Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Interested in 9 11? Here's a Porsche 9 11 by Charles01

The internet is becoming good at hiding stuff.

"Call a friend ... and ask them to Google something at the same time as you.

"The results will be different."

(The dangers of the internet: Invisible sieve)

This is because:

When you type in your query, Google takes into account:

Your location.

Your past searches.

Other factors.

(The dangers of the internet: Invisible sieve)

So, you search for "Lockerbie"

Your friend gets information on Gary Lockerbie.

You get information on the Lockerbie Bomb.

Google personalises the results.

How easy is it to find information about 'Venice Florida and 9 11'?

Larry Page, the chief executive of Google, has said: "the ultimate search engine would understand exactly what you mean, and give back exactly what you want." (The dangers of the internet: Invisible sieve)

Or perhaps it gives back what Google allows you to see.

Amazon tries to predict what you will want to read.

Facebook 'updates' you on the friends that Facebook thinks you like best.

Eli Pariser, in The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding From You, wrote:

"My sense of unease crystallised when I noticed that my conservative friends had disappeared from my Facebook page."

Are all the Turks aware of the significance of their Foreign Minister being close pals with Hilary?

Now, imagine what Google or Facebook could do:

In Thailand, they could promote the views of Mr Thaksin, to certain key people.

In Malaysia, they could promote the views of Mr Anwar, to certain key people.

In the USA, they could promote the views of Mr Ron Paul, only to certain key people.

In India, they could hide David Headley's 'CIA links' from certain key people.

Your past searches are important.

Google will feed you sport, girls or betting, if that is what you want?



murdoc said...

This is good for some websites especially for people who have local sites like lynnaluvers.com, I think what google must do is find away not to be so much of a guessing site for what you want to find.

A13 said...

Bloody nice old Porche Aang ;)
Cheers A13

Word verification = joyocar :)

Michael said...

I have firefox erase my cookies/temps files each time I close the browser. Highly recommended.

The Realist Report said...

I use Bing now days. Not sure how much better or worse it is than Google, but I think they've got me pegged for a conspiracy loon already. I don't care though; I'll tell them myself. Big reason why I use my real name- I want these psychopaths to know what I've got to say.

Facebook is definitely doing all sorts of weird stuff.

P2P said...

some years ago I was literally in love with google for being able to find pages that matched exactly with my very random searches. I used to write full sentence searches as specific as possible and there were _always_ interesting results that followed. now, if I try to do the same, majority of the time I end up in useless webpages that come up top on google because of page rank manipulation done by the webpage owners in order to merely bring in advertising profits. google is aware of this, but they have not been able to really do anything about such pages.

the issue with profiling a "customer" as google is doing goes against the idea of an ideal search engine. an ideal search engine finds the best matching result for one's search words from a given pool, which in regards to google should mean the whole of internet. search engine users should get better results when coming up with better and more accurate search words, but that is not the case.

unless google does something about these issues I am sure in the next couple of years some new search engine will rise in popularity. I, for one, am very open for suggestions on more better search engines than google.

Anonymous said...

be careful with this. This hype about 'filter bubbles'' is coming from very connected places. Dig deeper and see.

Anonymous said...

Use Scroogle:

it has no cookies, no search-term records & access log deleted within 48 hours

more info here

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