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A boy called Cole Sprouse.


I have sort of a soft spot for the Sprouse twins for a whole slew of reasons.

I am quite sure they are MK ULTRA victims (brainwashed by the CIA).

They were born in a small town in Italy (CIA parents? There's never been an explanation for this..).

They have starred in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.

They play Jeremiah who gets sodomized and abused.

Marilyn Manson is also in the movie.

Cole Sprouse, Asia Argento, Dylan Sprouse and Jimmy Bennett

They have admitted to having bad short term memory.

Also, they did an ad for Got Milk which Esoteric Kitten thinks is Sex-Kitten!programming and another one where they're dressed in black and white and mirror each other.

Plus, they're in Disney.

All Disney children are probably under programming.

My heart goes out to those boys and the rest of Disney, Hollywood, and the other 50 million MK'd victims out there.

They are the victims.

Just read Fritz Springmeier's books, and you will understand.

According to Wikipedia (The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.):

The film revolves around a tattered relationship between Sarah (Argento), a drug addict, and her son, Jeremiah (played by Jimmy Bennett at age seven, and by Cole and Dylan Sprouse at age 11).

Their life together is marked by drug-taking and heavy drinking.

Sarah repeatedly becomes involved with a series of men who treat her and Jeremiah poorly, and uses them as an excuse to abandon her son.

She disappears to Atlantic City with her current boyfriend, Emerson (Jeremy Renner), whom she then abandons.

Emerson returns to their home and rapes Jeremiah.

After a trip to the hospital, Jeremiah's grandmother takes him to a West Virginian radical Christian cult led by his grandfather (Peter Fonda).

Sprouse twins with their handler Gary Spatz

After three years with the cult, Sarah returns to reclaim a now 11-year-old Jeremiah.

Sarah's current lover, Kenny, a truck driver, eventually abandons them at a truck stop while Sarah is soliciting herself.

Sarah realizes that if she is going to keep her men, then she cannot say Jeremiah is her son.

Jeremiah allows his mother to persuade him into cross dressing so he can act as her 'little sister', and Jeremiah's crossdressing evolves to include his mother's seduction techniques.

After dressing up as a 'baby doll' version of Sarah, Jeremiah/Sarah seduces Jackson (Marilyn Manson), his mother's latest man, who initially tries to rebuff the boy's advances, but then he gives in...


Anonymous said...

100% MK victims, these poor kids too.


Anonymous said...

Aang, check out their Wiki pic:

Acting coach? This is one of their damm handlers, its as clear as daylight. Oh, and he's Jewish too, no surprise at all. Look at his face and his grip on both kids. They started to work since 6 months old? OMG!!! They're traumatised at maximum...


Noor al Haqiqa said...

These two are so much MK ultra you could cry looking at their lovely faces. First, of course, Disney. That goes unsaid, got Disney got mind control.

Twins are very valuable to the Illuminati/satanic groups involved in MK ultra: twins is special power to be manipulated for occult purposes. Twice the bang for the magic buck.

They are lovely blondes. Nuff said right there. What lovely playtoys to use and abuse for pleasure, and TWO of them! The elite love that sort of thing.

The boy as girl image up top was also a dead giveaway. These folks are so into sexual mindgames along this line. Then there is the script of that horrid film you describe. This is way beyond adult and although I have not seen it sounds decadent beyond belief, again, fishy stinky. I have no desire to see such utter human rubbish portrayed as "art" or "commentary on the human condition" which is the state they would like to reduce us to in their race to destroy our society.

Marilyn Manson is a high ranking satanist and moves right in that dirty Hollywood crowd. His whole thing is decadence, death and all those lovely satanic things and it is impossible to not imagine evil in any of his "artistic pursuits".

What type of parent or decent agent would expose their child/ren to such pedophilic material? That fishy stink is getting overwhelming.

Esoteric Kitten is bang on regarding the black is white white is black thing. Soooo very Masonic/Illuminati/etc.

I have read all of Springmeier's works, Svali's, O'brien's, Wheeler1s, Taylor's, etc etc etc and these boys do not lead a happy life behind the scene. The fingers digging into their shoulders by their handler is proof of that.

Genie said...

reading this I was reminded of a movie I watched a few years ago but I couldn't remember the name of it. It is so disturbing I could never watch it twice. Watched the video you posted and that's the one! I Hate it! Some things just freak me out.

Anonymous said...

Shocking Sex statistics-A 1994 survey of 453 pedophiles, revealed they were collectively responsible for the molestation of over 67,000 children. That's an average of 148 children per individual pedophile. National Institute of Health survey conducted by Dr. Gene Abel

A13 said...

These poor little children...
let them be children and let them grow up like they should..not subversivley and artificially..usually for the gain of "paths"...

cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Sexing up kids is is a USA beauty pageant little girl believed to be murdered in Satanic sacrifice by her parents. The murder was classified as 'unsolved' and the Satanic parents went free...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so, so much, Aangirfan. (I'm the anon who requested this.)This means so much to me. By chance a few years ago I met Dylan and Cole. They were just so sweet, so respectful...and seeing this just...I can't stop crying here. I wish there was a way to help these kids. It's breaking my heart.

I dream of becoming a psychologist/therapist so that I can help these poor, poor souls.

Is that even possible? Is it possible to reverse the effects of trauma based mind control?

Anon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anon said...

It is possible to reverse the effects of trauma based mind control.


- Aangirfan

A13 said...

HI Aang,

not you ordinary "jesus" tat....

Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

How would someone go about helping SRA victims?

Anon said...

There are people who can de-program someone. I don't know the details.

Anonymous said...

Wait, how can you just say that these guys are monarch slaves? Just because they're in Disney? They don't hang out with most of the other obvious Mk'd disney stars and they don't show any signs of MPD/DID. They're not into drugs either. They appear normal. So how do you know?

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