Monday, July 04, 2011


Saudi Arabia and Iran are nervous about the CIA coups in North Africa.

On 6 June 2011, Anissa Haddadi, at the International Business Times, asks: Are the Libyan rebels backed by Saudi Arabia or by Iran?.

According to Anissa Haddadi:

1. Obama asked Saudi Arabia to arm the rebels in Libya.

Apparently, Saudi Arabia has not armed the rebels.

2. Saudi Arabia prevented the rebel leaders from reaching Qatar, where they had meetings planned.

3. Iran is sympathetic to the "Islamic awakening" in Libya but opposes the Nato military strikes.

4. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said: "The 'double standard' action of the Western countries in Bahrain and Libya and their silence towards the atrocities of the Zionist regime against the innocent Palestinians shows their contradictory performance in the world."

The supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said: "Iran ... condemns the (NATO) military action in Libya."



brian said...

'Iran is sympathetic to the "Islamic awakening" in Libya but opposes the Nato military strikes.'

how clueless can they be?! what islamic awakening? are they hoping to aid the founding of a islamic caliphate in Libya? Why not ask the Libyan people waht they want!? Irans silliest moment sees it allying with NATO/US to bring down a govt Iran should be supporting!

then we have the stupid bellwether leftists:

Youd think people would think: Hm NATO supports the islamci/freemarket/racist insurgents...thats cant be right!


elwind45 said...

When I read a report from the AP on saturday past that the muslim brotherhood accepted invitations from Washington for talks about Eygpt's future. I know your right on the pulse of the Jackals. When its oil its more about lies than lives! Great work, I visit everyday as soon as the old box fires up. Great work aagirlfan, glad I found you.

Pas said...

I don't believe Achmedi nejad is all too bad, but the Saud family is a whole different story imo.Check this :

Anonymous said...

The Iranians are very astute and have come to plan events to their advantage. Take the recent examples over the past 30 years. Since the ousting of the US-Puppet The Shah, they have constantly fended the US's need to control Iran. The Iraq/Iran was lasting some 8 years led to no victory to the US, but rather taught the Iranians a valuable lesson, to lie low, and concentrate on a rigid defence program. When the US finally destroyed Iraq, that was the crucial moment to infiltrate Iraq. With the exeption of the Green-Zone in the centre of Baghdad, Iraq is dominated by shiites under the Iranian domination. South Lebanon, Palestine, Parts of South Syria are all dominated by Iran. The Iranian (Shiite) influence has spread its wings further afield. Soon the Gulf States with a majority of shiites, will be seeing internal uprising as well. Saudi Arabia is very causious of the recent turn of events, is siding with Iran on isues that never was envisaged in the past.

Here we have the US still meddling into nations that are hostile, by inducing undercover activities that end in a total disaster and anarchy, opening the door to waiting "guests". I wonder when will they ever learn that the once respected and admired nation has vanished, and instead become the leading terrorist nation that puts Hitler to shame....

Since all this, I've come to admire the Iranians, and wish them all the luck.

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