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Norwegian special forces by PRT Meymaneh at

Breivik once lived in London.

His father worked in the Norwegian embassy.

(Norway attacks: London link.)

The security services took one and a half hours to arrive on the island.

A contact, with links to Norway, writes:

1. Street-talk from Norway:

Breivik has a farm in Ostre Asta, near Oslo.

The farm is in the rough area of the biggest top specialist elite military complex in Norway: Norway's special forces.

2. It seems all those in charge of the camp bar one weren't on the island, but in the hotel.

And the one on the island was the first person OFF it the instant the shooting started, he 'luckily' having a motorboat handy.

Quiet a few on the island were so drunk they had no chance, others were literally caught with their pants down.

3. The moment Breivik saw the security services on the way in, he laid the weapon down, hands on head, and surrendered.

4. The ferry-man has said Breivik told him there were several other 'policemen' on the way.

A security-guard was on the island quay with a car.

Breitvik's very heavy sport-bag was loaded into it and they drove off.

A minute or so later the ferryman heard the first shot.

5. It has again come up there was another killer, who might have arrived in a boat on the other side of the island, 'a man with dark long hair in civilian clothes'.


"The witnesses described the second man as a 180-centimeter tall, dark-haired man with Nordic appearance with 'a pistol in his right hand and a rifle on his back.'"

(At least two terrorists behind Norwegian youth camp massacre ...)


Breivik's father worked as a diplomat for the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London (and later Paris).

His mother was a nurse.

He has two half-brothers and two half-sisters, from the previous marriages of his parents.

His parents divorced when he was one year old.

He and his mother together with his half-sister moved from London back to Oslo.[3]

Breivik grew up in the affluent west-end of Oslo.

He attended Smestad Grammar School, Ris Junior High, Hartvig Nissen High School and Oslo Commerce School.

He took online study courses on Small Business Management at American InterContinental University.[3]

A former classmate has recalled that he was an intelligent student who often took care of people who were bullied.[39]

A former co-worker has described him as an "exceptional colleague" without racist tendencies.[40]

Breivik completed his service in the Norwegian Army,[41] and studied at the BI Norwegian School of Management.[42]


Anonymous said...

The wanker giving interviews to the zionist MSM gives himself away as KNOWING his fellow campers would be killed. He "survived" by pulling dead bodies over himself. A Norwegian Gulliani.

Good report Aangirfan.


The Realist Report said...

Good stuff Aangirfan. Take a look at this blatant piece of propaganda over at Foreign Policy:

"Oddly, despite his evident hatred of Muslims and Arabs, "Berwick" professes admiration for al Qaeda, which he lists as one of only two "successful militant organisations" due to its "superior structural adaptation."

"If Muhammad was alive today," he writes, "Usama Bin Laden would have been his second in command."

Elsewhere, he cites al Qaeda's training manual as a reference, and declares, "Just like Jihadi warriors are the plum tree of the Ummah, we will be the plum tree for Europe and for Christianity."

In another eerie parallel, he also calls for suicidal operations in service of the larger cause: "Let us be perfectly clear; if you are unwilling to martyr yourself for the cause, then the PCCTS, Knights Templar is not for you."

Anonymous said...

God help us when a man has to resort to murdering inocent people as a way to voice his dissagreement on mass imimigration fouling up his country and absorbing hard working peoples taxes.
He obviously deserves the same fate as those he killed but isnt it time that our governments started heeding there peoples concerns.

james said...

Anon @ 11:19, you've wandered off the reservation, mate. I think you had better go back to watching Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Yes my first thought was this was a false flag attack set up by NWO gang. NATO army is doing bidding of IMF / World Bank guys so what is going on right now? Well, Norway backed out on IMF takeover plans in Libya when they withdrew from bombing campaign by August 1st. That was one reason to do it. The other is a fast tracked agenda to target christians / Muslims as extremists and further enforcing last years HLS memo that right wing patriots and gun owners, military and christians were high risk. Then you have the maid giving an interview within 24 of the Norway bombing and remember that Strauss Kahn was the chief of the IMF, he doesn't want to be on the front page. Now he isn't. There are multiple reasons for the timing but the most glaring contradiction on their script for Brevik is his picture in Mason full dress and then profile as a Christian. Christians do not become Masons or stay in after becoming one. Big contradiction there. Best clue is dad was special forces, working as Diplomat, typical profile for a MK ULTRA subject. He looks like a classic case. They have him in isolation, judge gave gag order so he couldn't speak. He might be coming fragmented after the event and it is likely they will suicide him before letting him go to trial and risking their exposure....

Anonymous said...

Breivik's real father was a diplomat. His parents were divorced when he was (I think) about 2, they were living in London at the time.

His new stepfather was military, so Breivik quiet possibly was well-acquainted with military matters despite not doing military service (Norwegian sources say so, some foreign media say he did). He was a member of a gun club, as many In Norway are. The stepfather is seemingly separated from the mother and lives in Thailand. No comment from him so far.

Jake Featherston said...

"Anon @ 11:19, you've wandered off the reservation, mate. I think you had better go back to watching Fox News."

Contrary to what you apparently believe, FAUX "News," like ALL establishment media outlets in the USA, is firmly pro-immigration.

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