Saturday, July 09, 2011


Rupert Murdoch has powerful enemies.

George Soros wrote:

"Those in charge of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, have done well in identifying me as their adversary."

A Soros-funded operation called Color of Change, explained how "it successfully urged several advertisers, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and RadioShack, to pull their ads from Beck's show."

Glenn Beck's TV show was part of the Murdoch media empire.

Beck had said that Soros, born to Hungarian Jews, had as a teenager been a Nazi sympathiser.

Nearly 30 Soros-funded media operations are part of the 'War on Fox'

According to Beck (Soros vs Murdoch: The battle for the soul of America.):

"Not only does (Soros) want to bring America to her knees financially, he wants to reap obscene profits off us as well."

According to Beck, America is being haunted by "saboteurs" interested only in the creation of "One World Government".

"All the paths, time after time, really led to one man, George Soros," Beck said.


Anonymous said...

If it's Soros vs Murdoch - is there a way that they could both lose?

Anonymous said...

Murdoch and Soros are enemies for real or... frenemies? Somehow I find it hard to believe that they're enemies, really...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Wow, even the propagandists argue over how to corrupt and destroy the human race.

Not surprising. Thing is, Beck, being one who drops snippits of truth into his bs ramblings was speaking a lil truth there in your quote.

I just wish these dogs of war would destroy each other to harmless, toothless, clawless rabid dawgs they are in spirit and then let nature take care of them.

Greg Burton said...

I'm sorry, they are not enemies. They are both fascists, globalists, Israel-firsters, Zionists. I suspect a purposeful strategy to create a tension between the two, to create the illusion of choice between "good" and "evil".

Anonymous said...

That old Hegelian Dialectic never gets old.

Anonymous said...

This fight nicely takes the spotlight off the real core of zionist hell- the rothschilds, intl banksters etc.

CS said...

According to Canadian journalist and lawyer, Ezra Levant, George Soros, is a Jewish Nazi. That is to say, Soros worked with the Nazi's to dispossess Hungarian Jews of their property prior to their removal to extermination camps, an experience, Soros said on "Sixty Minutes", provided the basis for the success of his financial career.

Maybe Poop Murdoch isn't THAT bad!

Anonymous said...

Which is more handsome? Hard to choose...One of these two is the power behind the 'search filter' faux crisis you wrote about.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


From where I sit, it looks entirely likely, for during his tenure as the managing director of the IMF, M. Strauss-Kahn was a champion of the Special Drawing Rights(SDRs), a kind of global reserve currency to replace

Anonymous said...

The PEOPLE are funding this nightmare and can begin to turn the tables by NOT buying their trash. Canadian link shows newspaper chief speaking of his fears of TOUGHER CONTROLS. What a great idea; let's make it happen all around the world,and then the PEOPLE will WIN. Cheers!

Franklin Ryckaert said...

Both Soros and Murdoch are Jews, billionaires and globalists.Soros is socalled "left-wing",Murdoch is socalled "right-wing".Either their fight is entirely fake,a kind of Hegelian Kabuki theatre,or it is real,an infighting of two factions of the same Mafia.Either way they are destructive to mankind.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@william, George Soros is not a zionist. He's a humanist and he funds some very good organizations for the palestinians, like B'TSelem who Israel is trying to outlaw.

In the 90's, he was invited to the USSR to 'invest' when it was being pillaged by the russian jewish oligarchs who were funded by Nat Rothschild, but he saw what they were doing, was disgusted and he left.

He was a currency speculator, and that is not illegal.

@CanSpeccy, all you've got is Glen Becks Tripe.
I realize it's easier to smear both Murdoch and Soros with the broad brush of evil rather than researching their actual history, but its no replacement for the truth. I used to have suspicions about him, but now I think the guy actually puts his money where beliefs are. He said on an FDL book salon that he made some mistakes, like in Poland but at least he realizes it and corrects.

Soros was in Hungary during the holocaust hiding from the Nazis as a seven year old boy.

He's one of the only millionaires that fund left-wing causes so he's villainized by the fascist right wing loons and their neo-goebells, like Beck. He was an Obama supporter but now isn't interested in funding him, and has moved on to causes. He said that right now both the left and the rights political discourse is toxic, both have hold of half the truth and refuse to look for solutions, but prefer to retrench and cast blame.

It's really ironic, or perhaps not that the ADL embraces Beck who peddles in antisemitc literature to sell his stories, because that's what gets ADL money. No antisemitism, no donations.

Apprentice Vinbeazel said...

I was hoping that someone would mention Occupy...which is the first thought I had when I saw the name of the article. Occupy is becoming a SoroS agenda carnival, as TEAParty was funded by Murdoch and supported by his fawkeSnooze flunkies. I hope that there will be an open discussion about this, because I came here to read about Cypress bombing and the threat of pre-emptive strikes on Netanyahoo's relunctant OIL partners. I shared this one with a FB friend in Malay.

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