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Rupert Murdoch executive Rebekah Brooks, UK prime minister David Cameron and Cameron pal Christopher Shale have all been described as members of the 'Chipping Norton set'.

Just before the Murdoch phone hacking scandal came to a head, Shale died in mysterious circumstances.

Anonymous writes:

"Michael Shrimpton QC - fresh from his crazy input into the McCann and Kelly stories is (right on cue) engaging the online community in the Christopher Shale story.

"Shale - Prime Minister Cameron's 'rock' died in mysterious circumstances at Glastobury a few weeks ago

"(like Kelly, he wasn't reported missing by his wife for some 12 hours or more - even though he'd said he was only popping to the lavatory).

"His body lay undisturbed in a festival latrine for some 20 hours, finally being discovered at 9.00am on the morning of June 26th 2011.

"Here's the real story.

Christopher Shale, the Chipping Norton Set and the News .

"Ignore what Shripmpton is saying.

"He always pops up to take charge of the 'conspiracy theories' during times like these.

"Not even the 'leaked memo' to the Mail on Sunday that arrived (coincidentally) on the morning of his death has any bearing on his death.

"Downing Street leaked the memo to the MoS so audiences might naturally assume that his death was somehow related to his sorrow/disturbance at the leak.

"I think the News International Hacking Scandal (that emerged a week or so later) might have a little more bearing on his death."

Christopher Shale, the Chipping Norton Set and the News of the World .



Anonymous said...

Why do I have the feeling that the guy is covering smb else and he's just a convenient scapegoat?


aferrismoon said...

Hacking - Is that why journalists are called 'hacks'.

Anyhow the whole poetic side has gone overboard with people hacking at rocks until they turn to shale.

Interesting theory on the Shale-hacking connexion.

Cameron did say politicians were involved in all this and perhaps Shale's remarks about the Tory party maybe related to the take-over of the party by Murderoch.

geddit? Murder-rock



Anonymous said...



Anon said...

Geddit indeed! LOL.

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

The Brooklyn story is disturbing. Haven't worked anything out yet. Thanks to C for all the links.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

U're welcome, Aang. Yes, little boy's story is scary. Occult sacrifice, Im absolutely sure of that. Now really how the hell does an 8 year old kid gets into an unknown person's car? Was the scapegoat so persuasive, but even so? Noone taught the poor boy not to go with unknown individuals? Hard to believe. Maybe his family is involved too? Why was the body dismembered? He could have killed it and dump the body, why cut it in pieces? The level of rape, abuse and molestation within the Hasidic Jews commmunity is above imagination.

Anonymous said...

I think the memo that was leaked (and word seems to be that it was leaked by Downing Street itself according to the Editor of the Independent) was just an attempt to obfuscate the exact circumstances and context surrounding his death.

He was missing for some 20 hours before being discovered. Not unlike Kelly. Plenty time to produce a cover story (with preferred conspiracy story attached)

I think it would be fair to say Downing Street learned of his death on Saturday afternoon, handed the MoS the 'secret memo' and produced a story ready for Sunday's headlines

This would get the press attempting to draw connections between his death and the 'secret memo' and not between his death and the Chipping Norton Triangle/Hacking Scandal that was finally due to break.

Perhaps they hoped they could put a lid on the Murdoch crisis and people would never attribute Shale's death to it.

Of course it doesn't mean he was murdered. Shale may (for reasons best known to himself) have got wind of the Murdoch/Coulson charges and taken his own life - first contacting Downing Street who would in turn alert the services on where to find him.

They covered the contact between themselves by saying Shale had been contacted shortly before his death about the 'secret memo' being leaked.

The memo is one of the most inoffensive and innocuous 'explosive' documents I have ever seen. It's clear he has the party's interests at heart and its contents (whilst a bit bland and uninventive when compared to the party revamp prepared by Mandelson for the Labour Party some years before) would have been welcomed by Downing Street (who would have looked at it, smiled and filed it away, one would suspect).

The memo makes no mention of the over-reliance on the Murdoch Empire. You can read it here:

Robert Murderoch - indeed.


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Anonymous said...


aferrismoon said...

@ C - read a bit about the NY killing and the story the 'killer' told is off the wall - decided to take the boy to a wedding????

Kept the boy at his house overnight and then chopped him up because of the 'missing' posters outside.

Anyhow too many questions


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Yes, the race appears to be on to command the shape and direction of the preferred counter-theory about Shale. Shrimpton popped up with his nonsense pretty much on demand and there'll be others inevitably.

Any theory will be acceptable just so long as it his death is being attributed to the hacking scandal being played out between the Press, the Met, Downing Street and News Corps.

I see the Independent are focusing on meeting between Brooks and Cameron at heythrop in January 201.

As it happends Shale was himself no stranger to Heythrop. His company Oxford resources Ltd was based in Heythrop for years.

Interesting to note that the press were reporting that 'pint-sized Rasputin' Steve Hilton - Cameron's director of stratgegy - was about to quit Downing Street just a week before Shale was founded dead at Glastonbury. Seems there were disagreements about the direction Tory Policy was taking.

I wonder what Hilton (real name Hircsák) and his handlers made of Shale's increasing status with the Communications team at Downing Street?

Hilton had already seen off his far-right rival Andy Coulson (the two did not get along well at all).

Does he and his handlers have his sites set on seeing Cameron go?

I see brooks arrest has been deliberately contrived to prevent her from appearing before the Committee on Tuesday.

They've even ejected the Met's Police Commisioner to add a little bit of realism to it.

If those handling the investigation are willing to arrest Brooks at a time convenient to herself, then the Met is clearly still in the grip of corruption. Stephenson from this perspective just looks like a patsy.

Anonymous said...

That was meanto read:

Any theory will be acceptable just so long as it his death is NOT being attributed to the hacking scandal.

Anonymous said...

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