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On 31 August 2011 The Nation (Pakistan newspaper) reported:

The CIA recruited 1,500 members of Al-Qaeda, from Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan, to fight in Libya.

Sources told TheNation: "Most of the men have been recruited from Afghanistan.

"They are Uzbeks, Persians and Hazaras...

"Men attired in the Uzbek-style of shalwar and Hazara-Uzbek Kurta were found fighting in Libyan cities."

Sources in Quetta said: "Some Uzbeks and Hazaras from Afghanistan were arrested in Balochistan for illegally traveling into Pakistan en route to Libya through Iran."

Aljazeera has reported on the smuggling of Afghans through Pakistan.

More than 100 Afghans were discovered 20km from the border town of Quetta last week inside a container.

Most of the men were recruits for Libya's rebel force.

What role is al-Qaeda playing in Libya


Mazar e Sharif, in Pakistan. isafmedia


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The Realist Report said...

I listened to Jim Dean of Veterans Today on Kevin Barrett's Radio show the other day. Him and Gordon Duff think Gaddafhi is some sort of stooge, or puppet, or dirty insider with the global power structure in the West. I've seen very little evidence of that, but these guys say they worked directly with Gaddafhi, they've been to the country and understand the situation better, ect. I don't really buy their perspective. But it definitely seems clear that the war criminals over in DC, Brussels, Langley, London, and Paris are using their recent terrorist graduates from al-CIA-duh university in this Libya operation. The entire Libyan invasion is a CIA/NATO coup, using rogue guerilla forces and NATO air strikes. The media has played a large role in this as well.

peter chamberlin said...

I wouldn't believe anything I read from Pakistan's The Nation, or from the apparent intelligence operation over at Veteran's Today. The Nation has been know to fabricate the news. Duff's boys claim inside knowledge of lot's of things, most of them turn-out to be wrong.

Anonymous said...

The same lying propaganda to remove Ghaddafi was used to remove Saddam Hussein. All it is about is MONEY, the western banks and oil companies are ALREADY in Libya establishing the western style pillaging and raping of peoples as they are doing everywhere, with 500western companies waiting in the shadows to move in and to privatise everything for the libyans to pay through their teeth to the western companies and their bankster gangster buddies. ALL those countries in the Middle East and North Africa that are being dismantled are all MUSLIM. Islam is a threat to the western money mens controlling the financial Global economy and thereby the world. The "World Leaders" and their money masters are already meeting in Paris to divide the spoils of the richest country in Africa, under the facade of "Freedom and Democracy." It is blatantly obvious what has went on here by this global mafia, as the end clearly identifies the perpetrators and their real objectives. Columbo would have solved this international scam in his lunch break.

Anonymous said...

A number of Libyan persons were early members of the 'Al Qaeda' group (e.g. patsies who were being played by the UK/US security services). See info from paragraph 14 here.

One previous leader of the UK based LIFG : Noman Benotman was appointed as a Senior Analyst (Strategic Communications) at the Quilliam Foundation.

Benotman was also involved in the recent Libyan debacle as a proagandist.

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