Monday, August 15, 2011


These pictures allegedly show Anders Breivik, escorted by police, on his return to the island for a police reconstruction of events.

Does the body language suggest that this is Breivik or his double?


Anonymous said...

Double...casual, relaxed body language...don't you LOVE the theatrical 'tether'? And this DAWG belongs to...? What's with the receding hairline???


Anonymous said...

aka Andrew Berwick, what happened in Berwick Upon Tweed ,March 1296 ?

Anonymous said...

"What's with the receding hairline???"

He's had his hair cut, soppy thing. First thing they do in jail, to check for bugs.

The dog-leash is to stop him from running away, to avoid any chance of him trying to commit suicide or something. He had it on in the police-van, too.

Despite all the security someone threw a rock at him.

He's been complaining of the solitary, nothing to do, read, listen too. Hence he's enjoying his day out.

Anonymous said...

Receding hairline?

He's losing his hair. It's the strain of shooting 91 people with one hand while filming the entire incident with the other.

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