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"This is a fascinating video of Norway victims after the horrible massacre.

"Watch their facial expressions. What do you see?"

Study of Honesty: Norway Victims

"The Hindu-supremacist Hindutva movement in the US ... has been involved in brainwashing American Hindu children and youth in the US with their brand of violent anti-Muslim and anti-Christian hate." (US Muslims call for probe on Norway killer's ties with Hindu ...)

At Rupeenews we read: "Norway’s 'Anders Breivik' linked to Indian Hinduvata parties like RSS".

According to this article:

'Anders Breivik' wrote several emails and also used Facebook to reach out to people in India.

Breivik and his Templars hope that India, Russia, the Philippines, China and Thailand are countries where his successors will fight Islam.

He uses the work of Hindus like K.S. Lal and Shrinandan Vyas to point to the threat posed by Muslims to Europe.

His organization is 'assisting Indian nationalist forces to drive out Islam from Indian territory.'

Hindus, Breivik says, have been victims of the greatest historical 'genocide' by waves of Islamic jihad.

The Templar manifesto calls for military cooperation with nationalist Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish forces.


MOSSAD, CIA, RAW and terrorism in Bangladesh


Anonymous said...

Calm...too calm like they were rehearsed. I am more animated if I find a spider in the house.

Anonymous said...

Lies and nothing but lies...


norwegian said...

This way of acting in crizis, is actually very Scandinavian. We restrain ourselves to not show our emotions in public, and the ones with the deepest trauma is kept away from the cameras. If you want to believe it's just fake, you're welcome. Whatever is true to you, is your truth.

P2P said...

I agree fully with 12:30 norwegian. scandinavians are natural at dissociation.

Anonymous said...

Norwegian and P2P, maybe u need some glasses or a mental check: those 2 young women are Indians. Living in Norway doesnt make them Norwegians in mind and soul, right?


Anonymous said...

Norwegian and P2P are correct. You must always keep an open mind when people are intervued on TV etc., they avoid hysterical people for spoken intervues, just showing ones hysterically screaming for effect. And they can re-shoot comments several times if it didn't quiet come out right, fumbling, illegible words etc. They want it 'clean'. Hence it can sometimes come across very controlled.

I've travelled the world, and have never met any stupid people yet, just people lacking the education and world-weary rose-coloured and jaundiced view of life that I have.

MetalHeadviking said...

I am scandinavian my self. Taken that this interview was done just moments before the massacer and that they are immigrant children. It is rediculouse to belive that they just saw many of theire collegas get shot at and die.

This hole thing is a joke!

Anonymous said...

What I see in the video:

The two girls: the one on the left speaks with what is probably a Norwegian accent, she looks jewish to me. The one on the right looks (to me) like of Polinesian or native American descent but rather not Indian (as in India the country). She speaks with a very clear US-American or Canadian accent - this is not in the video in this article, but in the version they passed on European TV, where this segment is a few seconds longer.

I see the left one acting out a script, the right one very attentive as if coaching the other girl to "do the right thing" and ready to intervene in case the other one falls out of her role. The left one says something very weird for a supposed survivor of a mass shooting to say. She talks about Breivik as "having problems with himself". It is reminiscent of the wacky and out-of-place statements of certain "holocaust survivors".

The boy: Probably Indian/Pakistani descent, Norwegian accent, probably trying to act a victim script, but not able to convince; lacking in sincerity.

Anonymous said...

Actually, they look scared and traumatized. They are afraid and in shock. Especially the girls bc they are not white and they felt threatened. Don't call them liars bc they are brown skinned. Understand each other.

Anonymous said...

They all speak English/American-English with unmistakingly Norwegian accent. They also act typical for people who are traumatized and in shock, - calm, collected and almost emotionless. It's a perfectly normal reaction to an un-normal situation.

They are most probably 2nd. generation immigrants, most ethnic Asians that age in Norway are born and bred here. Being Norwegian doesn't depend on color of skin!

Please stop speculating, you clearly have NO idea of what you're talking about.

I am myself Norwegian and a survivor of the Leopold/Mumbai massacre 26/11-08.

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