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Is that why she was tearful? Prince Albert's bride 'tried to run away THREE times'

Girls get kidnapped?

We read that Monaco's Princess Charlene 'tried to flee three times'

On 3 July 2011, sources quoted by the French press said that the former Charlene Wittstock, has tried to escape three times.

1. In May 2o11, while visiting Paris, Charlene reportedly "took refuge" in the South African embassy.

2. Later in May, she reportedly tried to escape during the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.

3. Just before her marriage, she allegedly had her passport confiscated as she tried to escape via Nice airport.

Joanna Parrish

In May 1990, in France, Joanna Parrish was kidnapped and killed ('We just want to know who killed our daughter'‎ -

The body of British student Joanna Parrish, who had been raped and strangled, was found in a river in Auxerre, Burgundy.

Suspected of involvement in the case were French serial killer Michel Fourniret and his wife Monique Olivier.

Reportedly the French judiciary have been 'protecting the killer'

The French police managed to lose vital DNA evidence.

In May 2008, Michel Fourniret, 'the Beast of Ardennes', was jailed for murdering seven girls aged between 7 and 21 in north-east France and Belgium.

His wife, Monique Olivier, who had helped lure the victims, was also jailed.

Fourniret was arrested in 2003 after a 13-year-old girl he had kidnapped escaped from his van when it stopped at traffic lights.

Monique Olivier told prosecutors that she had seen her husband murder a young woman in Auxerre and then dump the body in the Yonne river in 1990.


In 1997, in Auxerre, Christian Jambert was found shot dead in the cellar of his home.

There was no post-mortem.

Jambert had been investigating the mysterious disappearances and deaths of girls in the area of Auxerre.

For example, seven young females who attended a special education centre in Auxerre, all vanishing between 1977 and 1979.

Jambert, a police officer at that time, linked their disappearances to Emile Louis, a coach driver.

The authorities closed down Jambert's investigation.

Similar investigations were closed down at various times.

In 1984, a severely mutilated woman escaped from a house near Auxerre.

She led police to a cellar where she and two others had been imprisoned and tortured.

The police discovered a list of 50 people who had paid to torture the women.

The list was said to include top people.

(CHRISTIAN CHOATE was a victim of torture)

The list went missing from a courtroom in Auxerre.

Only a factory worker and his wife, who had lived in the house, were jailed.

In 2000, the coach driver Emile Louis was arrested.

He talked about seven murders and led police to two bodies.

He said the girls were kidnapped, tortured and killed by a ring of high-ranking men.

(July 21, 2004, The Daily Mail, 'Was Jo killed by a sex cult?' - ISGP - Beyond the Dutroux Affair)

Emile Louis was made the scapegoat?

He alone was found guilty of killing the women. (BBC NEWS French serial killer given life)

"I have known fear and the terrors of solitude. I have known those fair-weather friends we call tranquilizers and drugs." - Yves Saint Laurant (New York Times obituary)

In 1967, Yves Saint Laurent produced "La Vilaine Lulu", illustrated 'tales for sadistic and mature children.'

The Latest Fashion from France - Satanism for Children by Yves Saint Laurent

Emma Watson attended the Yves Saint Laurent spring/summer 2009 show at Paris Fashion Week in France (

Between 1999 and 2002, a large paedophile ring operated in the town of Angers in France.

(Child abuse gang horrifies France / A Town Called Angers - TIME)

At least 65 adults were involved.

13 women reportedly raped boys.

There were 45 abused children.

The youngest of the abused children was 6 months old.

The oldest was aged 14.

Some of the children were prostituted and raped by their own parents and grandparents.

21 of the 23 families involved in the case had been monitored by French social workers.

The first report of abuse was in 1999, but the investigation only began in 2002.

Three of those put on trial had a previous conviction for child abuse, and were supposed to be under police supervision.

Some of the abused children talked of a group of men who arrived at the abuser Franck V.'s apartment wearing suits and ties, with their faces hidden behind masks.

Franck V.'s lawyer Pascal Rouiller said he believed the men were part of a wealthy pedophile ring.

Le Monde said Angers' police and judges were using "evasive justifications" about why they missed more than a year of warnings about child prostitution.

Angers in France. Photo by Denis Pithon

On 3 June 2003, The Guardian had a news story entitled: 'Toulouse officials ordered murder, says serial killer'

"Al├Ęgre (a jailed serial killer), a policeman's son, organised the city's prostitution business, providing under-age girls for sadomasochistic orgies at a courthouse in the city and at a chateau owned by the town council."


Christian Milton Choate died in Gary, Indiana, a place with links to the CIA's torture-mind-control operation, MK ULTRA.

Christian's father came from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, home to special forces black helicopters.



65 Convicted in French Child Abuse Trial

Abusegate and Children

Beyond the Dutroux Affair: The Reality of Protected Child Abuse ...


Anonymous said...

I really feel pity for Charlene and somehow I fear she's gonna be the next Lady Di. Poor woman, she's literally in the viper's nest...


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Dear C,

Malaysia may be next. Thanks for the link.

- Aangirfan

Sabretache said...

FI, reference the Dutroux affair etc,
Joel Van der Reijden's ISGP site is archived at Wikispooks

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I was always uncomfortable with the marketing of Emma Watson as the sex element in Harry Potter franchise. Pedophilia creeping into the mainstream, marketed to children by seedy old Hollywood moguls.

No doubt she'll suffer eventually, if she hasn't already.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that 'fleeing' may be just a 'red-herring redirect scheme' by Prince Albert as a method to get world attention on his Monaco wedding which otherwise probably would have been ignored. Tough economy and casino profits are down! Please click on URL and check out the Charlotte GIF that shows Charlotte as a viper in her own right as she disses the poor reporter! LOL, Monaco money must be heady stuff!!!

Cirze said...

Why does this remind me so much of Stieg Larsson's novels?

Jimmy said...

Aangirfan, Consider some historical roots in the upper-crust society in Victorian England. Dean Henry Liddell of Christ Church retained the alcoholic Charles Dodgson who became infatuated with Liddell's young daughter Alice, from which came the book he wrote "Alice in Wonderland" (considered degenerate by the public at the time, and without even understand all the drug illusions). Dodgson was an early child-pornographer with many victims which he called his "little nuddies". After his death, his sisters burned his diary and thousands of photos immediately to save his reputation and avoid scandal. Dodgson is also a suspect in the Jack the Ripper case. Dean Liddel was in the upper circle with socialist utopian friend John Ruskin, also a pedophile who preferred pre-pubescent girls. He is also connected to "erotic pictures" that were burned to avoid scandal. These high-churchmen ran the elite boys schools (like Harrow) were licentious atmospheres of sodomistic drunkenness was inculcated into the young "leaders". Connect the dots and you come to Cecil Rhodes, another sex-pervert, and NWO schemer. Dirty-pictures, drugs, blasphemous ritual, and fused with a desire to rule the world. The machinations of their secret societies (Coefficients Club, Royal Society, Ghostly Guild, Apostles Club, Fabian Society, Oxford Movement, Roundtable, etc etc) are still at work today.

Antonietta Ferrari said...

They will not only reap what they have sown, but upto 2,800% more than wthey have sown. – Leviticus 26
Document: God Is Not Mocked

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