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Reportedly, child sacrifice takes place at Bohemian Grove. (Bohemian Grove Sacrifice Obsession)

On 15 July 2011, the Daily Mail reports on Bohemian Grove in California where the 'rulers of the world' meet for two weeks, starting on 13 July.

(Bohemian Grove: Hackivists next target Mail Online)

The Bohemian Club "includes heads of state, leading business magnates and bank executives among its members."

It is claimed that "the group is behind financial market manipulation, policy-setting, king making and even occult rituals and debauchery.

"It has also been claimed that the group is linked to other secret societies such as the Illuminati and the Council of 300."

"Among its membership are said to be Google executive chairman Eric Schimdt, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and House Minority Leader Paul Pelosi."

The club's membership numbers more than 2,400.

Among those said to have been members include every Republican president since 1923.

Edward Teller, father of the Hydrogen Bomb

For some twenty years, Edward Teller advised Israel on nuclear matters in general, and on the building of a hydrogen bomb in particular. (Edward Teller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 2009, Pamela Schuffert wrote (Sabbatean Edward Teller):

"I encountered the wife of one of 'Ed Teller's Boys' (formerly Jim Shaw, now deceased) while investigating in Denver, Colorado, Christmas of 2007.

"I stayed in the home of Joseph and Paula Applegate for the holiday seasons to interview Paula, Jim Shaw's former wife before he died a few years ago.

"Paula personally poured out her heart regarding the horror that her former husband, Jim Shaw, had endured after being forced from childhood to become one of 'Ed Teller's boys' that Teller used in grim SABBATEAN SATANIST rituals, not ONLY in the BOHEMIAN GROVE, but also in other Jewish Sabbatean satanist rituals nationwide, as well as in Hollywood.

"Paula shared how, from the time Jim Shaw was turned over as a child to Edward Teller, he was used for pornographic and pedophilic purposes, and especially in JEWISH SABBATEAN SATANIST RITUALS, forced to sacrifice babies under Teller's orders and control, and used sexually in such rituals as well.

"She also revealed Jim's firthand account of how he was introduced to Teller's many Jewish friends in HOLLYWOOD, and passed around to big names and Hollywood producers acquainted with Teller, to be sexually abused, often beaten up for sport as well." refers (spring festival time) to Henry Makow's article about the Sabbateans who pre-date the Freemasons.

Sabbatai Zevi, 1626-76, who lived in the Turkish empire, was the founder of the Jewish Sabbatean movement, 'based on a satanic strain of Cabalism.'

In 1666, he proclaimed himself to be the "Messiah".

He 'pretended' to convert to Islam.

Reportedly, his followers now include the Rothschilds.

Reportedly, the Sabbatean 'satanic cult' has infiltrated and subverted most governments and religions.

Forty-one years after Shabbatai Tzvi's death, in 1717, the Sabbateans reportedly infiltrated Masonry guilds and established Freemasonry. (Cached)

Reportedly, the Sabbateans encourage licentiousness.

Reportedly, 'religion is ultimately meaningless to them, although they use it to manipulate others'.

Reportedly, 'the Sabbatean sect has indulged in wife sharing, sex orgies, adultery and incest for more than 350 years'.

Cathy O'Brien wrote (Sex, Lies, and Mind Control by Cathy O'Brien ): "One of our primary mind control programmers was Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino.

"He was with the psychological warfare division of the US Army and founder of the occult 'Temple of Set' that is proliferating on our military bases under the guise of a religion.

"He doesn't have any religious beliefs that I ever saw, but he used occultism as a trauma base for mind control.

"The only Satanic power that I ever experienced by Aquino was in the form of a stun gun.

"The high voltage that he administered to both my daughter and I, compartmentalized memories of programs for later access by certain government leaders and ClA-sanctioned drug lords that had the codes, keys and triggers to that program."

Noreen Gosch wrote (
'Why Johnny Can't Come Home'a): "It was reported to me and given in Federal Court, February 1999, by Paul Bonacci, that 'Michael Aquino ... called the Colonel' was in fact the man who came to Iowa, paid the kidnappers for taking Johnny, then took Johnny with him.

"This took place 14 days after the kidnapping.

"Bonacci stated this under oath in Federal Court.

"Judge Urbom ruled Bonacci was telling the truth."

nona-people: Paul Bonacci and others


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Nice work. I have covered a lot of this material myself, having been introduced to BH through the writings of Cathy O'Brien about 7 or 8 years ago. She spoke of her duties there as a mind controlled sex slave. Unspeakable evil and filth even though she passes no judgement, just describes her experiences with those sick people.

Johnny Gosch I also have followed. His Mother's website in his memory is a living site meaning she keeps it updated on a regular basis. Some of the photos she has been sent and posted over the years are enough to curl your toes.

Gonna post this, add it to my repertoire of work on mind control and MK ultra and the complete perversion of our "leaders".

One thing Cathy said goes on there is a lot of "innocents" are placed into situations that result in compliance via blackmail.

Remember, Dick Nixon was there and in a 60 second tape described it with great disgust as "the faggiest place ever". But then the only women allowed are female sex slaves. She also said that this was the time when many broken down slaves were sacrificed as a final service to their owners. Her little girl Kelly was also badly abused there.

Interestingly, I stopped listening to Steve Miller as a musician when I found that he had been an entertainer there more than once....

Oh I also once posted photos of the Bushes and various other leaders in drag doing the can can.These are the leaders of the world!

Nothing we did not already know, though?

Anonymous said...

Voices in the head? Mind control anyone?


Anonymous said...

There's smth going on, we know that for sure but that all this Bohemian Grove is a goddamm hoax. Think twice... And where is Alex Jones, wasnt he filming, lol?


Noor al Haqiqa said...





A. Peasant said...

thanks for the links. we hope the sabbateans will be exposed for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post; I couldn't be more delighted! Like Noor, I researched the BG and agree that these people are sick, sick, sickos. Anonymous is V for Vendetta. Here is link for the famous V for Vendentta freedom sppech from the movie.

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Anonymous said...

Astrology apart, this is a very interesting take on JULIAN ASSANGE. It is worth reading:


rossoallosso said...

The Realist Report said...

Great information presented here aangirfan, I sure hope the Satanic Sabbateans are exposed for everyone to see as well.

We had a very bizarre murder out here in San Diego recently, I'm guessing it's connected to this type of evilness.

Anonymous said...

Bohemian Grove has ties to Hollywood. Video highlights Satanism in the Media (...exemplified by Murdoch), Hollywood, the
Music Industry

Using Musc Industry as form of Satanic Mind Control (similiar to religion, cults)

Michael Jackson's father used Satanic Mind Control

Queen Elizabeth likes Lady Gaga

Anonymous said...

Music and our children

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