Monday, August 29, 2011


"In the last several months there have been reports about Libya that have turned out to be part of the stunningly foreign-orchestrated regime change agenda...

"One example that comes to mind is British foreign secretary William Hague's claim in February that Gaddafi was on the run and on his way or in Venezuela."

The Zimbabwe Review: The Gaddafi-in-Zimbabwe hoax

"Reports from Zimbabwe suggest that Gaddhafi has landed there, transported by the Zimbabwe Air Force.

"People in the country claim seeing the dictator's female bodyguards securing and patrolling the grounds of a mansion in Harare, Zimbabwe.

"A spokesman for Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change announced that, 'There's no doubt that Gaddafi is here as a unique guest of Mugabe.'

"In what may be a related development, the Libyan ambassador in Zimbabwe and his staff were expelled from the country on Sunday after declaring allegence to the rebels last week."


Gaddafi has been much criticised for having dealings with Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

"Following a 1998 Arab League meeting in which fellow Arab states decided not to challenge U.N. sanctions, Gaddafi announced that he was turning his back on pan-Arab ideas, one of the fundamental tenets of his philosophy.

"Instead, Libya pursued closer bilateral ties, particularly with Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

"It also sought to develop its relations with Sub-Saharan Africa, leading to Libyan involvement in several internal African disputes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.

"Libya also sought to expand its influence in Africa through financial assistance, ranging from aid donations to impoverished neighbors such as Niger to oil subsidies to Zimbabwe.

"Gaddafi proposed a borderless "United States of Africa" to transform the continent into a single nation-state ruled by a single government.

"This plan was moderately well received, although more powerful would-be participants such as Nigeria and South Africa were skeptical."

Foreign relations of Libya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On 30 August 2011, it was reported that Colonel Gaddafi’s wife and three of his children had fled to Algeria.

BBC News: Gaddafi family 'flee to Algeria


Anonymous said...


To understand what is really happening in Libya thank you for posting the above Sherrie Questions All video entitled "Libyan Truth" which explains everything (sic).

brian said...

Gadafis reported by the faux media and wretched autrocratic politicians to be everywhere that is on the NATO/US hit list.except where he is: in libya.

Hague is one of those monsters spawned by Fortress europe party 'democracy'..which seem to breed well in those dark waters. Any independent leader sends them into a rage. Lucky for them , europe is full of so many obedient robots(look at NATO), and these are ready to carry out any means to rid the world of these wretches.

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