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Sir Clement Freud.

Sir Clement Freud, grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, had a holiday home in Praia da Luz, in Portugal.

In July 2007, Clement Freud helped the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann by cooking them dinners in Praia da Luz and offering them drinks.

Initially when he wrote to them offering assistance they thought it was a hoax. (Clement Freud - Wikipedia)

Sir Clement Freud's son Matthew Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Matthew Freud is head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm in the United Kingdom.

Matthew Freud is a member of the 'Chipping Norton set' along with David Cameron, Christopher Shale (recently found dead) and Rebekah Brooks.

David Wilson, the chairman of the public relations agency Bell Pottinger, handles Rebekah Brook's press inquiries.

David Wilson was on the PR team aiding Madeleine McCann's parents.

On Saturday 2 July, "Rebekah Brooks was a guest at an all-night party hosted by PR boss Matthew Freud and his wife, Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth, at their Cotswolds mansion, Burford Priory."

In attendance were the BBC director general, Mark Thompson, BBC reporter Robert Peston, Peter Mandelson, former Foreign Secretary David Miliband, and the education secretary, Michael Gove. (Rebekah Brooks's arrest came as a surprise despite fortnight of bad press)


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Very interesting blog piece, the net tightens..Chipping Norton reminds me of Stanley Kubrick's (another mysterious death) movie 'Eyes Wide Shut'. To add further...

Chipping Norton Residents include Cameron and Brooks and their Palatial Homes

Rebekkah brooks-oppenheimer (funds) and de beers diamond (Cecil Rhodes) connection

Chipping Norton City Council Website

Chipping Norton Masonic Grand Lodge

United Grand Lodge of England-Motto is: Hear, See, Be Silent-members inlcude British royalty

Prince Edward is currrent Grand Master

Did Madeline McCann disappear into the Chipping Norton black hole? Freemasons have connections to child sex abuse. Brooks did pedophilia articles..did she get too close to a Royal?

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Noor al Haqiqa said:

Before even reading the title of this piece, the face of that man is one of corruption. It may be an unflattering photo but he has dead eyes and the blase "I could care less" look of one who places himself above the rest.

The "public relations" firms involved are, I warrant, Zionist supporting social manipulation organizations. Let us not forget that Freud was uncle of Edward Bernais and the two did much work together corrupting the West with Freud's loathsome theories. I mean, until he came along, did the average Christian male think much about his toilet training? Did hundreds of thousands of otherwise intelligent (perhaps) people attend functions to sit at his feet listening to stories of Oedipus?

Oops I digress. That whole group is right up there in the Sabbatean world and this piece of yours throws open the door for a million theories, at least three or four of them which would be entirely valid. I have long felt Maddie was taken to serve the corrupt elite. She may be alive, she may be dead. She may already forget who she was/is and be an entirely different child. There are people, damn them to hell, who fulfill the specific desires of the corrupt. Sort of like a sick grocery list of assets the buyer wants. Maddie is beautiful, fair, bright, very very important assets for a top quality MK ultra slave in training.

Like Gannon, she could surface years down the line because I do not believe so much would have been risked just to use her up in ritual. Poor child, death by a million paper cuts would be preferable to that path I believe she is on.

And this buzztard, this buzztard, knows plenty. Maddie's parents were raw meat in the den of slathering beasts and did not know it. Once again, Murdoch most likely profited from the pain of these bereaved parents.

He is, after all, nothing more than a clever sick old vulture who lives well from the pain of human beings. Maddie's case would be just a delectable tidbit to him.

Regarding the Chippy set:
"If Cotswold life is notably social, it is also notably powerful. Within a few square miles, the Prime Minister, the most powerful woman in Britain, the most powerful PR man in Britain and the daughter of the world's leading media magnate can all be found. Anyone who wanted to claim that democracies are a sham could do worse than start here.

"Neighbours talk of a barbecue a few weeks ago where the alcohol flowed, and David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks are known to be regular visitors at each other's houses, "forever popping round for supper", according to one friend."

A corrupt group if ever there was one.

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Nowt to do with the Masons (although I am sure they're represented in a fairly random and sometimes not so random fashion) and everything to do with cronyism and protecting the interests of resort owners and their various (nefarious) interests.

Guess who is representing Rebekah Brooks (friends of the Freuds)?

That's right: Tim Bell's Bell Pottinger.

Bell Pottinger's David Wilson will be handling matters himself:

Murdoch won't behind the death of Hoare or Shale. My guess is parties within/attached to the Met or Murdoch rivals (one particular Russian rival springs to mind).

The US could feature too. That's my view.

It was interesting to see shares in News Corp rise after the death of Hoare though. His death relievs some pressure on Coulson specifically - and Cameron by proxy.


Leo said...

Bravo Anon ! for diggin'this up...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, "Nowt to do with the Masons...and everything to do with cronyism and protecting the interests of resort owners and their various (nefarious) interests....".

Your argument is circular logic. The Freemasons, Bilderbergs, Royals, and are fraternal organizations who engage in croynisms, collusions, and cover-ups. Research will show that Freemasons have long history to pedophilia. imo, no stone can be left unturned if we are to stop them.

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I think I added the wrong point.

You had already touched on Bell Pottinger and Brooks.

Freud Communications hired Clarence Mitchell too, if you remember.

Mitchell also reported directly to Andy Coulson when he was hired the Conservative Party ahead of the General Election in March 2010:

The McCann stink is a stink you could attach to anyone you want to see wrecked - Cameron included.


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Alan Gross? LMAO, Gross is a Jewish name. And he's a contractor, cough, cough... I mean spy...

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''the face of that man is one of corruption''

what a load of complete and utter bollocks. Clement Freud was one of the best minds in Britain, witty, intelligent beyond compare, compassionate, generous and kind. Everyone who knew him says the same. To see him smeared here by conspiraloons who don't even have an idea of his character or achievements is just sick.

And why?
Because he cooked the Mccanns a couple of dinners.

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The grandson of Sigmund Freud Artist Lucian Freud dies aged 88

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