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Louis James, 19, who says he has never held a job and learned to read only three years ago, admitted to looting a $195 sweater. Photo by Tom Pilston for the International Herald Tribune (London Riots Put Spotlight on Troubled, Unemployed Youths in Britain)

The English Riots: Who Benefits?

At we read:

"The riots now spreading through Britain's major urban centers ... may not have been so spontaneous...

"We have seen how social destabilization in the Middle East and North Africa has been driven by an organized storm of Tweeting and other forms of digital networking, mostly in the English language oddly enough, assisted surely by agents provocateurs on the ground.

"Should we dismiss the possibility of something similar in England?"

Canspeccy speculates that elements of the government may have organised the riots in order to advance their agenda.

"What, then, to do?

"Spark a massive race riot, hold the police back until the thing is blazing across the nation, then use the disaster as the rationale for necessary restraint on immigration, thereby establishing a populist base for the right?"

Tanks in Glasgow, in 1919, ready to shoot the people. "The seriousness of the government's intent can be gauged from Regulation 965 about how to deal with 'civil unrest': 'It is undesirable that firing should take place over the heads of the rioters or that blank ammunition should be used.'" - BBC NEWS.

The riots give the 'powers that be' a chance to crack down on those who might organise against the wealthy elite.

Max Hastings, a friend of the military, explains the thinking of the rich elite (UK riots 2011: Liberal dogma.):

"An underclass has existed throughout history...

"Its spasmodic outbreaks of violence, especially in the early 19th century, frightened the ruling classes.

"Its frustrations and passions were kept at bay by force and draconian legal sanctions."

We can now expect more force and draconian legal sanctions.

We can expect public sympathy to be on the side of law and order.

On 22 July 2011, not far from London, General Petraeus met Brigadier Simon Wolsey, commander of the British Army's 2 (South East) Brigade. Brig Wolsey worked at the Pentagon from 2006 to 2008. (General Petraeus tours Dover war tunnels) Also on 22 July 2011, Petraeus met US Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy Barry Richard McCaffrey. Petraeus was also in the UK in March 2011.

The police seemed to let the London riots happen.

'White boys ripped off the shutters, then a group of around eight or nine children went in and stole the day’s takings...

'All the time the police were about 15 yards away, just watching.'

So where WERE the police? Shopkeepers mystified at tactics that left them defenceless

"The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning 'regime change' for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned."

(America's secret backing for rebel leaders.)

Michael Ruppert tells us who is behind the riots.

The UK's General Frank Kitson developed the idea of the 'pseudo gang'. (General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism)

The pseudo gang works for the military but pretends to be a bunch of rioters or terrorists.

The idea of the 'pseudo gang' is to attack innocent civilians and then blame the attacks on the people that the military wants to discredit.

1998 - the CIA reportedly wanted regime change.

In August 2011 - we have Riots in London.

This reminds us of:

May 1998 - when there were Riots in Jakarta, reportedly organised by elements of the military, reportedly trained by the USA.

There may be no strong connection, but there are possible similarities.

White rioter in Hackney, London, 8 August 2011.

In May 1998 it was believed that the economy of Indonesia had been undermined by hidden forces, such as George Soros.

The stock market had plummeted.

Banks had collapsed.

The Jakarta riots were sparked by uniformed men shooting dead four students.

(On 8th August 2011 we learn that in the London Tottenham riot: the Bullet fired at a police officer 'belonged to the police'. The riots in London started after the shooting of Mark Duggan by the police.)

CIA boss General David Petraeus was in London in March 2011.

The riots of May 13-14

On the 13th of May there were reports of rioting in the area around Trisakti University in Jakarta.

President Suharto was attending a conference in Egypt and the military top brass went off to Malang in East Java to attend a ceremony.

(BBC News - London riots: David Cameron on holiday / Tottenham riot: top police officer flew off on holiday.)


On the 14th of May, serious rioting took place in the Jakarta area.

There were no signs of any uniformed soldiers on the streets.

(London riots 2011: 'lack of police on streets'.)


Over 1,000 people died during these Jakarta riots, most having been burnt in malls and supermarkets but some having been shot or beaten.

British Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to London on 4 May 2011

Alleged involvement of the military in planning the riots

Father Sandyawan Sumardi, a 40-year-old Jesuit priest and son of a police chief, led an independent investigation into the events of May 1998.

As a member of the Team of Volunteers for Humanitarian Causes he interviewed people who had witnessed the alleged involvement of the military in organising the riots and rapes.

(The Riot Pattern in Jakarta and Surroundings. (

A security officer alleged that Kopassus (special forces) officers had ordered the burning down of a bank.

A taxi driver reported hearing a man in a military helicopter encouraging people on the ground to carry out looting.

Shop-owners at a Plaza claimed that, before the riots, military officers tried to extract protection money.

A teenager claimed he and thousands of others had been trained as protesters.


A street child alleged that Kopassus (US trained special forces) officers ordered him and and his friends to become rioters.

There was a report of soldiers being dressed up as students and then taking part in rioting.

Eyewitnesses spoke of muscular men with short haircuts arriving in military-style trucks and directing attacks on Chinese homes and businesses.

There were reports of children being encouraged to enter malls and then of the malls being set on fire.

There were allegations that muscular men with short haircuts had gang-raped little Chinese girls and then murdered some of them.

~~ David Cameron is to expect regime change?

In Tottenham in London, the local Member of Parliament, David Lammy, has blamed people from outside the area for causing the riots.

The Daily Mail referred to unconfirmed reports that suggest a group of around 150 youths arrived in the north London suburb of Tottenham from 4 p.m.

Igor Gois, a Brixton resident and deputy manager at neighbouring Phones4u, said: "The police are saying that it is the youths that are doing this. But it’s not; it’s big men." (Streatham traders speak of riot drama)

"Rioters were left virtually unchallenged in several neighborhoods and able to plunder from stores at will or attempt to invade homes." (Britain burns: Riots spread through UK cities)

"This kind of behavior makes the police look like the good guys, which is why agent provocateurs are routinely used to stage such violence at major summits.

"That’s not to say some of the chaos isn’t driven by genuine grievances over police brutality and poverty, but the majority of the violence is being committed by mindless teenage thugs who have let themselves be molded by Britain’s broken society into Clockwork Orange-style droogs." (Prison Planet.)

"Residents questioned why no police officers were available to combat rampant looting as thieves methodically cleared stores...

"The most senior officer in Haringey left to go on holiday just hours before rioting began on Saturday.

"Detective Chief Superintendent Sandra Looby jetted off to Florida despite warnings the police shooting of Mark Duggan could spark violence...

"In the busy shopping street of Green Street, in Forest Hill, there were reports that 400 young Asian men had chased off up to 150 rioters...

"Residents in Clapham, Croydon, Peckham and Hackney complained at the absence of police officers during the worst confrontations...

"In Clapham, Owen MacCarthy, 28, a bank worker, said: 'We've been here for an hour and half and we haven't seen a single police officer." (Scotland Yard braced for backlash over 'lack of police on streets )





Anonymous said...

Aang, why did u censored my comments on Duggan from ur previous post? U censor everything that u dont agree with or what is the problem? At the risk of being censored again, Ill repeat it: what is happening in Tottenham is a race war, is the result of the plague called multiculturalism. A black thug fired at a police officer, what was the police xpected to do? To hug him? London/UK is soon becoming 3rd World country and guess why. Check these out and stop victimizing that gangster:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@C, I appreciate your links. I agree race part of the problem as are bleak job prospects, economic collapse, layers of political agendas from grassroots up to Bilderberg level, outdated Royals stratifying society,...the Wylie car 'accident' sounds like a hush murder.

Anonymous said...


"race war"

"plague called multiculturalism"

No idea if Aangirfan is censoring.

However I fully expect repellent Brevik-style ideology to be deployed by agents provocateur on sites like this in order to discredit them. You don't work for MI5, do you? They busy themselves on British Islamic and BNP sites also. The good ole "divide and discredit" strategy. Worked in Northern Ireland too.

For comparison, Singapore is far more multicultural yet strangely manages not to have such riots --- because of strong and competent government, where punishments are meted out to match the crime.

The UK is hard on law-abiding citizens and soft on criminals. And among the criminals I also include some of the druglord police and MI5.

This is the problem.

Haranguing people because of the colour of their skin or their mother tongue is puerile and only creates worse problems.

Furthermore, at least have the decency to use the phrase "them dang furreners".

Michael said...


If you're looking to discover relations between certain members of the power elite these are some good tools:

Obviously they only allow you to discover publically known connections but none-the-less they are good tools.

The Realist Report said...

Hey Aangirfan, I heard you were the one organizing the riots!!! Is it true?!?! Haha!!

Interesting stuff, I read a couple of C's links. We had a racial riot type incident in Wisconsin recently. See here:

Anonymous said...

Anony 12.35, give me a fucking break! Gangs of negroes are looting and terrorizing London and u are telling me fairytales? Go head a mental check, dude! This is what happens when a country is led by stooges. How stupid can u be to compare UK and Singapore? Get back to reality. No, Im not working for MI5, Im working for KGB, u paranoid freak!

Anyway, found somewhere an interesting comment:

Earlier today I was speaking to a veteran Northwest nationalist about the riots, he said to me “what we should do is give them more money and bring in more of their relatives” after all he said “the public vote for this at every election, so give them more of what they vote for!”.
What my friend said could not be further from the truth,
It is now 11.30pm on Monday night and as im watching the riot reports on the tv I am seeing the riots spread to further London Boroughs, reports have been coming through that in many instances the rioters are looting and there is absolutely no Police presence. Also a report that the Borough of Ealing is in total lockdown.
I am also hearing that our PM is returning from his holiday tonight, returning from his holiday to a situation that his and successive Governments have created.
I am also listening to one excuse after the other by MP’s and so called community leaders, What you don’t hear from these people is the word “RACE” because lets make no mistake about it, it is “RACE” that is the key factor in these riots!
Spokesman are blaming the shooting of Mark Duggan, social depravation and Government cuts for the riots, maybe there was anger in Tottenham amongst family & friends of Mark Duggan over his death but i don’t know enough about the shooting to comment, but at what stage and what makes this anger turn into rioting and looting and the burning down of buildings?
When they talk about Government cuts, nowhere are those cuts more apparent than in the Metropolitan Police force.
The way our leaders have acted has been pathetic; they really don’t have the will or the answers to deal with these rioters in the correct manner.
The National Front would have deployed the army to deal with these criminals; this is not a job for the Police force. Rubber bullets and water cannon should be used. We also know that the criminals will not be dealt with in the hardest way by our courts where as a National Front Government would introduce corporal & capital punishment and at the very least the offenders should be publically birched.
The future of the stability of our nation is in danger, the answer is not to curb immigration, the answer is a program of REPATRIATION, REPATRIATION is the only answer if we are to survive as a healthy peaceful nation, those Nationalist parties that campaign on a policy for an end to immigration are WRONG, we in the National Front will always campaign for compulsory REPATRIATION !
Kevin Bryan
Deputy Chairman"


Anonymous said...

"Haranguing people because of the colour of their skin or their mother tongue is puerile and only creates worse problems."

Dude, u are really patethic and disconnected from reality. Why dont u try to help poor "victim's" family, if so?


Anonymous said...

More ass kissing for Jews:


Anonymous said...

genova 2001?

Anonymous said...

People around the world are revolting against the Bilderberg-NWO yoke of oppression...Burning London is the UK version of Tahrir Square, Libya beheadings, Bahrain Pearl Roundabout revolts...I am waiting for the USA to ignite. The US government already has FEMA coffins and a few days ago, military helicopets buzzed Boston at the night practising miliary manuoevres...Marshal Law maybe..check out the first comment in url link...the US citizens are really pissed off...

Anonymous said...

Young London boy mugged and robbed...

Anonymous said...


This is not a race war,what utter bollocks,just opportunists looting all races are doing it

suki said...

WTF??! Gangs of negroes?? Hahahahahaaa...oooh boy...
Well at least it ain't them towel-heads/Sand-Niggaz/Moslems this time!

The herd is wandering off it's patsure...baaaa, baaaa, baaaa

Anonymous said...

Touché C,

"u paranoid freak". Thanks for the compliment. But surely that's a prerequisite for reading Aangirfan anyway.

MI5 are infamous for divide and discredit operations. If you're in the any of the "white nationalist" organizations, you would know this.

Despite your being being an obvious bigot, I to some extent agree with you.

- Non-citizens committing serious crimes should be deported. If a guest abuses your hospitality, kick them out.

- The army should be involved to protect people and property, if police resources are inadequate.

- Punishments should be far harsher for this sort of crime. Yes, including the administration of severe pain.

The difference between you and me is that I would mete out justice according to evidence and crime, not according to skin colour.

The problem with bigotry is there's no clear line where "them" ends and "us" begins.

Who are the righteous and noble "us"? Whites? White english-speakers? White english-speaking Protestants? White english-speaking Protestant males? White english-speaking Protestant males called Kevin? White english-speaking Protestant males called Kevin who are you? Racism is just puerile narcissism poorly disguised.

Anyway, I maintain you could still simply be a redirection agent:

Better to blame the blacks than the bankers, eh?

All that said, your style of leadership is likely to become the unpleasant norm when things fall apart. Rule by vulgar, hateful bigots appealing to the basest, selfish, most self-destructive nature of man.

Won't that be a barrel of laughs.

Anonymous said...

Further to the 'provocateur' theme, was it coincidental that the timing of the UK civil unrest ignited during the USA Debt debate?

Anonymous said...

London Mayor Heckled-a duck on a June bug is more sincere than this dude-arghhh!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anony 6:56, go to Compton at night and see if there is any banker there who will try to rob u, beat the shit out of u or even kill u. No, honey, blacks are so innocent and whites are to blame for everything, yeah I know. Xcuse me while I go to puke. Condoleances to ur brain. If u stumble upon a stone, I assume bankers are to blame...


Anonymous said...

And btw Anony 6:56, lets say u could be right, that bankers are behind it. Still it doesnt justify those (mostly) black scums utterly shitty behavior and doesnt make them innocent. Keep that in ur delusional mind.


Anonymous said...

Hi again C,

You're excellent at putting words in people's mouths.

"blacks are so innocent and whites are to blame for everything"

You're mistaking correlation for causation.

Replace Compton with Belfast and you could develop a similarly irrational hatred for whites.

As for bankers being benign...

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids bankers as well as petty crooks from panhandling, mugging and shoplifting.

Bankers tend to kill people in far greater numbers, anonymously and at a cowardly distance.

Look at how many were killed in the Twin Towers, not to mention the subsequent invasions.

The directors of Northrop, Qinetiq and Dassault are far, far more dangerous than an angry Yardie.

But you're clearly hellbent on seeing everything in black and white terms. Don't let me dissuade you.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the Daily Mash gives the best perspective.

CS said...

If this was provoked, who benefits? Given that 70% of the population want to end mass immigration, what do the pols do? Does Labor do a 180 degree turn? They've thought about it, but know it would be difficult to execute.

The ConDems look to be highly unpopular, so the issue is tempting for them. But how to repudiate their past pro-immigration stand, and how to deal with the business interests that demand more minimum wage labor?

Stage a riot and use that as justification?

Anonymous said...

Hi yet again C,

"Still it doesnt justify those (mostly) black scums utterly shitty behavior and doesnt make them innocent. Keep that in ur delusional mind."

Of course. But you apparently missed the bits where I mentioned the need for severe punishment of the guilty.

Your monomaniacal focus on blackness/whiteness seems to blind you other things.

Mate, chill out. Believe it or not, there are plenty of really very pleasant people out there whose appearance differs from yours. And looking different does not constitute trepassing against you.

As a start, just a start, maybe you can forgive a man for looking different from you?

Try it. It will do you good.

Genie said...

Thought provoking post. You always remind me not to automatically take what I see and hear at face value. Many thanks, Anon. Thanks also to all for the discussion it is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:32, tell that to the victims of looters. Idiot!


Anonymous said...

Bottomline: Anyone who thinks this shit is justified in any way is as bad as the animals that are involved with it.


Anonymous said...

One more thing, delusional Anony defending blacks. Here's a comment from a DM reader, maybe this will enlighten u, but given ur lack of brain, I doubt:

i'm a black 21yr old female, and i'm so ashamed of what i am seeing. Some of the black community have this attitude where they think the world owes them something. People don't want to work hard to get out of their poverty, want things easy, and instead allow their kids to roam the roads at all hours of the night and allow them to think life on benefits is all there is. I came from a very poor family, with many generations suffering from poverty, but my mother never allowed me or my siblings to slack or continue the cycle of poverty. She made us very ambitious, courteous, and respectful of others. Now I am on my way to attaining a professional degree, and have worked hard to get where I am. Don't let these images affect your view of black people. We are all not like this. The police need to toughen up ASAP and take down the BBM network so people cant use their BBs to organise nonsense. These kids are getting excited thinking no-one can touch them!"


Anonymous said...

Anony 2:32, Im sorry, I can forgive stupidity. Case closed.


Anonymous said...

Hi C,

Where did you get the warped notion that I'm defending the looters?

Thanks for the comment from the DM reader. None of this is a surprise.

However what will be a surprise to the rioters is when the police start putting them in hospital or the morgue, which is inevitable if this disorder continues.

Blammo said...

It's funny, as of late, there seems to be a rash of familiar people unexpectedly outing themselves as being totally clueless, or at least not what they seem to be.

You know, a kind of separation of the boys from the men. Enlightening.

Junis said...

To C:
Who do you think are looting Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? I can assure you, it ain't blacks.

Another question: how come you use articles from the mainstream media, which is zionist controlled, to justify your views?

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