Sunday, July 03, 2011


Murdered by NATO

Khaled Al-Hamedi on the grave of his wife and children. © Franklin Lamb / Voltaire Network

The Al-Hamedi family house bombed by NATO. © Franklin Lamb / Voltaire Network

The Sorman massacre [Voltaire Network]

Everyone had gathered to celebrate the third birthday of little Al-Khweldy.

Her father, Khaled Al-Hamedi, is president of one of the most important Arab humanitarian associations.

The grand-parents, the brothers and sisters and cousins were crowding inside the family house located in Sorman.

About thirty children were running around among the animals.

Among the guests, a spy had sneaked in.

He was pretending to twitter his friends.

In reality, he had just marked the targets and was relaying them, through the social network, to NATO Headquarters.

During the night of 19 to 20 June 2011, NATO missiles struck.

The spy had placed markers in the children’s bedrooms.

Twelve mutilated bodies lay under the rubble.

On 1st July, 1.7 million people demonstrated in Tripoli to defend their country.


The Realist Report said...

Yay USA, yay US Military and NATO!! Please keep protecting our freedoms from those evil Muslims!!! Who cares how many kids we kill, they aren't real people anyways!!!

I'm ashamed to be associated with this country Aangirfan, I really am.

brian said...

FYI Aangirfan:

worlds largest march! the july 1 2011 march in Tripoli: 1.7 million people, or thereabouts support Gadafi and the Jamahirya

also a good article on Libya crisis


brian said...

one of the worlds leading terrorists apologies to another of the world leading terrorists for including it on a list of worlds leading terrorists:

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