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Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart was raised Jewish

His adoptive mother had converted to Judaism when marrying his adoptive father.[5][6]

Breitbart has launched a number of websites, including[25]

BigPeace looks like Mossad-CIA propaganda and disinformation.

A key writer at BigPeace is Frank Gaffney, of the Centre for Security Policy in the US.

At BigPeace we read some strange stuff about Anders Breivik being linked to Belarus and Russia.

(Breivik, The Belarus-Russian-Chechen Connection, And The CIA)

"In an allegation attributed to Belarusian opposition figure Mikhail Reshetnikov, Anders Breivik underwent paramilitary training in a camp organized by retired KGB colonel Valery Lunev."

Allegedly Breivik, or his double, "underwent the militant-terrorist training under the guidance of 51-year-old Valery Lunev, a former colonel of Belarusian special forces, who now lives in Netherlands but regularly visits Belarus."

(We should note that the CIA-Mossad is trying to undermine Belarus)

FAKE 'OSAMA' HOUSE? The media tells us that Osama worked for al Qaeda, but, fails to tell us that al Qaeda has links to the CIA.

According to Wikileaks, the CIA and its friends "had put an unusually large presence into Oslo in the last ten years..."

BigPeace summarizes as follows:

"Breivik had reported connections to at least two Russians associated with Russian intelligence services, Valery Lunev and Viacheslav Valerievich Datsik.

"Both of these Russian operatives were involved in some way with the Islamist Chechen movement, and both were involved in highly public incidents involving a successful assassination by Chechens (Lunev’s colleague’s brother killed in Dubai) and a failed assassination attempted against a Chechen leader (Datsik in Oslo)."

Lunev, who has Dutch citizenship, is linked to Dubai-based private intelligence company called 'FarWest' reportedly made up of 'fascists' from Israel, Russia, the US, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. This group's power and wealth reportedly depend on the continuation of war and international tension (Obama and the Intelligence Cabal - WikiSpooks)

BigPeace continues:

"Lunev had reportedly converted to Islam after marrying a relative of the former president of Chechen Republic, Dzhokhar Dudayev.

"The CIA (including other US intelligence agencies perhaps), Norwegian intelligence services and a matched set of 24 British intelligence officers were quite active in Norway during the same years that Breivik was operating, and during which these highly publicized Russian-Chechen incidents occurred.

"Surely the Russian angle on this bears further inquiry, especially with that interesting involvement of the Dubai and Russian relationship. Also worth exploring: if Breivik did get involved with the Belarus operative as is being reported from multiple sources. And then there’s all the Chechen activity."

Sounds like disinformation.

There may be a Norwegian connection to Lunev and other shadowy figures.

But it should be made clear that 'FarWest LLC' has ties to powerful people in Washington.

According to Left Russia (Global Drug Trade And 9-11), an international alliance of secret services have reportedly been engaged in subversive activities under the cover of Far West LLC.

"The alliance includes the secret services of the USA and UK... Saudi Arabia... Turkey... Ukraine... Lithuania...

"Their senior partners are said to be the defense minister Robert Gates, his close associate Fritz Ermarth ... Sir Roderic Braithwaithe... and Prince Faisal al Turki, former head of the General Intelligence Service of Saudi Arabia..."


Breitbart is on the advisory board of GOProud, an organization of gay Republicans.

He is a fan of Tea Party rallies, where he has sometimes introduced Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

it appears to me, that one of the best pictures of Breivik can be found here (clik on pic to enlarge)
how did that doubious site get hold of that pic?? Assuming the site is a zionist page, posing as anti-semitic and anti-islam.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rupert Murdoch is one of the billionaires who funds the Tea Party

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Relative to the 'bullshit'....the UK police 'stand down' in the UK riots was a constructive chaos tactic and a perfect seque for Cameron to introduce MARSHAL LAW by inducing the terrorized UK citizens to 'demand better police protection'...alert to UK citizens, be sure to check Bratton's luggage when he arrives from the USA to see if he is bringing in any FEMA coffins!

voiceforchildren said...

Former Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's Child Abuse Enquiry wants a root and branch investigation into leaks to the media

Anonymous said...

More BS...a rioter jailed 6 months for stealing water

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated but story of mother bear killing her cub and then suicides herself to escape a life of torture...FYI, story does NOT advocate suicide as solution to anything

Anonymous said...

...sorry, meant to add...bear story is not like domesticated animal killings so expect BS wave of anti-China/Russia sentiment


Anonymous said...

Videos on BS cover-ups

Anonymous said...

Brevik returns to scene of crime in secret police investigation

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chinese Thai dogs rescued from being dog meat in a restaurant. Good grief.

brian said...

FYI Irans press TV is now taking dictation from Great Satan!

From Press TV, aug 14 2011:

‘Over the past six months, forces loyal to Gaddafi have killed thousands of Libyan civilians.
NATO says its air campaign over Libya is aimed at protecting civilians. However, Libyan officials say hundreds of civilians have died in the bombings. ‘

How does the writer get libyan army to be killing thousands of Libyan civilians?! Notice how NATO gets the caveat: ‘NATO says its air campaign over Libya is aimed at protecting civilians. ‘ and any death due to their bombing is purely coincidental! While Libyas army ,whom most libyans suppport, gets the active tense. No : NATO alleges or TNC alleges….One for Ripley, as here irans state press TV is clearly acting as a propaganda agent for NATO! Are they hoping NATO will then not attack Tehran?!

Anonymous said...

More BS....Here is Rothschild private bankers website...check out the global presence map...many of the countries have been crippled by debt and need loans...these guys are raking in serious change like vultures feeding off a dying anmial.

Anonymous said...

Martial Law. MARTIAL! Not this bloody "Marshall Law" (which sounds like an old America B&W Western TV series).

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:16, thank you for the spelling correction. Right you are, martial not marshall. The post point remains unchanged.


Anonymous said...

"Martial Law. MARTIAL!"

"thank you for the spelling correction"

The correction could have been done more graciously, but the thanks are creditably gracious and magnaminous.

Personally, I liked the original Marshall Law more, exactly because it conjures up images of the Wild West.

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