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Cedar Revolution

The Arab Spring is part of the plot to destabilise all Moslem countries, and some non-Moslem countries.

In 2005, the Cedar revolution took place in Lebanon.

The result of the Cedar revolution, according to The Economist ( theirs):

Lebanon currently suffers from:




A weak central state,

Foreign meddling and

Armed party militias.

Currently being targeted by the CIA and its friends are Indonesia and Malaysia, among others.

Tunisians by patduncan10

Tunisia shows what happens when people are stupid enough to take part in CIA 'people-power'.

Tunisia was becoming the Singapore of Africa - peaceful, moderate and prosperous.

Now it is wrecked.

According to The Economist (Tunisia):

"There have been ... sit-ins, strikes and riots... and several new governments...

"'Tunisia could be an amazing place,' says Jalloul Ayed, the finance minister, a former Citibank man.... 'We have a bright, highly educated population. We’re close to Europe’s markets. We have the right to dream of Tunisia as the Singapore of the Mediterranean...'

"Virtually every opinion poll puts Nahda, the main Islamist party, in the lead...

"No poll suggests that Nahda would come close to getting an outright majority. A recent one gave it 14%; its main rival, the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), in the secular centre, got 5%...

"Again and again, secular-minded Tunisians accuse Nahda of speaking in different tongues to different people. 'They do not understand democracy or freedom,' says Mustapha Mezghani, a businessman...

CIA Logo used in Lebanon, Thailand etc.

In Tunisia, "economic growth... will fall this year to less than 1%.

"Tourism, which accounted for 7% of GDP, has collapsed.

"Youth unemployment is around 23%, according to the labour minister...

"In Kasserine, a town 300km (180 miles) south-west of Tunis... barbed wire surrounds banks and state-owned offices, with armoured cars outside.

"Civic leaders say that 40% of the townsfolk are unemployed.

"Last week two prisoners died in the third jail riot since January.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, a big difference between CIA Manchurian people power and the courage of Whistleblowers like Nick Davies who brought
down Murdoch.

Tahir Square was another example of 'people power' created by the CIA to gain control over Egypt.
Tahir Square was the red herring redirect to gain control over Egypt. The CIA goal was to seize control of the Suez Canal-30% of the world's oil passes through the Suez.

CIA=Hegelian Dialectics=Hell

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