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Anders Breivik

On 31 July 2011, the UK's Sunday Telegraph claims to reveal the real Anders Behring Breivik:

1. A schoolfriend says of Breivik: "What he doesn't admit is he informed on his friends to the police."

2. 'Breivik' says several of his friends were Muslims, including a boy called Faizal Rafique, and that he had spent his time with a gang of Pakistani boys.

Mohammad Rafique, Faizal’s father, says Faizal was younger than Breivik and barely knew him.

Mohammad says: "There was never any tension here. When he was growing up he had no problems." (It is not clear who the 'he' refers to)

3. 'Breivik' says his closest friend was a boy called Arsalan, but the pair fell out when they were 16. He accuses Arsalan and other Pakistani youths of being violent.

A friend of Arsalan's family friend said: "Arsalan hasn’t known him (Breivik) for 25 years.

"They were only at primary school together.

"Arsalan and his family have integrated here."

4. 'Breivik' held a number of minor posts in the far-Right, anti-immigration Progress Party but abandoned conventional politics in 2003 after losing an Oslo City Hall election.

5. 'Breivik' was close to a small group of friends throughout his twenties and early thirties.

One of these friends is a government lawyer.

6. Peter Svaar, who was friends with the young Breivik, says "What keeps me awake at night is not that he’s a monster," says Svaar, "it is that he is a regular, Norwegian boy."


British traders helped supply Breivik's arsenal.

Prof Bernie Harris sold Breivik a protective suit.

Harris is from Birmingham but now lives in Illinois.

Harris says: "In my day job I’m a mathematics professor but my hobby is buying government surplus and selling it on."

MK ULTRA victim.

" I'm from Oslo.

"I was in town yesterday and met for the first time in my life Israelis in a disco and saw several other people that I thought were Jews.

"That's not normal in Norway.

"What is going on? " (Søkelys - Profetisk tidsskrift)

Sound of Gunfire From Island Sent Civilians to Teenagers' Rescue

Marcel Gleffe is a German with a military background.

He just happened to be near Utoya island when the attacks took place.

While the shooting was going on, Gleffe used his Pioneer 15 motorboat to make several trips to the island.

Several 'civilian rescuers' made various trips to the island.


Anonymous said...

LOL, its absolutely outrageous how many "Breivik's" are out there. Even a blind and a fool can notice that.


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Anaughty Mouser said...

The Mossad did Norway.


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Proof of multiple robo-assassin Breviks

Picture #136703...Breivik shooter, wearing dark wetsuit outfit, is BALD

Red shirt Breivik has BROWN EYES

Long hair Breivik has BLUE EYES

Cathy Palmer said...

"Once upon a time..."

Isn't that how all good fairytales start?

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Thanks for the extensive and invaluable coverage of Norway in the last week.

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"Norwegian killer had plastic surgery to look more Aryan" -

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Brilliant information Aangirfan, very well researched with news not wide spread in the public arena.

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anomaly: front page of your story showing zero comments, even if actually many comments were made...

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