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On 30 May 2011, Pakistan journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad was found dead, some miles outside Islamabad.

(Reporter's death)

In Hongkong-based Asia Times Online, Shahzad had reported on the infiltration of the Pakistan navy by al Qaeda (the CIA).

(Asia Times Online.)

According to Shahzad:

1. Al-Qaeda (the CIA) carried out the attack on the Mehran naval airbase in Karachi in late May 2011.

2. The attack was a response to the Pakistani navy's detection of al-Qaeda (CIA) agents within its ranks.

3. There had been failed discussions between the navy and al-Qaeda (the CIA).

Al Qaeda (the CIA) had failed to gain the release of naval officers arrested on suspicions of links to al Qaeda (the CIA).

On 29 May 2011, it was reported that a former navy commando, and two others, had been detained for questioning in connection with the attack.

Penny for your thoughts tells us more about the attack on the Mehran Airbase - False Flag attack ?

"The hit on Mehran was like nothing else done by the TTP, because it was not done by them."

"While the CIA employs the useful idiots of the TTP for some destabilisation of Pakistan, when the important stuff needs to get done, they take care of it themselves."

CIA asset arrested in Karachi?

It looks as if the Pakistan military is cracking down on the CIA.

1. On 17 May 2011 we learn that, in Karachi, Pakistani security forces have arrested Muhammad Ali Qasim Yaqub.

Muhammad Yaqub, alias Abu Sohaib al Makki, is a senior al Qaeda (CIA) operative from Yemen.

Pakistani army: senior al Qaeda (CIA) operative arrested

According to the Pakistan military, Yaqub (al Makki) had been "working directly under al Qaeda (CIA) leaders along (the) Pakistan-Afghan border."

The US Embassy in Pakistan claims not to know Yaqub (al Makki) and say his name does not appear on any lists under the US Rewards for Justice program.

"The arrest of al Makki is a major development in unraveling the al Qaeda (CIA) network operating in the region," according to the Pakistan military.

Yaqub (al Makki) was arrested some time after 2 May 2011.


2. In January 2011, Umar Patek was arrested by Pakistani forces in Abbottabad.

Umar Patek, an Indonesian, was reportedly an asset of the CIA.

"He was captured with his Indonesian wife during a gun battle with local Pakistani security," according to Indonesia's General Sutanto.



3. On 27 January 2011, the CIA's Raymond Davis was arrested by the Pakistan authorities after he had killed two agents of the Pakistan spy service ISI in Lahore, Pakistan.


Baitullah Mehsud, whose nephew was allegedly staying in the 'Osama' compound in Abbottabad.

4. On 17 May 2011, we read that the Pakistan security forces "have arrested ... three family members of the ... militant leader Qari Zainuddin Mehsud from a mountain (two miles from Abbottabad) which is believed to be the hub of (Pakistan) Taliban militants, while three hotels were raided to hunt down foreign journalists..."


Fake photo?

5. There is evidence that it was Pakistan forces who carried out the raid on the so called 'Osama' compound.




Asif said...

Pakistan army definitely launch clean up drive on cia(al-cida) networked to root out their tentacles from Pak army and other institution.

Penny said...

The Mehran airbase attack was not the TTP (linked to Al qaeda) as alleged.
The TTP was an intelligence operation.
While the CIA employs the useful idiots of the TTP for some destabilisation of Pakistan, when the important stuff needs to get done, they take care of it themselves.

The hit on Mehran was like nothing else done by the TTP, because it was not done by them.

I put a post up on the subject, having followed the TTP for a bit now

"a well-planned mini-invasion by highly trained killers who appeared to be well-acquainted with the layout of the naval aviation base. They knew the location of their targets, both men and material"

What was the targetted material?

" two costly high tech P3C Orion surveillance planes hitting them with rockets."

If Pakistan is trying to root out infiltrators, one can hardly blame them, there very survival as a nation is at stake.

BTW: thanks to the earlier link over to the Greek stuff.

It is so hard to keep up these days!?

Anon said...

Dear Asif Shah,

Many thanks for the Hamid Gul video.

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

Dear Penny,

I have added a link to your post.

Very many thanks.

- Aangirfan

Sabretache said...

Here's another interesting item on Pakistan that cries out for some research:

78 Percent of Pakistani Children With Polio Were Given Polio Vaccines

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