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De Menezes and Dick.

Cressida Dick was the person in charge of the police operation that led to the murder in London of the innocent Jean Charles de Menezes.

Dick has now been promoted to the job of police commissioner in charge of terrorism.

Cressida Dick's appointment: more proof that the Met is utterly shameless.

Police boss Cressida Dick, who was involved in the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, is a member of 'Common Purpose'.

Common Purpose is said to be linked to the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Tavistock Institute. (Commander Dick ordered: “Do not let surveillance intervene”)

Common Purpose Exposed Back Up and Running / Common Purpose Exposed - cpexposed.com

In 2008, Matthew Byrne, a children's charity boss, was featured in a book of photographs showing 'individuals that best represent the city' of Liverpool in the UK.

Byrne appeared alongside the local Police chief Bernard Hogan Howe and Archbishop Patrick Kelly.

Byrne's charity works with young children.

Lord Heseltine, UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron, and Matthew Byrne

Matthew Byrne, 38, has worked for a powerful organisation called Common Purpose.

Matthew Byrne is listed as a member of the local advisory board of Common Purpose in Liverpool.

Matthew Byrne

On 23 March 2010, we learn that Matthew Byrne, the children's charity boss, has admitted a string of sadistic sex attacks in a 'torture chamber bedroom'

Byrne's victims were dressed as young schoolgirls.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Byrne tied up, gagged and strangled his victims for his sexual pleasure.

Some of his victims thought they were going to die.

In one attack he whipped a girl until her blood sprayed over his bedroom walls.

He then used a plastic bag to suffocate the girl. She survived.

The police searched Byrne's home and found shackles, a leather collar, a cane, rope, tape and girl's clothing.

Byrne has admitted making indecent images of children.

Byrne has admitted committing a lewd and obscene act on a Merseyrail train while photographing young girls.

In 2002, Matthew Byrne told a UK parliamentary committee (House of Commons - Home Affairs - Minutes of Evidence):

"My name is Matthew Byrne from an organisation called Fire in Ice.

"Fire in Ice is a Merseyside-based (Liverpool area), self-help project run by and for adult men who have experienced child abuse, especially those who have suffered abuse in child care institutions."

Reportedly, James Rennie was trained by Common Purpose.

Rennie and members of his child abuse ring were jailed for sex crimes against children. (Spread The Word)

Operation Northwoods was a Pentagon plan to kill innocent civilians in acts of terror.

NATO's Operation Gladio involved acts of false flag terror in Europe.

There has been speculation that all the recent terror incidents in Britain are part of a 'strategy of tension' similar to that which brought terror to Greece, Italy and Turkey in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

If elements of the security services could catch and kill someone on the London Underground and then claim that this person was a Moslem terrorist, this would advance the fascist agenda.

It would support the idea that 9 11, the Bali Bombs, the Madrid Bombs and the London Bombs were the work of Moslem terrorists, rather than the work of the security services, using double agents and patsies.

When agents of the UK government shot dead the innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, the police claimed that they had shot a dangerous terrorist.

It looks as if there were (at least) two groups who were involved in the pursuit of Jean Charles de Menezes:

1. The police
2. A shadowy military group

Senior sources in the Metropolitan Police told The Observer (21 August 2005) that

1. their surveillance officers felt that de Menezes was not about to detonate a bomb,
2. was not armed
3. and was not acting suspiciously.


A police source said: 'There is no way those three guys would have been on the train carriage with him [de Menezes] if they believed he was carrying a bomb. Nothing he did gave the surveillance team the impression that he was carrying a device.'

It was only when they were joined by 'armed officers' that things changed.

The Sunday Herald, which often has the best sources on security matters, tells us about the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR).

http://www.sundayherald.com/51372 / AN INNOCENT MAN SHOT DEAD ON THE LONDON TUBE BY POLICE . . .SINCE ...

The Sunday Herald, 21 August 2005, tells us about the monitoring of the flat in Scotia Road, Tulse Hill, in south London.

The address was said to be linked to alleged bomber Hussein Osman.( Hussain Osman - arrested in Rome )

Among the surveillance team in Scotia Road was a soldier from a new “special forces” regiment -the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR).

James Cusick, in the Sunday Herald, wrote:

"According to security sources, SRR personnel were involved in the tailing operation that saw de Menezes leave the block of flats, board a bus, and then enter the tube station at Stockwell. SRR personnel are also believed to have been on the tube train when he was shot.

"The SRR soldier at Scotia Road (given the codename Tango 10) used equipment which sent realtime pictures of all who came and went from the flats. Those receiving the pictures could check them against footage of who they were looking for. One security source said: 'In this kind of operation you never leave. You need to pee: you use a bottle; if there’s no bottle, tough. You never leave.'

"The police account says there is no footage of de Menezes leaving because the SRR soldier had to relieve himself. The police account says he sent out a message calling the man who left [de Menezes] an 'ICI' – a white northern European...

"Hussein Osman – arrested in Rome and scheduled for deportation to the UK within the next two months – was not an ICI. The CCTV footage of Osman the police held showed an Asian/north African male.

"De Menezes took a bus to Stockwell tube station, stopping briefly at Brixton...

"It is also understood that the senior police officer in charge of the operation, Commander Cressida Dick, had ordered de Menezes at this stage to be detained before he went into the tube station and that he should be alive...

"So why was de Menezes not stopped before the station?"

Apparently, both members of the police and the mysterious second group were on the train with de Menezes. It would appear that members of the mysterious second group murdered de Menezes.

"A security agency source contacted by the Sunday Herald said: 'This take-out is the signature of a special forces operation. It is not the way the police usually do things.... this has special forces written all over it.'

The Sunday Herald points out:

"The initial post-mortem report into de Menezes’s death states the young Brazilian had 'vaulted over the ticket barrier'.

"A post-mortem report does not take its information from media reports. The police are contacted directly and written accounts are delivered. Details of the barrier being “vaulted” therefore came from the police. Why?

"And why at 4pm – five hours after the shooting – when the police would have known they had not killed Hussein Osman but a young Brazilian, did Sir Ian hold a press conference and insist that the shooting was 'directly linked' to the anti-terrorist operation?"

Photo by Caroline Ford (Wikimedia)


From the Observer, 21 August 2005:

"Questions have been raised about the accuracy of the police intelligence that led to the raid on the block of flats occupied by de Menezes. It was initially suggested that the flat was connected to the man known as Hussein Osman, who was arrested in Italy.

"On the Saturday after the shooting, officers raided the flat in a high-profile operation watched by the world's media. As a result, a man, identified only as 'C', was arrested 'on suspicion of the commission, instigation or preparation of acts of terrorism'. But he was released on 30 July with no charge, raising the possibility that the flats had no connection with the bombings."

Was there a plot to fool the public?

(http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/anthonylarkin.html / http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4706787.stm)

A passenger on the train, Anthony Larkin, told BBC News the man appeared to be wearing a "bomb belt with wires coming out".The 'man' was Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot by government agents.


Commuter Anthony Larkin, who was also on the train at Stockwell station, told 5 Live he saw police chasing a man.

"I saw these police officers in uniform and out of uniform shouting 'get down, get down', and I saw this guy who appeared to have a bomb belt and wires coming out and people were panicking and I heard two shots being fired."

Is the Anthony Larkin named above the same as the one named below?

(Accessible via a Google search for Anthony Larkin, cached page)

Mr Tony Larkin lead scientist, MET police. Forensic scientist Tel: Location: Mile End. Expertise: Forensic Science


Anthony Larkin, the lead evidence recovery scientist with the Metropolitan Police...

Did elements of the security services hope to fool the public into thinking that the person who was shot was one of the 'bombers' such as Hussain Osman - arrested in Rome .

Hussein Osman, who also uses the name Hamdi Isaac, moved to Rome by Eurostar five days after the 21 July attacks in London. His passport was not checked by the British at Waterloo.


Operation Gladio and the 'strategy of tension' in Italy beginning in 1969.

Operation Gladio was organised by 'fascists' within the security services of the West.

Reportedly, the idea was to kill innocent people and then blame this on others.

Gladio was about keeping the right-wing elite in power.

Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony:

'You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force ... the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.'

Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti revealed the existence of Gladio in 1991.

Parliamentary investigations in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium have given us a little of the truth.
The book "NATO's Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe," by Daniele Ganser documents some of what we know so far.

Run by fascist elements in NATO and Washington, right-wing militias carried out acts of terrorism and electoral subversion in states such as Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and West Germany.

Gladio was the name used in Italy. In Austria the name was Schwert, Belgium -Sdra 8, Britain - Stay Behind, France - Glaive, Greece -Operation Sheepskin, Holland, Sweden -Sveaborg, Switzerland -P26 and Turkey -Special War Department. [Source: "Operation Gladio." users.westnet.gr/~cgian/gladio.htm]

A Pentagon document, Field Manual FM 30-31B, details the methods for launching terrorist attacks.85 people were killed on August 2, 1980 in the bombing of the Bologna train station.

According to the Italian Senate, after its investigation in 2000, the bombers were later discovered to be "men inside Italian state institutions and ... men linked to the structures of United States intelligence."

The Bologna bomb was part of Gladio's " strategy of tension" - fomenting fear to keep populations in thrall to "strong leaders" who will protect the nation from the ever-present terrorist threat.

The beginning of the 'strategy of tension' in Italy came in Dec. 12, 1969 when a bomb exploded inside the Banca Nazionale dell' Agricoltura in Milan's Piazza Fontana. 16 people were killed and 58 wounded.


Genie said...

"The Bologna bomb was part of Gladio's " strategy of tension" - fomenting fear to keep populations in thrall to "strong leaders" who will protect the nation from the ever-present terrorist threat."

The whole lake needs to be turned upside down to put the scum back on the bottom. This is ridiculous.

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The Realist Report said...

Good stuff Aangirfan, great article.

Peter Dale Scott has written extensively about Operation Gladio, as have others.

It's important to point out that in Operation Northwoods, which was a precursor to Operation Gladio, they specifically talk about staging false flag attacks, either real or simulated, including faking deaths using their control of the media. Please keep that in mind when looking into these false flag attacks. I am of the opinion a lot of the victims are in fact frauds, although certainly not all of them. Much research has been done that points in the direction that many of the victims on 9/11 were indeed fakes.

I bring this up primarily because when I talk to my friends and family about these matters, especially 9/11, the first thing they say is, "Well, what about the family members? What about all the people that died?" A big part of these operations are psychological in nature, with the intent to create the illusion of death and suffering of innocent people, especially "our" people (Americans in my case). Now, that is not to say that there aren't real deaths in these types of operations. There certainly are, especially with Operation Glaudio and all the attacks overseas. But here in the US, they have such an absolute control over the people in this country, psychologically, that they can get away with this type of fakery and everyone is afraid to question it, because "people died, heroes died." I hope this makes sense and is coherent for those reading.

The Realist Report said...

BTW- how weird of a story is this?


These Israelis just do whatever the fuck they want, where ever they want, to who ever they want. It appears the earthquake disrupted their spy operation in NZ. That's mere speculation on my part, but given their track record, it is certainly plausible.

Also, remember Fukushima?


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aferrismoon said...

Lemnitzer and Gladio seem to connect via the PERMINDEX/CMC goings-on.

I assume its so complex that many involved have but a vague idea of what's going on.

@JF - I saw that Israelis in NZ article. A commentor wrote that they were going to start a new state called - New Zealot.

NZ doesn't seem overly aggressive towards Israel.

Anyhow perhaps the mine-disaster at Pike River wasn't an accident [ Sorry , pure speculation].

Their actions may not have been 'political' , is it possible people , with the right connexions, can hire the Mossad.


Sukyspook said...

Was I delusional or did anyone else hear a lamestream media report in the wake of his murder, that Jean Charles de Menezes (RIP) had been working on the London Underground prior to his being taken out??

Likewise the shootings on 777 at Canary Wharf which were reported briefly on the day and then no more...?

Great article as always Aangirfan.

Carole said...

Didn't Jean Charles de Menezes have a denim jacket on when he was shot? not a thick padded jacket!

Anonymous said...

Osman is a code word, Bin Laden was Tim Osman. De menezez was likely killed because he knew the truth of some part of the 7/7 false flag. In the US the folks who have been speaking out about 9/11 and have been a real threat, ie the Janitor in the towers, have been getting involved in strange accidents ending in their death. I don't believe special forces were involved in an incident which killed someone unless he was wanted dead. The rest is twaddle. Ian McK'

Anonymous said...

There is a theory also that de Menezes had been working on the underground at the time of 7/7...I think it was referred to in 'Terror on the Tube'.

BTW....is Cressida Dick a woman?

Good article...thanks

Anonymous said...

John Friend, fake 911 victims? do you have any good links? I'd like to learn more about it.

The Realist Report said...

See here:


And here:


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