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The revolutions are run by the CIA, Mossad and NATO, with help from the Saudis and others.

On 19 June 2011, at voltairenet, Thierry Meyssan has an article entitled "The plan to destabilize Syria" ]

(Aangirfan's comments are in italics)

According to Meyssan:

1. It was John Bolton who, in 2002, introduced the plan to break up both Syria and Libya simultaneously.

(Reportedly Bolton is Jewish and the 'Arab Spring' is supported by Israel - The JEWS who Run the USA)

2. The original plan was to bring about military coups in Syria and Libya.

This failed , due to the lack of willing military officers.

(The generals in Tunisia and Egypt were part of the CIA coups which toppled Ben Ali and Mubarak)

3. In Syria, the American idea was to stir up unrest, near Jordan and the Golan Heights, and set up an Islamic emirate.

Syria would then be broken up.

4. An incident was contrived involving students who engaged in provocations.

(In Tunisia and Egypt we saw the same 'false flag' incidents organised by CIA-Mossad-NATO forces)

When demonstrations began, snipers on roofs shot at random into the crowd and against the police forces.

Similar tricks were used in Benghazi, in Libya, to fuel the revolt.

Other clashes were planned, near Syria's borders with Lebanon and Turkey.

5. The clashes were led by foreign mercenaries belonging to Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan's network.

The clashes were organised in Jordan by the CIA, Mossad and Bandar.

Cheeky Boys
Syria by spdl_n1

6. Syria's President Bashar al-Assad "is undeniably the most popular political leader in the Middle East."

"Up to two months ago, he was also the only one who moved around without armed guards, and felt comfortable in a crowd."

7. Bandar has had help from such countries as Pakistan and Malaysia.

8. The vast majority of Syrians are supporting their president, Bashar al-Assad.

Syria has developed a multiparty system.

9. In order to destroy Syria, the USA aims to freeze Syria's assets and block its sales of oil.

An asset freeze requires a resolution by the UN Security Council.

If China opposed a freeze, it would lose access to vital Saudi oil.

Russia could oppose a freeze.

However, the USA has attempted to bully Russia by placing its guided-missile cruiser, the USS Monterrey, in the Black Sea.

(Russia's only naval base in the Mediterranean is in Syria)

Nazi NATO's murder of babies in Libya.

10. There is a propaganda war against Syria.

This has included the blog "Gay Girl in Damascus".

This turned out to be written by an American propagandist.

In fact Syria is secular and homosexuality is not curbed.

It is the opponents of the Syrian president who are extremist Islamist homophobes.

And, it was the anti-Gaddafi forces in Libya who hunted down and lynched black Africans.

Syrian TV showed armed groups on rooftops firing at random into the crowd and at the police.

When these images were shown on Western TV, it was dishonestly claimed that those doing the firing were the forces of the Syrian government, rather than the forces of the CIA-Mossad.



A13 said...

Hi Angirfan.
We wrote about this in march and april here:
There is a definate destabilisation plan.
Thanks for this info.
cheers A13

Anonymous said...


aferrismoon said...

The destabilisation started quite a while ago. Mostly jewish, middle0class terrorists who planted bombs, also connected Obama's 'friend' Bill Ayers.

Their motto was 'Bring the War Home' which considering post-Vietnam United States is exactly what they did.

A couple of them blew themselves up making a bomb ib a house owned or formerly owned by the Merril [ of Merril Lynch fame] family.

It is that generation of Chicago shysters that have such power now [ H.Clinton, B.Obama, R.Emanuel].

'Days of Rage ' is their glib little trademark, which , if it comes out will then be equated with the great freedom-fighters of the '60s - aka the feminists, the peaceniks, the equaliteenies, democracy-makers - who will nestle in with their agencies and their 'rights' for certain chosen 'oppressed' people.

"Though the October 8, 1969 rally in Chicago had failed to draw as many as the Weathermen had anticipated, the two or three hundred who did attend shocked police by rioting through the affluent Gold Coast neighborhood."

Apparently nowadays a few of them live there.


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Anonymous said...

Bolton is a jewish name, and he is most probably a jew given the level of confidence he has, as evidenced by the positions he has occupied. A definitive answer could be given if his mother's name was known.

A few variants of the name:
Balton, Belton, Bilton, Boldon,
Bolten, Boltin, Boulton, Bulton

(more variants exist).

Penny said...

Aangirfan, I have been blogging for months now on Syria.

It was obvious destabilisation was the agenda, when I put the first post up way back March 24th/11
when you left the comment

"Well done. You seem to be the first person to have noticed what is going on in Syria.

- Aangirfan

It is June 20th now, Aang, it has been three months and I have covered the topic to death.

Here is the latest onem just today

NATO troops are moving to Turkey, Turkey has troops on the border, in fact, I believe the refugee camps,(so called) are a cover for Turkish troops gathering

Turkey wants a buffer zone and Israel wants to send "aid" to refugees which is utter shit.

Israel wants to deliver "aid" to syrian refugees- NATO troops in Turkey/Recon flights over Syria

aangirfan, help get the info out.

There is no "humanitarian" crisis.
This is a surreptitious attack on Syria
By NATO with US, Israel, Jordan, Turkey all playing their respective roles.

Many people will die.

The Port at Tartus, russia has poured money into that, it is their only access to the Mediterranean.
If a pro west government get's in they will shut russia out.
Much at stake.

Blammo said...

The entertainer Michael Bolton is a Jew of Russian descent, originally named Boloton.

I'd always read that John Bolton was Jewish, but is seems the term "neo-con" may have to suffice. He may have Jewish ancestry, but he's listed as Luthern.

Religion: Lutheran

Member of:
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

Some resources:

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Haarp said...

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Anon said...

I've added to my LINKS.

- Aangirfan

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