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On 27 July 2011, we learn of the Norway attacker's Varanasi connection

Anders Breivik, or his double, has been photographed wearing combat badges, made in Varanasi, in India.

In 2006, there was a terror attack in Varanasi (7th March 2006).

"The terror attack proved very useful to counter the growing unity of the Indian masses against US-Zionist imperialism."

(aangirfan: Jaipur; Dawood Ibrahim; the CIA)

Breivik placed his order for badges for 'Justiciar Knight' uniform through the internet.

"Yes, the order for preparing two samples was received by me in my e-mail account about 11 months back," said 45-year-old Mohammad Aslam Ansari.

The badge shows a white skull, marked with the symbols of communism, Islam and Nazism on the forehead, impaled on the cross of the martyrs. The badge projects opposition against Islam, Communism and Nazism.

Hindu Jewish summit 2007 Website for this image

Breivik, or his CIA-Mossad double, expressed strong support for the fascist Indian Hindutva movement in the 'war' against Islam.

'Breivik' wrote:

"India will continue to wither and die unless the Indian nationalists consolidate properly and strike to win.

"It is essential that the European and Indian resistance movements learn from each other and cooperate as much as possible.

"Our goals are more or less identical."

(Hardly “Christian”)

Israel is suspected of being the brains behind the terrorism in india.

Breivik is the son of a diplomat.

Mumbai terror mastermind and U.S. government asset David Coleman Headley is the son of a diplomat.

Breivik went to the same primary school as Norway's crown Prince.

Headley has connections to top people. (aangirfan: DAVID HEADLEY AND JEWS)


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Aaang, good information. To addd further...
New World Order/Bilderbergs (Knight Kights is military arm) wants to re-colonialize India like the old days East India Company. Mumbia
bombings were attempt to subvert India's global economic rise. The links below provide insight to Bilderberg agenda to keep
'control' by drugging mass populations. Note that drug trade also promotes human sex trade.

Mumbia Rising-India's econonmic rise and relation with USA (verty informative video)

Obama relations with Pakistan hinders USA relations India!k/2010/10/21/announcement-of-obamas-visit-to-pakistan-in-2011-leaves-india-worried

Pakistan is Heroin Haven for Afganistan drugs-India protest Pakistan and USA supports Pakistan

Knights Templar (KT) and Mexico Drug Cartel-majority of drugs sent to USA-to Mexico. To some Mexican people, KT are like Robin Hood 'protection'

Anonymous said...

Is Madeline McCann in India?

Anonymous said...

Varanasi considered to be holiest place on earth...and best place to DIE....

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