MEP, and an expert on Africa.

He has been in Libya with three other former Members of the European Parliament (Four former MEPs met in Tripoli.)

John Corrie has been interviewed by Stuart Gillespie.

John Corrie, and his colleagues, now warn that the UK and its allies have got it wrong on Libya.

According to Corrie:

1. Gaddafi's support and strength have been totally underestimated.

2. The rebels are not as powerful as people think.

3. The UK should not have handed over the Libyan embassy to the rebels.

4. Libya is an African country and so the Africans should sort out the Libyan situation.

5. The US-NATO bombing is 100 times more destructive than conventional bombing.



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Noor al Haqiqa said...

We have been saying this all along, haven't we? Both your and my blog bang away at this regularly, this very topic.

It is beyond bittersweet, but on some level I feel that people like us, just the little folk, by our blogging efforts are changing the consciousness level of the folks out there.

We can only keep banging along on issues like this NATO crime in Libya until, along with everything else going on, people around the globe decide 'ENOUGH ALREADY!" and rise up in union.

Call me foolish, but it is becoming clearer with each day that such a thing is possible.

I do not toss around the term "sheeple" so freely any longer because one does not wish to insult the newly awakened.

Let us hope more politicians and people of influence start speaking out like these gentlemen have.

The Realist Report said...

Hell yeah Noor, I completely agree.

Corrie for Prime Minister of UK? Make it happen Aangirfan!! In the picture he kinda looks like Ron least to me. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I believe you are too early. The focus has to be to the north. None of that south part matters yet. Besides it would be easier in future if you tried to drive wedges throughout the southern region. Divide and CONQUER. Syria would not ever be second front!

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