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Whistleblower Sean Hoare is believed to have died some time around 17 July 2011.

On 17 July 2011, three men fled from the scene of a road crash, 'less than two minutes drive' from the premises of the dead whistleblower, Sean Hoare.

(xymphora - July 21, 2011 - comment by Big Red Banana)

Sean Hoare was found dead at his home in Langley Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, at around 11 am on 18 July 2011.[5]

"Three young men who fled the scene of a fatal road crash in Hertfordshire are wanted for questioning by police.

"The crash took place at 1320 BST on Saturday (17 July) on the A41 Tylers Way in Watford.

"The men walked away from a silver Audi which was in collision with a white van.

"Police believe the men, all wearing jeans, walked up the hard shoulder of the A41 towards the A411 Elstree Road, near The Fisheries pub.

"Officers believe one of them sustained an injury in the crash.

"Insp Andy Piper of Hertfordshire Police said: 'We are also appealing to anyone who may have seen these three young men moving away from the scene, possibly in a hurry.'"


Somalia: the Real Causes of Famine
- by Michel Chossudovsky

The Famine in Somalia. The Use of Food as an Instrument of Warfare
U.S. and Ethiopia Kill Somalis With Food Weapon - by Glen Ford


Anonymous said...

Snuffed out on the anniversary of David Kelly being suicided. Very sad.

chuckyman said...

Great find Aangirfan. No one else seems to be calling this one.

su said...

Rense down.
WRH down.
Fire earth ditto.

what to do?

Anonymous said...

I think there's a point at which some connections have to be dismissed as either spurious, eccentric, tenuous, bonkers or just disninforamtion (with the intent to decrediblise it). Take the crazy attempts of some to attach significance to the fact Control Risks Group carried out the diligence on Coulson AND the McCanns. CRG are a big security company and always WERE the company of choice for the UK Government. The greater part of the client base was government related. The onoy interesting thing here is that they were ostensibly hired by the Government using Brian Kennedy as a proxy device. Which suggests that persons either in government or the shadow government wanted close control of the McCann investigation.

Same with the story going round and Kevin Halligen and Control Risks Group. There is vague relationship between Halligen's former employers at Inkerman and those at CRG - but these companies are fairly incestuous anyway.

I still think Blair and his US pals have more at stake here. And they ecrtainly have their fair share of cross-political buddies.

Has anybody figured out how they got Shale yet?

Well you know the 'pinging' accusations agaist the Met? The people who got Shale used these same tools. Someone within Downing Street the leaked the Shale memo specifically to the Mail on Sunday to produce a context in which Shale and Conservative HQ would have make lots of calls to each other. This would keep Shale on the phone whilst he was at Glastonbury. Tringulation methods would then be able to determine his exact location.

A crisis was about the only thing that could keep him on the phone long enough.

The memo then served as a credible pretext for Shale's possible heart attack and demise.

Very clever.

BostonBrakes said...

Dutch demolition expert Danny Jowekno died on July16th, his car having come off the road after being to church. Very fishy indeed considering he'd been all over TV recently in the Zembla documentary about 911.

Anonymous said...

The Sun:

A few days ago - months(!) after Sean Hoare's death - The Guardian tells us this:
Sean Hoare wasn't drunk and died of that. "he had 76mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood when he died, an amount just under the legal driving limit of 80mg" ( ) .

Of course he also didn' t die from an - unspecified! - "liver desease" (The Guardian). If You have a desease, You have a desease. A "desease" may lead to death, but the REASON of DEATH is named differently.The exact reason for Your death may be, for example, "fatal heart attack" od "heart stillstand" or failure of Your kidneys or something else. But not "desease"!

They play the same game with us as they did in the case of ROBIN COOK, where they told us, he died of "high bloodpressure" - and yes: he had a broken neck, but din't(!) die of that (now You most often find "heart attack" given as reason of Cook's death).
To Robin Cook :

Sean Hoare also didn't die of "natural causes". Because "natural causes" ist not a specific diagnosis. WHAT DID SEAN HOARE DIE OF????!!!! We are waiting now for more than halve a year to hear hard facts. But even now they don't tell us! And why did it take so long to find out the reason für Hoares death, if he died of "natural causes"?

The circumstances of Sean Hoares death are absulutely suspicious: .

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