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Anders Behring Breivik, sister Elisabeth and mother Wenche Behring.

Wenche Behring, after divorcing Anders Breivik's father, married a captain in the Norwegian Army.

Anders has written about his relationship with his stepfather, Tore, who became a major.

"I still have contact with him although now he spends most his time (retirement) with prostitutes in Thailand.

"He is a very primitive sexual beast..."

(Anders Behring Breivik: Confessions of a man about to commit mass ...)

It is in Bangkok and in Pattaya in Thailand that 'Al Qaeda' operatives often meet with their CIA and MI6 'liaisons'.

(Reported CIA and MI6 links to al Qaeda.)

Rumour has it that Anders Breivik visited Lake Elmo, Minnesota in 2010.

( Why was Anders Breivik visiting Lake Elmo MN last year?.)

Bachmann & Associates is a Christian counseling centre in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

It is owned by Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus.

(Bachmann Clinic Performs Ex-Gay Therapy Mother Jones)

Rumour has it that Breivik is gay.

"Breivik liked to dress up.

"He lived with his mum.

"We have yet to find an old flame.

"Breivik’s sexuality remains an untapped theory."

(Anders Behring Breivik's Gay Knights Templar 2083 ...)

Most Nazis would appear to be macho gay.

Breivik has been to London and Liberia

Breivik writes:

"I came in contact with Serbian ... conservatives...

"This initial contact would eventually result in ... the Knights Templar…

"I met with them for the first time in London...

"I had the privilege of meeting ... a Serbian crusader...

"Due to EU persecution for alleged crimes against Muslims he was living at one point in Liberia.

"I visited him in Monrovia once, just before the founding session in London, 2002."




Anonymous said...

A clarification to an earlier comment: It pays to read all you can, so I've been checking all the local papers in Norway. There is a lot of confusion out there, faulty comments (me, too!)

I was wondering why Breivik carried his stuff across, how could he carry all that ammo, 2 guns, AND a bomb. Not possible.

Some reports say he'd ran out of ammo, the police are now saying he had bags left.

People, witnesses are being misquoted slightly by fumbling journo's, deliberately angled maybe (as aangirfan often does, mmm?)

Brievik hired a Fiat car and a VW commercial van from Hertz. The Fiat was obviously the car used for the bomb in Oslo. It now seems Breivik drove the VW across on the small ferry, so the bomb and the ammo was in it. The off-duty policeman often moonlighted as security out there, unarmed, as he wasn't on duty. Knowing the ferry was coming over he and the lady running the cafe walked down to met it, it was his job to vet all who tried to get on the island. They got into the van to drive up to the main complex, neither arrived alive. The ferryman was obviously misquoted as saying about the sports-bag.

The lady, Monica Borsei, was known as 'Mor Utoya' (Mother Utoya) she was only 45 or so, but she had worked there for years, since a lass, and much loved. She was working off her last month there, as she was starting a new job in a museum. Her husband and daughter helped in the restaurant but survived the attack.

So, it might well be Breivik HAD run out of ammo, but was stopped before he could reach the van to re-arm.

By the way, someone mentioned Breivik looked like Assange? That look is fairly common in Norway, my nephew looks like that, as did one of the rescuers looking for bodies, a Thomas Aasland. I've a piccie of him from a paper, and the resemblence is quiet obvious.

Anonymous said...

Piture shows Julian Assange liked to wear dresses too...

Antonietta Ferrari said...

Tragedy In Norway July 2011

The Realist Report said...

Interesting info aangirfan.

CNN and other mainstream Zionist owned news sources have been reporting that the allegations of multiple shooters are mistaken and shouldn't be taken seriously. They quoted one witness at the youth camp as saying that the shooter was bald. They are putting out so much disinformation, everyone is going to be confused.

I truly hope the Norwegian authorities are not compromised and run a proper investigation. They will no doubt find elements of the deep state at work here. This man did not act alone. To me, the Zionists and Mossad had the means and motive to pull this operation off.

Anonymous said...

I think he is gay. Looks he's wearing eyeliner in some pics. Very kinked out looking. Too weird if he went to Bachmanns clinic.

Anonymous said...

The mystery of the 2nd man could be explained. I've been up all night mulling over options. (Couldn't sleep anyway).

The 2nd man came on the escape-boat.

Why take a bomb to the island: possibly to use it as a threat during a hostage situation, giving much media-time for their cause.

A hostage situation would explain why he expected several others to join him. If so, why didn't they.

Or they planned to just blow it. The VW was capable of carrying a bomb 2-3 times the size of the car-bomb in Oslo and could have wiped-out nearly all on the island.

Breivik could have been taken by surprise when met by security, he maybe thought he could just drive ashore and up to the complex, to prime the bomb, to then hoof-it to the escape-boat.

But he felt forced to shoot the 2 with him, not able to hold his cover, this was noticed and panic assued, he perhaps felt forced to shoot his way to the escape-boat.

The man with the boat heard the shots, realised something had gone wrong, found himself facing hourdes of kids trying to take his boat and began shooting. Hence the rumours of a 2nd shooter.

Not sure about he then killing the boat-man, in a panic he maybe shot at Breivik who took him down to avoid being killed himself?

Breivik then tried to blow the bomb but it didn't work. I seem to recall wifi stuff doesn't like rain and trees, it mucks up the signal? Or he'd not primed it correctly in the rush?

So he decided on the course he took. Then wended his way towards the VW to check it out in case he could fix it, to meet the Swat guys.

I'm sure he wasn't alone in this.

Anonymous said...

"They quoted one witness at the youth camp as saying that the shooter was bald."

Easy mistake to make. A short-cut, blond-haired man would look bald to someone not really used to blond people, from a distance or when in a blind panic. There were a lot of 'New Norwegians' at the camp who could be confused like this. The witness saw Breivik.

Blond people are NOT as common in Scandinavia as myth would have it, most who are blond as kids rapidly go dark mousy-brown when older. Yes, more are blond than in other parts of Europe, but not that much.

The average Norwegian is actually dark-brunette towards even black. This is because the original people who settled there were from Brittany, Gaul. The Norwegian accent you hear when they speak English is actually based on the Gaelic dialect from Gaul.

Danes are the most blond of the Scandinavians, as ginger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aangs, me ol' mate!

Lots of confusion as usual. One wonders why it always has to be so. Everyone, every newspaper, every journalist, every witness, has a different story to tell. All over the place.

It seems Mor Utoya was on the ferry over to the island (had something to do ashore?) and obviously spoke to 'the policeman', Breivik, about events in Oslo, and it is said she became suspicious of him (how would anyone know this?) talking to the policeman waiting on the island, thus Breivik shot them.

No mention of his van, again. Only some papers mention this. So what IS the score on that? He was said to be standing beside her on the ferry.

Seems strange that he would use a car for the bomb in Oslo and drive a van out to the island if he didn't really need it, why not use the van for the bomb, a much bigger one, and drive a much less suspicious car to the island?

A reason to some of the silence and false rumours etc., The policeman was the 51 year old stepfather to Crown Princess Meta-Marit! Ex-boxing champion, 'sharp as a pin, not a man to back-off, a fighter'. He was trying to assemble some of the teens to get them off the island, to safety, 'if something went down' after the bombing in Oslo, he realising the island might be a target. (Where would he take them that was safer, and how would he get them there?) Hence there was a large group of kids around the complex when the shooting started.

The ever-confusing story marches slowly on....

Anonymous said...

Sorry Aangs!

Bit of a typo, or the cutting I read was erroneous, but it seems the policeman was Meta-Marit's step-BROTHER.

Anonymous said...


Please post where you have your information reguarding his time in Lake Elmo.

Norwegian journalist.

scotbot said...

Hey, Aangirfan, that picture at the top of the article is clearly faked.

You can tell this by the pitiable cutout around the woman' on the right's hair which looks like it was shot against a light background than depicted in the picture. Breivik's right ear is also too square.

Is this the best the alphabet agencies can muster?

Dearie me, even a dropout of a convent school could do bettter.

Anonymous said...

Breivik's ister lives in Los Angeles California

Anonymous said...

There are many, many miltary schools in USA. University of Minnesota is one of them. U of M has twin city campusues, and Lake Elmo is an affiliated campus. I read on U of M site that students learn theory in classroom and then are sent to Lake Elmo to practice what they learned in classrooms. Major Ryan Brovold taught military claases and was also a filmaker.

No hard copy evidence yet but I have gut feeling that Breivik went to a 2010 summer Gun school at Lake Elmo.

Top Military schools in Lake Elmo

Oakdale Gun Club in Lake Elmo

Rasmussen college-Lake Elmo-offers online degrees-Major Ryan Brovold taught at Rasmussen College

University of Minnesota-Miliary Magazine-click on year/month-no Brievik but doubt he would be profiled

Lake Elmo participation in National Alliance yellow ribbon-good way to keep contact with military personnel

Lake Elmo Facebook

Anonymous said...

I cannot figure why anyone who was seeking therapy for unwanted feelings of homosexuality would go to the likes of the Bachmanns, who appear to be eminently unqualified. The organization NARTH can direct one to a qualified therapist in this field.

Minnesota is / has been predominantly Scandinavian, and politically seems to have been taken over by Zionist politicians like Bachmann. Maybe he's there for more "christian zionist" programming.

Anonymous said...

My God!!!! What is wrong with you people! Discussing if Anders is gay, or not. Wearing eyeliner, or not?? Are norwegians most blonde in Scandinavia, or not??? Pull yourself together, stop your conspiracy and face that he's a disturbed man, living in a "bubble" and thinks that he will be our hero in 60 years! Stop this nonsense in respect of all our children who are coldbloody killed by him!!!! Dont give him any more PR now! That what he wants, cant you see that???? Leave him alone, and let your thought go to all the victims instead....... Oslogirl...

Anonymous said...

Come on Oslogirl, don't be stupid. I also don't give a shit if that moron is a gay or not. But the best way to respect the dead is to dismantle these cover- ups and try to get closer to the truth as much as possible spreading the information to hopelly avoid further killings. Got it?
Sorry, I am pretty convinced that the hole case stinks very fishy.

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