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What is the public attitude to gay people?

Scientists in the USA have been studying gay birds and have found that they sing to each other and preen each other.

(Research published in the journal Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology - Same-sex birds form lasting bond - BBC)

The scientists studied young zebra finches.

When raised in same-sex groups, most of the birds acted gay.

When females were brought into a male group, five out of eight pairs of males ignored the females and remained with their male partner.

Dr Julie Elie, from the University of California, Berkeley, said: "same-sex individuals... interact... like male-female pairs."

Dr Elie said that, with gulls and albatrosses, "female partners copulate with a paired male then rear the young together."

Research by the advertising agencies has found that images of boys have a far wider appeal, for both men and women, than images of girls or women or men. In the novella Death in Venice, Aschenbach/Mann is the cerebral, sexually repressed, politically conservative, writer who has achieved fame but whose writing lacks deep insight into the world of love and lust. In Venice he lets sensual beauty into his life and goes astray. He becomes a slave to desire, feels tortured by guilt, and cannot relax. And his "dignity is rescued only by ... Death." Mann is warning us to avoid extremes.

The Old Testament was not keen on homosexual activity, because it did not lead to the production of lots of children for the tribe.

Today, in an over-populated world, the 'powers-that-be' may have decided to relax their attitudes.

Attitudes can be changed fairly easily.

Our attitude to Moslems is being changed. Turkey's Foreign Minister and Hilary Clinton, best of friends.

In 2001, we were brainwashed into thinking that Moslems were terrorists.

In 2011, with the Turks and many other Moslems now in the New World Order, we are being brainwashed into thinking that lots of Moslems are good guys.

The new enemy are those folks who protest against the bankers. Agents provocateurs must turn the protests violent.

But, there are still lots of homophobes.

For the Buddhists, all visual attraction is the reaction of the lower self. Fleshly charm does not last and is in a sense unreal. In other words, you don't need a girl/boyfriend; and thegirl/boyfriend's sexiness is a bit of an illusion. However, according to the Buddhists, avoiding sex, while continuing to think foul thoughts, is not good. Better to obtain physical outlet, while thinking wholesome thoughts. (aangirfan: THOMAS MANN)

The Rev George Hargreaves, whose family come from Trinidad and Tobago, is leader of the Scottish Christian Party, which believes that homosexuality is a sin.

According to The Times, 13 April 2007, (Times Online), Hargreaves made millions from his success on the gay club scene.

While he was a DJ in London, he shared a flat with his gay song-writing partner.

He wrote the gay anthem "So Macho" which was a hit in gay clubs in the United Kingdom in 1986. (Times Online)

Francois Boucher

The Rev Ian Watson, of the Church of Scotland, has attacked homosexual lifestyles, declaring that such people would not “inherit the kingdom of God.”

In his sermon, Watson invoked John Calvin and Martin Luther.

(Anti-gay minister the Rev Ian Watson in outrage)

Denise Richards and Neve Campbell

Jerome Bolsec published a life of Calvin, 'Vie de Calvin', in 1577.

According to Bolsec, Calvin frequently engaged in gay sex.

According to Bolsec, Calvin resigned his church post at Noyon, in France, because of the public exposure of his homosexuality.

Westheimer and Lopater's, Human Sexuality: A Psychosocial Perspective, Second Edition, refers to Martin Luther. (

According to the authors, in his youth, Martin Luther struggled with his own sexuality.

Luther tried to deny his homosexual attractions to other men.

During the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther came to believe that if two people are devoted to each other and to God, it does not matter if they enjoy a homosexual relationship.

In the New Scientist, 27 October 2007 (Population is the key), Andrew Ferguson pointed out that:

1. World population is likely to be 10 billion by 2070.

2. Even if we adopt a simpler lifesyle, as for example in Cuba, the planet will not be able to cope.

3. For everyone to enjoy western European lifestyles, the world population needs to be about 2 billion.

To help save the planet, we need to demolish the last great taboo.

We need to stop forcing people to go in for relationships that lead to the production of babies.

Gay Moslem Art

Pop star Rihanna has a video in which she is kissing a woman.

"In doing so she joins a long line of famous women who’ve had a lesbian clinch on camera, from Britney Spears and Madonna to Nev Campbell and Denise Richards."

(After Rihanna's girl-on-girl kiss: More female stars' lesbian - Metro)

You may have noticed a few girls kissing.

Pamela Anderson kissing Lindsay Lohan

Professor Germaine Greer, formerly Professor of English Literature and Comparative Studies at the University of Warwick, claims that saying boys are beautiful amounts to 'demolishing one of the last great western taboos.'

Peter Conrad reviewed Greer's book on The Boy in the Observer, 26 October 2003. - ( )

According to Conrad, Germaine Greer warns women that "they are ill-equipped to act as 'sex objects' and are 'programmed for failure in their duty of attraction'."

According to Conrad, 'Greer believes that the job of arousing desire is done better, and with an ecumenical appeal to both men and women, by the boys who teasingly lounge and cockily strut through the pages of her book.'

Conrad tells us of Greer's belief that 'If nature didn't intend boys to be seduced by older men and women, why did it make them so damnably fetching, so downy-cheeked, rangy-limbed and pert-buttocked?'

Gay Chinese (http://gay-art/china-homosexual-art/l)

In the 15th century, the wealthier women of Cairo were so concerned by the fashion among their husbands for youths and young men, that they took to dressing up in men's attire.

Homosexuality used to be common throughout the Moslem world. During the early years of Islam, homosexuality was seemingly not regarded as a crime.

In Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe, before the missionaries arrived, homosexuality was widespread. (Bisexual Africa / Bisexual animals? Bisexual Moslems? Sex with boys? / Mediterranean customs?)

Among the Fon, the predominant people in Dahomey (now Benin), Melville Herskovits in the 1930s reported that, after the age at which boys and girls may play together, "the sex drive finds satisfaction in close friendship between boys in the same group . . .

A boy may take the other 'as a woman,' this being called gaglgo, homosexuality.

Sometimes an affair of this sort persists during the entire life of the pair".

Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman

Miranda Kennedy, in The Boston Globe, 11 July 2004, wrote that, traditionally, men in Pakistan have sex with boys.

When the Spanish Conquistadors conquered Central America and the Yucatan in Mexico, they found that most native Indian priests were homosexual.

In their temples were sacred statues depicting gay sex acts.

The Romans were pretty gay. Cato the Censor complained about 200 B.C.E. that a handsome slave boy cost as much as a farm.

Britney and Madonna. Is the media trying to change people's views?

So, who is it that has been encouraging us all to have babies? Who is it that is homophobic?

1. It is the fundamentalists and conservatives - whether Christian or Moslem or Hindu or Marxist - who have nisunderstood the wishes of God.

2. It is the big corporations - who want lots of workers and consumers.

3. It is the militarists - who want their nations to have strong armies.

4. It is the brainwashed masses who know little of the animal kingdom.

Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd

According to an article entitled: Bigots are buggers :

"Research by US psychologists suggests that 80% of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings.

"The research results were published in the prestigious Journal of Abnormal Psychology, with the backing of the American Psychological Association.

"In tests conducted by Prof. Henry E Adams of the University of Georgia, homophobic men who said they were exclusively heterosexual were shown gay sex videos. Four out of five became sexually aroused by the homoerotic imagery, as recorded by a penile circumference measuring device - a plethysmograph.

Gustave Courbet

Joan Roughgarden is a professor of biology at Stanford University.

According to Roughgarden, gayness is something you necessarily find in advanced societies.

Jonah Lehrer writing at Seed: The Gay Animal Kingdom:

Roughgarden argues that homosexuality is a defining feature of advanced animal communities, which require communal bonds in order to function.

"The more complex and sophisticated a social system is," she writes, "the more likely it is to have homosexuality intermixed with heterosexuality."


Aangirfan is a cooperative of convent school girls and we strongly recommend celibacy. In underpopulated countries it is OK to increase the size of the population. But the Chinese, Indians and Americans should reassess their attitudes to sexuality.


Richard Kurdt left a comment about us human beings.

"There is an invisible, ineffable spirit within your physical body." - FINDING GOD


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

so this blog is operated for the Malthusian club of rome depopulationists of the city of london?

Junis said...

To Aangirfan: I have always had great respect for the high volume of sound articles you have written about history and politics. However, you current pro-homosexuality article has left me quite dissapointed for the followng reasons:
1. The problem for the world has NEVER been overpopulation; it has been obscene wealth inequality.
2. There is nothing natural about gay relationships as this is kind of behavior is not even found amongst animals.
3. The NWO (and Zionist Jews) SUPPORTS homosexuality as part of their plan to curtail the world population.
4. Muslims have never endorsed homosexuality because this is against the teachings of Islam.
5. Israel did 9/11. If you don't understand this, I am spending my time with the wrong website.
6. Muslims don't work for the CIA, because the latter kills the former. Those who work for the CIA are the nations and ethnicities it NEVER targets.
7. You say you are convent school girls. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...


I think you'll find the Tanakh and Qur'an at least are quite unambiguous on the topic of homosexuality. There's not much scope for misunderstanding.

According to Hadith, the prophet Muhammed dealt with such cases with gentle dissuasion, rather than the viciousness you see in some of the Islamic world today. Nonetheless, it is certainly not considered acceptable behaviour within Islam despite widespread contrary practice in North Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan among others.

As for it being a means of population control: if you wished to destroy a people, normalizing homosexuality and abortion and subverting the traditional family and marriage are excellent ways of doing it. And usury is an excellent means of securing financial and economic destruction.

For these reasons, Islamic societies, including within Europe, will end up outbreeding child/marriage-hostile, homosexual/abortion-friendly liberal societies.

These opinions of course are not "hep" and "modern". Certainly not those of Richard Gere-style nouveau Buddhists and other such Hollywood "enlightened".

Apparently human society's descent into a Brave New World idiocracy of iPhone-wielding, credulous, infantile, irresponsible hedonists is seen as inevitable. And even beneficial.

Sadly, man's descent to the status of vulgar, spoilt, moronic brats mollycoddled by machines might indeed be inevitable.

You've certainly moved well beyond the intellectual strictures of the convent, haven't you Aangirfan.

Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Aangiran, this is a volatile topic to some fundamentalist groups. You are not the only one with superior reasearch skills. We are concerned about your safety and worry that you released too much information about your girls convent which would be easy to track down to a motivated malecontent. We urge you to redirect away from information about yourself, such as '...some people advocate celibacy as a means of birth control..'.

Richard Kurdt said...

Keep up the great work aangirfan.

Post this if you like. Richard.

Mikhas said...

Ok. So what´s the point with this odd post all of a sudden? Are you sodomites seeking support among us Aangirfan-fans or what?

What you do in your own bedroom, how you prefer to satisfy yourselves is your own private-life and of no concern for me (and a lot of us) but please let it stay there and do not impose it on others out in the streets. That said, we are all equals under the sun no matter what

su said...

hey aangirfan,

about being a co-operative of convent girls and adhere to celibacy -
i went to a convent - so far off the mark my friend : )

Anon said...

Richard, I have added a quote from to my blog entry

Very many thanks

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

Junus writes:

"You say you are convent school girls. What does that mean?"

Have you heard of St Trinians?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

We have very different thoughts on this topic of homosexuality it seems. There is no way that such behaviour is natural although I know different cultures have treated the condition differently.

This is a long complicated topic and I am sorry for just saying and leaving it at that, but I am too tired to go into great detail. I am not a homophobe, just tired of the whole politically correct agenda when some of us have strong opinions on the matter.

Personally, I like the opposites attract theory. But maybe that's just me....

Anonymous said...

Probably my comment will get censored or deleted, but Noor why dont u mind ur own business instead of blabbing about homosexuality being a disease? U should be ashamed of urself. And truth hurts, as many sheeple revolted here. Yes we are too many on this planet but ure brainwashed by conspiracy theories and u cant see that. So lets rape Mother Earth because she can feed and support us forever. How idiot can u be?


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Spanish people!!!


Nick said...

This is disgusting and by no means natural.Im really disappointed Aang, but i believe you expected as much.

Why is it, do you think, that Soros & Co are pumping billions of Dollars into eastern €Urope (for sexual parades)where traditional family values are strong? Not only that, most sexuals in these "parades", simulating sex and flashing genitals in front of children, are flown-in professional provocateurs.

To Noor Al-haquiqa: No you are not alone, you know that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anony 3:39, Islam brainwashed u perfectly. Say hello to ur paedophile prophet from me.


Carole said...

Bloody hell aang I think
you've been hacked!

Anonymous said...

"Personally, I like the opposites attract theory."

Noor, personally I like the "opposites are biologically viable" theory.

Until the Global Governance crowd start decanting their slaves with the Bokanovsky process, you'll find homosexual-friendly societies somewhat at a competitive disadvantage to "man and woman gettin it on"-based societies.

Homosexual tendencies certainly do exist and vary from person to person.

Of course, some people are more subject to rage and more likely to commit murder. Some people are more susceptible to envy and more likely to steal. Some are more selfish and more likely to kill the inconvenient, like the very young and very old.

Maybe we can normalize such behaviours by calling their opponents killophobes, theftophobes, abortophobes and euthanasophobes.

Western liberal society really is one run on selfish base instinct and scarcly deserves to be called "human" society.

You think your rulers personally subscribe to this ideology?

No, it's the ideology of slaves.

Anonymous said...


Good point.

I'm not sure if Soros genuinely believes in "gay liberation" ideology as per his supposed support of Popper's Open Society ethos.

Or whether he simply supports the ideology as a means of causing social division for destabilzation operations in conjunction with CIA outfits like USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy.

At any rate, the people of Russia among others are not fooled and do not tolerate this sort of hamfisted, obvious provocation and social subversion.

harry battleaxe said...

A great shame that you pollute your excellent work with such NWO elitist garbage. Generations of eugenics loving Jews must be just so proud of you. Societies which operate equality of hetero and homo sexual relationships are quickly doomed. NB: The Romans and Greeks did not base their societal relations on homosexuality : heterosexual marriage was the keystone, homosexuality being something "to do", not a whole of life choice.

As far as overpopulation, not feeding the third world every time they're too lazy to work, and refusing health care for the same reasons, would have kept their population - the ONLY area of growth - down to replacement level only.

Anonymous said...

I know a good friend of Soros that is very pro-homossexuality and fund many of the gay rights initiatives in the USA. For some reason these people are mostly Jews and Masons. It is interesting that these ideas usually starts with a very small minority, homossexual Jews, that attained power and have lots money.

The scary thing is not the old queers that are dying, but the new generation that is being thought in the schools that homossexuality is normal and so on. These old Jewish queers, mainly women, are spreading these ideas at kindgarden and elementary schools. Just wait for the results in a few decades.

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Battleaxe,

"As far as overpopulation, not feeding the third world every time they're too lazy to work"

How about the Monsanto, Cargill and ADM not actively destroying the agro-economies of the Third World using IMF conditionalities and terminator seeds.

The kleptocratic elite need the Third World to be as dependent and enslaved as the First World.

Can't have the natives feeding themselves now, can we? They might be free enough to do their own thinking too.

Ask an Irishman about the Corn Laws some day.

CS said...

You show neither lesbians in Burqas, nor African lesbians, yet these are the people who are causing population to surge. The population of the white people you depict as enthusiasts for lesbianism is already collapsing. Are you for European genocide too?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

HonkBonkMan you are bang on. Bella Azbug in 1974 got the legal ball rolling although the programme really got hepped up during the 50's with the absurdly evil feminist/playboyism/free love movements being tossed into the social manipulation stew.

I have studied this matter of Jews and the perversion of Western morals for some time and learned long ago that this is part of their parasitic modus operandi. To rot a strong wealthy society from the inside out. Just look up the Frankfurt School and political correctness!

To the anonymous who, hiding behind a lack of name, spoke to me... I said nothing of "disease". You are putting words into my mouth.

As for "blabbing", perhaps you would have to peruse my blog to know where I come from and my thoughts on homosexuality and the NWO. I, my friend, have done my homework on this matter, you, have not.

Homosexuality as a method of birth control is as twisted as abortion being a from of birth control. Sheesh. There are no morals involved either option.

Both are symptoms of a failing sick society. The more corrupt the society becomes, the more corrupt become its sexual practices and deviance.

Within a century at most, those societies collapse from the rot within. The Roman Empire, Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah, Alexandria and Egypt, the Greek civilization, the court of the Sun King, those are but 3 examples. Just three, there are so many more.

And, Anonymouse, learn about the NWO depopulation programme properly. There is more to it than this sexual orientation thing.

This topic is huge and I don't even mention plastics and gmo's for birth control. Or the alteration by design of sexual development of human beings?

No, Anonymous, come back when you have done your homework. Oh, and are literate. Do not assume one is brainwashed just because one is not hot in favour with the perverted gay agenda.

Anon said...

Our nearest relation, the Bonobo chimp, is entirely bisexual.

Most homophobes turn out to be secretly bisexual.

CS said...

Re: "To rot a strong wealthy society from the inside out."

A good parasite does not kill the host. Some Jews are evidently concerned about the health of the European host.

It is the Muslims, who come to Europe not as parasites but as settlers and occupiers, who have most to gain from the death of the European peoples.

Anonymous said...

It's time to 'come out'.

I'm-I'm... I'm STRAIGHT.


A knew a bi/gay guy when I was a kid, from 5 to 16 years old, 10 years older than me he was, my best mate. Never touched me, nor his myriad of gay mates from all over London, plus mercenaries of all sorts, including German SS from Russia. Knew gays in showbiz, too, famous people, showered with them, let them soap-in my lovely taught buttocks, sat naked with them chewing the cud, delving deep into the vagaries of Shakespeare, alone, sometimes. Posed naked for gay photographers and artists ...alone. Never a problem.

The problem was the gay GIRLS! Especially the Jewish ones! Blimey, they raped me wherever they found me, lining-up outside the showers, their favourite place ("Stops me sweating.... argh...") There were a lot of gay girls in showbiz, you'd be surprised.

I was.


I tried to fight ...but...

I'm not joking.

Ok, I didn't fight TOO hard.

I like girls. Strange things, but quiet fun sometimes.

So I'm queer. NO, not THAT sort. I prefer girls, and while we're into it, only the ones with the fat bits in the right places ...and BRAINS. For you have to stop and talk to each other sometimes (sorry, now as then I need to take a breath sometimes!)

See, Aangs, 'Cooperative of Catholic Schoolgirls' as you say you are (aging ones, more like, all spinsters) you aren't the only one who can talk dirty.

What's the point of your post? We must all become gay and not fuck something that will become pregnant? But we aren't the ones overpopulating the world, the people who read your posts aren't the ones having 6-12 kids, THOSE people can't read, let alone have access to the www.

Rant over.

Anonymous said...

@Noor...are you ready to apply a personal practicum to your studies of the the NWO depopultion theories? You wanna go first...?

A13 said...

Hullo Aang :)
I would rather be celebate for the rest of my life than homosexual.
Cheers A13

nobody said...

Ha ha ha,

Aang, you've found a wedge issue! The audience splits! Subscriptions cancelled in droves! Those remaining, all at each other's throats!

Um... some people here are very literal aren't they? Would it be overly salacious of me to use the phrase 'tongue in cheek'? Folks, believe it or not, the Aangirfan schoolgirl collective is capable of doing tongue in cheek as if they were one individual! Hard to believe I know, but there you are. Meanwhile I suspect that the convent as such might be something other than literal. Can we dig it?

Otherwise, as I've stated before, people may do as they wish as long as it doesn't involve me having to endure drag queens miming songs that were shit to begin with and are certainly not improved by having men dressed as women acting them out. Which is fair enough I think.

That aside, I view it all as a big who-cares. But this is nearly always the case with wedge issues. It's what they're designed for. They push all the buttons and split the electorate - in spite of the fact that it involves a tiny percent of the population (about 2%, now that Kinsey's fatuous 10% has long since been exploded) and would otherwise, without the media hoopla, pass entirely unnoticed. Here's a question: if men were getting married privately (ie. without the media having them tongue-kissing in our living room) would anyone care?

Mind you, it is true that gay men are particularly prone to their own nasty variety of misanthropy. You know - cherry marines, nazis, and all that. Hmm... I was about to declare that this might have more to do with denial and the 'crypto' aspect that comes with it all, but then I remembered that the nastiest piece of work I ever met was a very 'out' gay.

Hmm... interesting. If you were gunning for an us-and-them mindset, being 'gay' is right up there with being 'Jewish'. I've sat in on plenty of gay conversations where straight people were derided in a fashion not so dissimilar from the way Jews would disparage goyim as untermenschen. Seriously.

Thinks: Has there been anything written by what constitutes the gay intelligentsia wherein this misanthropy is discussed along with what it all means? That would be interesting don't you think?

Anyway, thanks Aang. I'm off to read the rest.


PS Did you notice the latest new Laurel Canyon by David McGowan? Yay.

Anonymous said...

Are these scientists and historians sincere when they tell us that homesexuality is some kind of norm, or are they corrupted by their own beliefs or their masters? Whatever the answer homesexuals need our love even if we disagree with them. They can be great friends once we learn to see beyond their sexual preferences and find what unites us. I do not believe Aangirfan as being a gang of convent girls. Alex

Anon said...

"Would it be overly salacious of me to use the phrase 'tongue in cheek'?"

LOL. I was hoping Nobody would comment!

"A wedge issue"

I am genuinely surprised how many comments on posts take an extremist view.

I suspect that all the comments , apart from Nobody's, come from the security services.

- Convent Girls' Cooperative

The Realist Report said...

Wow, now this is interesting. I'm a man, and I absolutely love women. I'm not here to judge anyone who is gay (maybe Aangirfan?), but let's be serious, there is a major agenda behind the whole gay rights movement in the West. First off, it's a Jewish New World Order agenda, from start to finish:

The gays are being manipulated, just like the Jews, just like the Christians, just like everyone who isn't thinking about the bigger picture or overall power structure, and their agenda. I think sexual debauchery, including raping children (or anyone for that matter), pornography, pedophilia, sexual licentiousness, ect. is certainly not a healthy characteristic of one's society, whether it's homosexual in nature or not. And I'm definitely no prude!

I can unequivocally state that abortion is murder, that is for sure. How can anyone say that it is not? Let me add this though: terminating a pregnancy because of rape is certainly different than terminating a pregnancy because you are careless and selfish, and we need to recognize that fact.

Very interesting comment Nobody, as always! This is certainly a wedge issue. I say we focus on the more important issues, like NATO bombing innocent people all over the planet.

Either way, good stuff Aangirfan!! Very interesting post, definitely got me thinking!

BTW- St Trinian's is a fictional girls' boarding school, the creation of English cartoonist Ronald Searle, that later became the subject of a popular series of comedy films.

The first cartoon appeared in 1942, but shortly afterwards Searle had to fulfill his military service where he was captured at Singapore and spent the rest of the war as a prisoner of the Japanese. After the war, in 1946 he started making new cartoons about the girls, but the content was a lot darker in comparison with the previous years.

The only thing I can ascertain is that Aangirfan, whoever he/she/they is or are, is from the UK. And I absolutely love his/her/their blog.

And yes, I do work for the security services, unlike Nobody. We're hiring too, if anyone is interested. Times are tough these days. :)

Anon said...

Back in 2001, when I first wrote (not on blogger) about terrorism being an inside job, about fake people power, about bisexual bonobos and about organised child abuse, I received a torrent of racist, anti-Moslem, homophobic comments. However, there was about ONE person in Twenty who had thought for themselves and could see that there was something fishy about the Establishment view. Thank goodness for the ONE in Twenty.

The Realist Report said...

Anon, I'm sure glad you were thinking, writing and exposing these types of crimes all the way back in '01. Shit, I was a freshman in high school, and didn't really think about much except for playing football and baseball.

Once I really started looking into 9/11, roughly 2 years ago, I came across your blog, and simply didn't understand anything. I was too ignorant about, well, really everything that goes on in this world. So thanks for letting us all know what's up. I know I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Dear John Friend,
Not on your wages dear,

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