Thursday, August 11, 2011


ZLITAN, hit by Nazi NATO.

Video - showing what Libyans think of Gaddafi.


85 people were killed during a NATO air strike on Zlitan. 33 children and 32 women were among those killed.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I just LOVE that Qaddafi video. Great tune, was chair dancing to it. Now those people obviously hate their leader and fear him.....

I keep wondering when the media will burn up as it falls into some hellish pit of its own making with all the outlandish lies they push.About everything. No big changes since Murduck went down... yet.

This one about Libya is just one of many but with tapes like this, easier to disprove.

Anonymous said...

British government begins stealing its peoples’ bank deposits ahead of the global financial collapse

Anonymous said...

hey! get this:

Tony Bennett - combover Madeleine Crusader and general Madeleine nuisance maker was Paul Ray's solicitor at one time!

Small world.

Paul Ray is also known as Richard Lionheart - who claims to be the inspiration behind Norway Killer Anders Breivik.

And get this!

Lionheart is the name of McCann donor Sir Philip Green's 206-foot Benetti yacht!

Now there's a coincidence.

Wasn't Ray and Breivik into all that House of Gnosis stuff too?

Penny said...

Hey AAngirfan!
thanks for stopping by. I understand there is an element of provocation within the UK riots.

But, don't you find the hypocrisy of the msm so telling?

Also want to bring this up from the way back

I haven't been following the uprisings as well as you have, but, we have to assume some persons may have been coerced into it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why do people say they love regimes? Afraid of the alternative?

hirundine said...

Maybe it's Grand Orient versus Scottish Rite? Whatever, maybe, ramping up for 2012? I'm sure as long as the bullets fly, certain people are making lots' moola?

Anonymous said...

who needs to look for non-existent CBN weapons via a UN resolution trap any more when you can just bomb people to death "to protect them" in order to effect regime change. And,of course, as our politicians tell us daily, Gaddafi was responsible for Lockerbie. The 23 year lie.

Ingrid B. said...

I liked the first video too. It`s nice to see the happy side of Libya for a change, rather than the gruesome immages, of NATO bombing and "rebel" killings..
In the second video, Steve Lendman doesn`t paint a very rosy future for Libya, quite the opposite..
NATO/Washington have wars and proxy attempts at regime change going on all over the place, and although the US is on the point of bankruptsy, it doesn`t look like any of the unrest will stop anytime soon..

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