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Warwick Spinks

"Warwick Spinks ... built 'businesses' and bought properties in South Africa, Namibia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, France and England...

"He lives in Czech Republic, in one of his numerous properties, earned from child trafficking." (Website)

Marcel Vervloesem had a difficult childhood and has 'a criminal record', which may help him to understand the criminals and the police.

Morkhoven reminded us of Marcel Vervloesem and commented:

Whatever happened to kidsnuff king Warrick Spinks (A paedophile ring in Amsterdam)?

Marcel Vervloesem is still in a Belgium prison for exposing these monsters.

Marcel Vervloesem cracked a child pornography ring.


On 13 September 1998, The Independent (a spooky UK newspaper) reported (HERO - The Independent):

"THIS IS A STORY about how one Belgian man single-handedly cracked an international child pornography ring.

"9 June 1998 ... two men meet in Amsterdam.

"One is Robbie Van Der Planken, 23, a veteran of the local sex industry who started working in the city's boy brothels at the age of 12.

"The other is Marcel Vervloesem, a 46-year-old Belgian who heads the ... Morkhoven Action Group...

"Vervloesem is searching for a boy who disappeared in Berlin in 1993, and who he believes is now working in an Amsterdam brothel.

"He thinks Robbie may be able to help him with his investigation...

"Other members of the Action Group are covertly watching the meeting.

"And they've noticed something odd - a stranger taking pictures.

"So they follow him, all the way to his home in the seaside town of Zandvoort.

"His name is Gerrit-Jan Ulrich and he's a 49-year-old computer salesman.

"He's also Robbie's longtime lover.

"Vervloesem approaches Ulrich and tells him about his investigation.

"Two days later, Ulrich calls the Belgian late at night and invites him over to his flat.

"When they meet, Ulrich apparently tells Vervloesem that he is at the centre of an international child pornography network.

"In his flat he has five computers hooked up to phone lines on which he runs a bulletin-board service called Apollo...

"He gives Vervloesem a computer disk containing 9,000 pictures, together with other disks which contain the names and bank details of Apollo customers from all over the world...

"Ulrich is suffering from Aids and has only months to live.

"Vervloesem believes he wants to leave the network and start a new life.

"He also reckons Ulrich feels threatened by other members of the network and is looking for protection.

"The next Vervloesem hears from Ulrich is when he telephones from Lyons.

"He and Robbie have fled together on a motorbike and are on their way to Italy.

"Ulrich says he'll give Vervloesem more material when he gets back to Holland - he's got a secret store under the floorboards in his living room.

"A few days later, on 20 June, Ulrich's body is found in a forest near Pisa.

"He's been shot several times and Robbie has been arrested by Italian police as the chief suspect.

Website for this image

"Two days later, the Dutch police inform Ulrich and Robbie's families what has happened, and on 26 June they go to Ulrich's flat, together with his sister-in-law and a friend.

"The lights are on, and a computer is running. When the screensaver is deactivated, the screen shows an image of child pornography.

"The women get the impression that the police are unconcerned, so next day they go back to the flat with Vervloesem.

"They force the door open; minutes later the police arrive.

"Vervloesem flees and the two women are detained.

"Later he informs the police about the secret stash and on 28 June they return to the flat, carry out a thorough search, and find computer records under the floorboards, including a list of 300 names which is said to amount to an international Who's Who of suspected paedophiles.

"It includes Warwick Spinks, who was released from prison in Britain July 1997 after being convicted of drugging and kidnapping a 14-year-old boy, and is now believed to be in Prague, and Lothar Gandolf, a notorious German paedophile.

"The Dutch police ask their Belgian counterparts to question Vervloesem formally.

"They search his flat and take away a computer.

"Vervloesem is led away...

"He agrees to hand over his material to the Dutch and Belgian police in return for a pledge that there will be a thorough, multinational police investigation.

"And then journalists come from all over the world to Marcel Vervloesem's modest council house in the small village of Morkhoven east of Antwerp...

'"We've been fighting the police for years, but now this means our work has not been for nothing,' says Vervloesem...

"The Morkhoven group... has feuded with the authorities constantly.

"Set up in 1990, the group at first focused on causes such as access rights for wheelchair users and the use of isolation cells in Belgian psychiatric units...

"On one occasion Vervloesem invited TV crews to a local police station, promising he was going to turn it into a pigsty.

"When the cameras turned up and he was asked where the pigs were, he replied, 'They're all here, but they're wearing uniforms'"

Vervloesem has 'a criminal record', but he is listened to because he knows about the police.


The police reportedly helped Marc Dutroux.

Marc Dutroux was reportedly part of a huge international child abuse ring which kidnapped kids so they could be abused by top people.

Reportedly, the top people could then be blackmailed by the security services.

A number of children were reportedly tortured and murdered.

According to The Independent (HERO - The Independent):

"At Dutroux's main home just outside Charleroi, they found the buried remains of two eight-year-old girls who had been imprisoned by Dutroux ... The remains of two more girls were discovered at the home of an associate.

"Following Dutroux's arrest, it quickly became clear that the investigation had involved quite staggering levels of incompetence on the part of the police.

"Dutroux had previously been jailed for the rape and abduction of five girls in the mid-1980s.

"His mother had repeatedly warned the police that he was an incorrigible criminal, and an informer had told them that Dutroux planned to abduct and sell young girls.

"The informer told the police in the summer of 1993 that Dutroux was building a bunker at his house in which he was going to imprison the girls, but officers believed Dutroux when he said he was building a new drainage system.

"When officers went to Dutroux's home to arrest him for car theft in the autumn of 1995, they heard children screaming but accepted Dutroux's word that it was the voices of his own girls playing...

"The Dutch owner of a gay bar called the Gayata in the small town of Temse, not far from St Niklaas was suspected by police of sending underage boys to Holland to act in porn films."

In 1992 the police "had raided a gay party in Waalre at which guests were watching child pornography videos and engaging in sex with minors.

"Present at the party were Robbie Van Der Planken, Lothar Gandolf and a certain 'Norbert DR' from Temse.

"The police discovered that Norbert DR was not only a collector of child pornography but had also made several short porn films with underage boys on the Portuguese island of Madeira in 1991."

Vervloesem made a link between the Madeira films and the 'Temse network' which reportedly sent underage boys to Holland.

Christian Dufour, the local prosecutor in the town of Dendermonde said: "I know that Mr Vervloesem pretends there is a Temse network. The only thing I know is that Norbert DR a few years ago had contacts with other people who were in the business of pornography. But a network? I'm not so sure."

"For sure, the pictures show people raping small children, but how old is this material?" says Marc Helsen, a reporter on the daily newspaper Het Nieuwsblad."


A paedophile ring in Amsterdam

Beyond the Dutroux Affair



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