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Anders Behring Breivik - brainwashed assassin? The killer was most likely BREIVIK'S DOUBLE

Anders Behring Breivik is the suspect held in connection with the 22 July 2011 attacks in Norway.

We are told that he describes himself as being a freemason [6]

Norway's TV2 claims Breivik has links to right-wing extremism.

"He was known to be active on the internet, expressing extremist Islamophobic views on forums and criticizing immigration policies." (More on the Alleged Norwegian Killer )

Freemason Breivik, or BREIVIK'S DOUBLE

The CIA has financed brainwashing operations in Norway.

The 4 September 2000 issue of the Norway Post revealed that the government of Norway was injecting children, psychiatric patients, and others with LSD in the 1950s and 1960s. (Cached)

Examples of brainwashed assassins are said to include:

Sirhan Sirhan, who supposedly shot Robert F. Kennedy.

Mark David Chapman, who killed John Lennon.

Jared Lee Loughner (JARED LOUGHNER ~ MK ULTRA?)

Lee Harvey Oswald (who had a double)

Experiments were carried out on children. Website for this image

Norwegian children experimented on - Telegraph

30 Nov 2002

"Norway's powerful Justice Committee has ordered the government to compensate thousands of people, many of whom were locked up in lunatic asylums...

"The committee's decision comes as the Norwegian Supreme Court prepares to issue a verdict in December in an appeal case brought by 17 ... children against the Norwegian government for gross abuse at the hands of the state...

There are still hundreds of 80-year-old women in Norway wondering where their kids went... they never saw them again...

"Many of the ... children claim that they were sexually abused, beaten, mass raped, urinated on and washed in chemicals.

"Reports ... suggested the children had been subjected to experiments with LSD in which at least five died.

"Paul Hansen said he was locked up at the age of three for seven years in a mental hospital, along with mentally ill grown-ups.

"Anne-Marie Grube said ... 'I was locked up on the first floor of the house, was never allowed to have anyone visit. I was given food and clothing but nothing else."

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg - member of Bilderberg. Note the NORWAY TERROR LINKS TO GANGSTERS?

Bilderberg Conference 2002, Chantilly, Virginia, nr. Washington D.C

The 22 July 2011 attacks on Norway are most likely an inside-job, carried out by elements of the security services of Norway, NATO, the CIA and Mossad?

The aim of the attacks is most likely to advance the agenda of the CIA, NATO and Israel?

Mossad works closely with the police and security servicers in Norway.

"Norwegian-Israeli secret service cooperation runs within the framework of the so called 'Kilowatt group'.

"This is a 'loose informal and practice oriented' network of secret services including the NATO-countries, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel and South Africa.

"It was created in the early seventies on Israeli initiative with the declared aim to combat terrorism." (MOSSAD PARTICIPATED IN POLICE...)

Paul Joseph Watson: The Oslo Police conducted a bombing exercise days before the Oslo Blast.

The Norway attacks were carried out by a well organised team.

Emilie Bersaas, 19, said:
"The shooting came from all different directions."

( via aferrismoon)

On the evening of the 21 July 2011, TV2 in Norway had a short segment reporting on uniformed men, with black uniforms and automatic weapons, sweeping the exact surroundings of the building hit in the bombing.

(comment at

What sort of people want to change Norway?

The sort of person who writes this: Why Israel's Struggle Is Our Struggle, Too














Lidkoping - Website for this image

Aangirfan has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Lidköping (#65), a wonderful place in Sweden.


Website for this image -The F7 Såtenäs Air Force Base in Lidköping.



Franz said...

Lady Liberty i.e. the goddess Mary Magdalene-Isis-Venus...

...A mason would have known (right day, year way off) --

A.Mouser said...

I have worked in Norway.

Norwegians are a fair and honest people - partly free from the UK/USA/israel influence (because they have their own PUBLICLY owned oil - like Ghaddaffi was going to do and the Iranians already did).

For a couple of years Norway has been speaking the truth about the genociding of the Palestinians off their own land by the israelis.

On Monday Norway divested from an israeli/S.African company because it was illegally building israeli only settlements in the West Bank.

On Friday Norway was subjected to two terrorist attacks killing more than 85 innocent civilians.


A13 said...

Hi Aang, I must say he reminds me of Julian Assange...Spooky!
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Filthy Freemasons...Striking similarities between Anders Behring Breivik and freemason Timothy McVeigh who bombed Oklahoma City (USA)
government buildings which included a childrens daycare center.

McVeigh and Anders Behring Breivik similarities...both were Freemasons, both bombed government buildings, both used fertilizer
bombs, both were young men, both acted as 'lone terrorists, both killed children

Anonymous said...

I have worked and lived there too for two years.

Yes, good people but it should´nt be forgotten that they are members of the aggression pact NATO and killing Libyans and Afghans, which makes them a legitimate target for retaliations...

I live not far from Lidköping but i fail to see what that town have to do with the subject matter?

aferrismoon said...

"Emilie Bersaas, 19, said: "I saw a lot of people running and screaming so I ran to the nearest building and hid under a bed.

"The shooting came from all different directions.

"It was very terrifying. At one point the shooting was very, very close to the building - I think it actually hit the building one time."

The shooting came from all different directions seems to indicate more than one shooter - 84 does seem a lot to kill alone - speculation of course.

It's possible that there were specific people targetted and the others killed to make it look like the work of a madman.

Nazis Moslems Nazis Moslems Nazis Moslems - two words that go together.

He's an extreme islamophobe so the problem must be Islam provoking right-wing extremism, and immigration.

Or some other miasma that will be dreamt up even as we speak.

Through the shock, pain, hurt, ruin and trauma, forces will be working to implant some programming into the general population.

In one story a teenager who escaped said that he didn't know who to trust when he saw rescue boats coming. So now the rescue services can't be trusted. The police can't be trusted, so what confusion will occur from that.

'I ran from the officer as I thought he was fake'

' He was shot for running from the police'

Anyhow he's got a the triple name 'logo'.

It seems from the Satellite-photo that there's one main house on the island and a small jetty, though there's a cove on the bottom right of the island , facing the mainland that could have been an entry/exit point from some theoretical team of trained killers.

MSM in Conclusion:

Lone madmen
Gatherings as targets
Its not Islam
Right-wing [ Nordics]
Fake policemen


Anonymous said...

Correction-Timothy McVeigh had a partner named Terry Nichols.

Interesting youtube video explains theory that Oklahoma City and World Trade Center bombings (CIA had prior awareness in both cases) were to instill terror (mind control) as method for population a means to promote New World Order. Norway bombing shared many same case elements.

Oklahoma and WTC were also proven to be 'inside jobs'.

Anonymous said...

A very convenient patsy, this Breivik guy, isnt it?


Anonymous said...


aferrismoon said...

A clip about Utoya from 1971 -

"We returned to the airport and boarded a plane for Stockholm and were there just long enough to catch a plane for Oslo. Arrived in Oslo and were met by reps from Norway Antiwar Movement. We were whisked off (just the American vets and Frank) to the Island of Utoya. Utoya is about thirty miles north of Oslo, in the middle of a fjord and it is a picturesque "Democratic-Republic Socialist State." It's maybe one-half mile long and one-quarter mile wide. About fifty guys and girls were waiting for us and they had an entire pig roasting over a pit, named "Nixon II." ("Nixon I" was the year before.) Much beer, vodka, food, song and dance.

Day 6: Monday, June 21st ("Escape from Utoya!")"

Also a rumour he had blog called FJORDMAN [ in the comments]


Pas said...

Thanks Aangirfan.
Check this thread on theinfounderground

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



UFO Blogger said...

EXPOSED: Illuminati - Freemasons Secret Society Behind Norway Bombing and Shooting

brian said...

some very interesting tweets here by international lawyer Curtis Doebbel on Libya:!/cdoebbler


cdoebbler curtis doebbler
#Libya: The Libyan government had provided a comparably better life for its people in Africa, then any European government in Europe.
cdoebbler curtis doebbler
#Libya: NATO's violence against the people of Libya encourages violence among youth in NATO countries.
cdoebbler #Libya: local tribes say they increasingly associate NATO-led rebels with foreign invaders of their homeland and killing of their people.
cdoebbler curtis doebbler
#Libya: NATO-led rebels bath in luxury while visiting France to ask beleaguered French government to help them kill more fellow Libyans.
cdoebbler curtis doebbler
#Libya: former CIA assets claims NATO is manufacturing news as war propaganda.
cdoebbler curtis doebbler
#Libya: Local tribes asked NATO-led rebels how they can trust them when they are killing Libyans...NATO-led rebels replied they rely on West

cdoebbler curtis doebbler
#Libya: NATO-led rebels being killed around Brega by their own mines and mines produced by NATO countries.
cdoebbler curtis doebbler
In most cases of #USA illegal use of force against other countries the American Society of International Law has remained silent.
cdoebbler curtis doebbler
#Libya: more allegations surface of massive war crimes by NATO-led rebels in areas they controli ncluding rape, arbitrary killings, slavery
20 Jul
cdoebbler curtis doebbler
These tweets are based on reports from people in #Libya and other reliable informants. Any commentary is obviously the tweeter's own views.
19 Jul
cdoebbler curtis doebbler
#Libya: NATO-led rebel says he prays to kill fellow Libyans.
19 Jul

Anonymous said...

The shooting spree reminds me of Dunblane. Wasn't Thomas Hamilton also a freemason?

Timothy Oswald Sirhan said...

Breivik is Mossad's patsy for sure.

Norway should declare war on israel.

/Timothy Oswald Sirhan

ben said...

Reports say shooter used shotgun, snipErs rifle and semi or automatic weapons: ? will ballistic match this claim. ? what angle shot taken from.

?Who exactly are the victim who were parents any peace negotiators.

? What is the state of the Michael Harari fugitive warrant:

? Who is Kilowatt

?How will this effect elections.


Anonymous said...

Once again the Judeo-Masonic network, destroyers of the Catholic church, destroyers of morals, destroyers of education, destroyers of medicine, destroyers of culture, evil wicked demons who will pay for their sins. Get your nations back, here me all of Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Get back your nations from the demons of Israhell!f Wake up dumb goy, wake the hell up now. You will see more war, poverty, famine death and destruction if you do not come to God, embrace Christ and eject these demons from your nations! God help us all!

Asif said...

Good analysis and today Norwegian police dismiss jihadist role in Oslo attacks

Read more:

nina said...

Examples of brainwashed assassins include ... Wayne Williams re: the Atlanta Child Murders.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Norweigan people will use proofs of insider job terrorist attacks in legal courts to take down their Bilderberg Prime Ministake just like Murdoch is being taken down.

We know the New World Order agenda. So to stop it...all people need to join together in same goal of global resistance and take back their inalienable human by country. Together, the people are stronger than freemason-bilderbergs.

Anonymous said...

Non-violent resistance against NWO-Mozilla alerts users of Murdoch websites to avoid 'Murdocch brainwashing media reports'...

Anonymous said...

Links to the uk? Right wing lunatics like Tony Bennett, Michael shrimpton, Greg lance Watkins. All are dangerous. It's people like this who do the brainwashing. All fans of geert wilders too. Horrible breed. this has been a ticking timebomb.

Anonymous said...

more UK of Illuminati Pince Charles and Norway Prime Minister

Anonymous said...

Now she's part of "Club 27". "They" killed her, the fate of any mind control victim, as poor Amy was. Looks like all was very syncronized, all going hand in hand: the false flag operation from Norway and now the death of a celebrity. RIP, sweet angel...


Anonymous said...

Yet another "crazy loner" (YACL). Sirhan Sirhan seems to have a BIG family all over the world.

Has anybody else noticed that ALL the pics of this guy seem to be Photoshopped, except the one where he appears together with two women (mom and sis?) ? That was the first comment of my SO when I showed the published pics to her.

I have no relation to Norway (besides using Opera). I can only wish the Norwegian people and especially the families of the victims strength and more strength.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting comment on the Oslo shooting from a DAILY MAIL reader:

"So, you all believe this man detonated a bomb in Oslo then simultaneously went on a shooting spree over a hundred miles away? Who set off the bomb? He could not be in two places at the same time."


Anonymous said...

Folks, I compared the pics of Breivik in the Masonic attire and of him in another pic and I noticed his earlobes are different. Its not the angle, not the color or anything else. Its a different guy, just like Bradlet Manning. More deceit...


Anonymous said...

Alleged Manifesto here:

Anonymous said...

Michael said...



Note that aside from Freemasonry all his interests involve Christian faith, masculine pursuits (bodybuilding) or free market/liberty related books (Wealth Of Nations for example).

He has no posts before July 17th and this is the same with his twitter.

I've heard someone mention that searchable government records show he owns millions of property but no income returns for the last 2 years, I can't read Norweigan thus I can't confirm.

Clearly one man didn't bomb Oslo and then travel 50 miles in policeman garb with an automatic weapon and 150 rounds without being noticed. Either someone else did the bomb or he had assistance on the island. The other consideration is that possibly both attacks were carried out by CIA/MOSSAD and this hermit is simply a patsy, the facebook/twitter profile could very well be not made by the patsy.

Who could have helped 'him':
-Gadaffi loyalists (doubtful as Norway is pulling out of Libya)?

Why would someone help him:
-Punish Norway for pulling out of the NATO mission?
-Punish Norway for supporting Palestine?
-Make a case to strip (further strip) Norweigans and other world citizens of gun rights?
-Make a case for spending trillions more in the hunt and prosecution of the generic white terrorist USA's DHS has created a campaign over in the last few months?
-Diversify the profile of the fearsome terrorist to further control people?
-A combination of these things?

As it stands they think he was a lone wolf, if this angle goes to trial I will strongly believe one of the above scenarios were motivation for a high level planned attack.

I hope police uncover a wider web cooperating with the alledged which would really calm my concerns over the situation.

If not it will be interesting to see more and more relevant information come out regarding 'conspiracies' and corruption over time.

Anonymous said...

(...) The car bombing carries the signature of an intelligence agency.  Nobody else bothers with such things. We had recent experiences in Abuja and prior to that in Alexandria.  Both of these were executed to promote strife between Christians and Muslims.  The perpetrators of the Alexandria church bombing were Israeli.  As for Abuja, the story is more complicated, there are more players including one suspicious European intelligence agency.  We will withhold judgement.  That the largest bombing in Nigeria was directly under my hotel window was an odd coincidence.
This one, this “thing” in Norway, this is sick.  Our culprit bears a striking resemblance to Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame.  Everyone has to notice, I wonder when someone else will mention it.
Lets come at this thing from a couple of directions.
First of all, the most obvious explanation is that a single individual, driven hopelessly insane on Freemasonry and Zionism, as some papers are reporting, went on a killing spree over what we expect will be a “paranoid delusion.”  As with 9/11, we can expect a letter, a note of some kind, perhaps “friends” who will be selling this tale of a latter day Oswald.
This is why I mention “scale.”  This is where we are going to take a good hard look.  Why wasn’t he stopped?  Was that process interfered with, did he have some special knowledge that helped him?  This reminds me too much of the untrained pilot who flew a plane at 600 mph into the Pentagon, striking at ground level but never touching a blade of grass, a feat that dozens of the best pilots in the world say is impossible, a feat that the best aeronautical engineers in the world say the plane never could have a accomplished without coming apart well before impact.
We do not believe “cover stories,” in fact, they are often the best evidence.  Cover stories are usually much less clever than those who think them up imagine.
Means, motive and opportunity give us two primary suspects, Israel and Libya. (...)

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling this thing was planned by the Mossad, and then completely botched.

They seem to be doing that a lot lately.

As to specifically how it was botched, well, details will surface.

Anonymous said...

Street-talk from Norway:

It seems all those in charge of the camp bar one weren't on the island, but in the hotel. And the one on the island was the first person OFF it the instant the shooting started, he 'luckily' having a motorboat handy.

The only person responsible for the safety and well-being of the teens on the island was the first to run.

People are beginning to react to this.

The teens were left alone to party all weekend. Booze and guys and girls and no adults around =

Ok, no biggie, happens all the time. Half their luck.

But it just made it easier. Quiet a few were so drunk they had no chance, others were literally caught with their pants down.

Note: none of the people left on the island had any military experience or experience of life, thus total panic ensued ('This ISN'T a film!? Aarrgghh!!!)

Kids today are far too soft. Back in the day me and my mates were that age we would have stood fast and torn the b#gg#r to shreds. Ok, he'd have taken-out a few of us, but not 90 odd. WE would have hunted HIM down.

The police say there were no boats to get out to the island, why it took so long.

There was ONE boat, at least? Surely big enough for a few people? Certainly one, with his tail between his legs. A cop or two plus a couple of local militia (Dad's Army) and/or hunters - all who have some sort of weapon at home - would have been enough to stop Breivik, the hunters are marksmen/snipers with a gun to match, hunting a man is easier than hunting a deer.

It seems Breivik had been planning this for years and the planning was phenomenal. But quiet talk is still wondering if he was capable of doing all this totally alone ...and without anybody noticing something.

Maybe the Hollywood film with Sly in the lead roll will give us a clearer insight.

By the way, the farm is in the rough area of the biggest top specialist elite military complex in Norway: The Telemark Regiment, The Rangers (rough translation) also Norway's rumoured SAS, and the training colleges spotted around are specialised to this and equal anything in the world. The Creme de la Creme.

Breivik has erroneously been reported as having military experience (easy mistake as all men do military service). It seems he hasn't. There are only 2 excuses for not doing it, physical and mental. Objectors usually do driver, janitor, or medic services, they are rarely let off completely, it's that or jail. He looks very sporting, an active man (what, exactly?) so it has to be mental.

But he seemingly comes across as being normal, intelligent, in control, no obvious signs of any mental problems.

We still know very little about his family life and connections.

No, ignore the platitudes in the media, there has to be something going-on underneath.

I imagine, that if he's a brainwashed patsy, he was ment to get blown-away and thus we would be kept in the dark. But the moment he saw the choppers on the way in, the 'SAS' roping-down, he laid the weapon down, hands on head, and surrendered.

Luckily, I wasn't the officer in command. My dad approached King Haakan and demanded to be given the honour of commanding the firing-squad being formed to execute Quisling, but as he was one of many it had been decided to hold a lottery, and he didn't win.

I'm beginning to understand how annoyed he was.

Marcel said...

It is easier to ignore God and blame others for our sin.
America or CIA,they are not God !

'So the angel who was speaking with me said to me, “Proclaim, saying, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts, “I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion.
But I am very angry with the nations who are at ease; for while I was only a little angry, they furthered the disaster.” Therefore thus says the LORD, “I will return to Jerusalem with compassion; My house will be built in it,” declares the LORD of hosts, “and a measuring line will be stretched over Jerusalem.”’
Zechariah 1:14-16

'Forty-eight hours before Friday massacre, teens participating in ruling party youth camp met with Norwegian foreign minister. Some called for boycott of Israel'

The people of Norway are in mourning and shock, that one of their own could be such a cold,calculating,genocidal murderer.
Like Japan, the U.S. and so many other nations they have been playing with fire and were severely burned.
But will they wake up ?
Sadly the answer is no. They will go on to greater destruction rather than listen to God and turn from the cursed path they have chosen.
Norway threw off it's blessing and protection from God by sticking their nose where it did not belong.
The foolish people of Norway did not believe God and his warning related to dividing Jerusalem.
They naively thought that they would be secure as they delivered the Jews to their latest executioners.
That there would be no reaping from their toil of carving up Israel and Jerusalem to the enemies of God.
This scourge in many, many forms comes to all the nations involved in carving up Israel.
Soon,all the cursed nations will understand the full meaning of 'cut in pieces','severely injured"
The whole world is going to learn this painful lesson because they are too proud and stubborn to heed the warning.

'And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.'

Anonymous said...

92 ofre for kriminalitet representerer minst 184 medlemmer av familier - overlevende. Dokumentert av nedgangen i vårt samfunn som ikke kan koble til og dyret (som hun innrømmet til kriminalitet og selv skryte av det) skal kastes. Her må begynne å betale det bibelske "øye for øye, tann for tann!"

Anonymous said...

This guy was mentally ill, this has nothing too do with NWO thing and cia conspiracy whatever.. norway is not the country this kind of things would happen.

Anonymous said...

Update from Norway (don't actually live there, but the thought is nice!)

There was a matronly lady manning the restaurant/cafe on the island, she would sleep out there when there were guests to feed, she's the lady the PM mentioned in the memorial - Monika? - she was working there back when he was a lad out there, he knew her like a mother.

The SAS guys seemingly didn't chopper-in, they drove there, it seemingly reckoned to be quicker. Takes a while to get a chopper in the air, the gearbox needs careful warming-up. And the media choppers were reporting gusty conditions and not easy to get close or land (why they didn't ferry the SAS out there?) Add to that the apparent lack of a boat and it took a while to get out there. Add to that they were told to hold off until the bomb-unit got there (sod the bomb, these guys are trained to, and have volunteered to, get the boot in despite the danger! I bet they were fuming!)

This has been suppressed so far: the ferry-man has said Breivik told him there were several other 'policemen' on the way, and a security-guard was on the island quay with a car, the very heavy sport-bag Breivik had was loaded into it and they drove off. A minute or so later the ferryman heard what he now knows was the first shot, and he thinks this guard might have been the first killed.

It has again come up there was another killer, who might have arrived in a boat on the other side of the island, 'a man with dark long hair in civilian clothes' and that Breivik might have shot him, too (in mistake, or deliberately?)

Breivik apparently got hold of a boat (the same one?) and circled the island, going ashore and heading-off the kids trying to escape.

Or was this the other guy? The situation is very chaotic.

Breivik apparently shot all twice, to make sure.

He had run out of ammo by the time the SAS had arrived. That's the only reason he only killed 'so few' of the 6-800 people out there (still confusion as to the exact number. Why? All were there by invitation so surely they must know to the man how many were on the island?)

Had something gone wrong and the other killers hadn't gotten there in time? Or, my theory, they gave the idiot the finger and left him to take the can.

Antonietta Ferrari said...

Norway And The Coalition Of The Wicked July 2011

ben said...

I don't believe this is genuinely masonic.

Namely Breviks emblems are crap

On the other which unit use a sword though the head (see his wet suit) and disguise themselves as masons er the gLadio P2.

Also see Norwegian Nija the film just that but is based on Norway NATO stay behind units. Even the associated Ninja manifesto the work of one the units commanders bears uncanny resemblance to Andes manifesto and like Anders and the movie is influenced by Orwell s 1984.

Anonymous said...

- Breivik code pointed to the agent killed in London

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