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On 14 July 2011, Wayne Madsen suggested that the Christopher Shale "murder" could be linked to that of Dr. David Kelly

"A well-placed UK source has informed Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) that the suspicious death of Prime Minister David Cameron’s friend and political adviser, Christopher Shale, found dead in a portable toilet (on 26 June 2011) at the Glastonbury Festival, was, in fact, a political assassination designed to silence an emerging critic of Conservative Party policies...

"WMR has been informed that Shale’s suspected disloyalty to the Tories resulted in worries at Number 10 Downing Street that the longtime friend of and adviser to Cameron might have decided talk about a Tory scandal dating from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

"Cameron visited South Africa in 1989 on a trip financed by the South African armaments company Armscor.

"It was the same year that South Africa began dismantling its nuclear weapons program.

"As South Africa began to transition from apartheid to majority rule in the early 1990s, Shale, a British Army veteran, visited South Africa as part of a UKaid (Department of International Development) mission.

"After leaving the army, Shale established two companies, SGL Communications and Oxford Resources Ltd.

"Shale also visited Rwanda on numerous occasions as part of his work for UKaid.

"There is some evidence that Shale was involved with MI6 activities in Africa.

Shale and Cameron

"However, it was Shale’s work in South Africa, establishing links with the African National Congress and other black political parties in an attempt to undo some of the damage resulting from Margaret Thatcher’s support for the apartheid regime, that put him in contact with the British Ministry of Defense scientist charged with overseeing the transfer of South Africa’s nuclear weapons and other nuclear materials to Western hands from South African nuclear weapons stocks at the Pelindaba nuclear research center, near Pretoria.

"That scientist was Dr. David Kelly, Britain’s foremost authority on weapons of mass destruction, who was found dead from a reported “suicide” near his Oxfordshire home on July 17, 2003...

"WMR has been informed that Shale became aware of Cameron’s role in trafficking on the international black market of South African nuclear weapons and technology that was entrusted to Britain and the United States by South Africa’s apartheid government, led by President F. W. DeKlerk.

"Shale, we are told, was familiar with Cameron’s role in the re-selling of South Africa’s nuclear materials, with the proceeds going into the political coffers of the Conservative Party.

"Kelly and Shale were reportedly both aware that some of the South African nuclear weapons technology ended up, via an international arms smuggling network, in the hands of North Korea, which tested a nuclear bomb on May 25, 2009.

"In 2010, at a 47-nation nuclear security summit in Washington, President Obama praised South African President Jacob Zuma and South Africa for successfully abandoning the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

"What Obama did not mention was that part of the arsenal was successfully abandoned to the international arms black market, a fact known by the CIA’s counter-proliferation division, which was also aware that Obama was aware of the temporary storage of the South African weapons in Chicago and the involvement of Argonne National Laboratory in their disposal during the early 1990s, while Obama was working at the Hopkins & Sutter law firm and later as a visiting fellow at the University of Chicago Law School...

" In 2005, then-Senator Obama, along with Senator Richard Lugar, visited a Russian nuclear facility at Perm.

"There have been reports that Obama was detained briefly by Russian officials on the suspicion that he was engaged in espionage activities at the facility.

"Obama’s long-time work for the CIA may have extended into his term as a U.S. senator from Illinois and, quite possibly, into the White House.

"During the 2008 presidential campaign, a CIA source who worked on the agency’s nuclear non-proliferation activities, told WMR: “You have no idea what the fuck you’re getting with this guy [Obama]!

"With Shale “going wobbly” on the Conservatives, it was feared that he might reveal the dark past of Tory involvement in nuclear weapons smuggling, something that helped seal his fate."

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Anonymous said...

Further....something fishy with Oxford Resources spike in 2011 profits. WTF is surge in dirty coal over clean renewal energy?

Did Christopher Shale know something?

2010 Oxford Resource Partners Raises $162 Million in Coal Initial Public Offer

2010 Oxford Resources Partners (USA)-opens NYSE Bell to celebrate august 2010 status as IPO

Oxford Resources Partners (Christopher Shale association) political contributions implicated in mining investigation

2011 spectacular 106% spike in profits over 2010 loss

felix said...

Small correction. Kelly was found dead (apparently) on the 18th July 2003 , well, officially found by a search team which was all but told where to go.
He went missing allegedly on the 17th.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm,...I just wonder if C. Shale was not killed on June 24, St John's day. Well, one day after might be more appropriate.

portable toilet guy said...

Shale wasn't murdered; he was at Glastonbury and Coldplay were on. He clearly died of boredom.

Anonymous said...


aferrismoon said...

South Africa reminded me of Gerald Bull of Iraqi Supergum fame:

"Another early success for SRC was the sale of 30,000 artillery shells, gun barrels, and plans for the GC-45 to Armscor of Pretoria, South Africa."
Gerald Bull - Wiki

This seems to be around 1977-78. Probably assassinated [ in1990] bt the Mossad.

11 days after Bull's death came Jeremy Moyle's in Chile, likely to do with arms-deals.

Jeremy Moyle - Wiki

"The United Kingdom inquest also into the death of Mr Moyle, opened in Exeter in November, 1990. It was adjourned by forensic doctor Richard Van Oppen after a pathologist said the autopsy could not be completed due to the fact that vital organs had been removed. In 1998 the reconvened inquest found that he had been unlawfully killed and the authorities later apologised to the family for spreading the allegation of suicide.'

"Moyle ended up being murdered in Chile. According to the book about him, Moyle wasn't very subtle as an intelligence asset and was poking around the Chilean arms dealer Cardoen - one of Mark Thatcher's friends - while Cardoen was doing a big helicopter deal with the Iraqis. This was in the run-up to the American attack on Iraq. Moyle ended up dead in a wardrobe in Chile and what does the local FCO guy do? Tells the media that Moyle was the victim of an auto-erotic accident: strangled himself while having a wank."

Anyhow both died at important times - the initiation of the post-communist wars on vague enemies forever.


Anonymous said...

Another long post tying Christopher Shale death to 'new' source of oil for world called UCG or Underground Coal Gasification.
Problem with UCG is that the process contaminates groundlevel water tables with arsenic and cancer causing chemicals.
The trail below shows that BHP is world's largest mining compnay and BHP is infesting countries arond the world with
UCG mining.

David Cameron supports UCG in UK. BHP signed $12B deal in USA.

People around the world need to demand their governments provide clean renewable energy instead of oil based energy.
Screwing around with water tables around the world to make a buck is pure insanity.

Christopher Shale death and David Cameron remarks-sounds more liker a speech than a bereaved friend

wiki WOCA-C. Shale a member

WOCA patron is Maragret Thatcher and Honary President is William Hague

wiki william Hague, Hague is friend of David Cameron

Scathing article on Cameron and Hague promoting shale oil for UK

UK Parliament allows shale oil drilling but France bans it


Anonymous said...


Shale oil could solve the world's energy problems

UCG-underground coal gasification

process of extruding shale oil disturbs groundtable water and produces arsenic py-products


BHP website

wiki BHP Billiton

BHP first to tap oil in Gulf of Mexico after BP oil spill

BHP and $12B Petrohawk deal giving BHP access to shale oil in Texas and Louisana


Steam coal process appears to be same process as ucg

United Oxford Partners (assoc w/C. Shae and United Oxford Resources Ltd) is steam coal producer


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Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, is there any Email address where one can send you something?

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Anonymous said...

Hackgate update- American talk show host Jay Leno 'imagines' Queen Elizabeth frog-marched from Buckingham palace in hacking scandal.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news....Federal judge trumps Obama and disallows shale oil exploitation!!!!

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