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Reportedly 'a prostitution racket' was used by a foreign intelligence service to control certain top people in Turkey.

On 21 June 2011, at Today's Zaman, we learn that a court in Turkey has been hearing evidence from top military officers about certain documents. (officers testify in plot cases)

The documents, seized by police from a naval base in 2010, belong to the 'Sledgehammer' coup plan, which was reportedly devised at a military meeting in 2003.

The documents relate to a prostitution racket reportedly used to extract information from top military officers and senior bureaucrats, on behalf of foreign intelligence services.

Reportedly, elements of the military planned to discredit the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the Moslem Gülen movement.

They also planned to play down the investigation into the Ergenekon organisation, a 'terror' organisation with links to the military.

The original Ergenekon was a CIA-NATO organisation (linked to Operation Gladio), which used terrorist acts to try to keep its favoured people in power.

Writer and political strategist Erol Mütercimler said Ergenekon is a Gladio-type gang hidden deep within the state. ('Ergenekon is above General Staff, MİT')

"It is above the General Staff, the secret service and the prime minister.

"There are generals, heads of police departments and businessmen within this organization," he said.

(Ergenekon (organization) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Turkish President, Abdullah Gul, alleged 'agent of the CIA'.

Some people believe that the CIA has stopped supporting the Turkish generals, because the Turkish generals have become too nationalistic.

Some people believe that the CIA has switched its support to the moderate Islamic AKP party, one of whose leaders is Abdullah Gul.

Apparently the CIA wants to use certain Moslems to gain control of the natural resources of Central Asia.

David Cameron and Abdullah Gul, November 2010.

On 8 November 2010, Turkey's President Gül said that Turkey is playing an active role in shaping the New World Order.

(President Gül: Turkey plays active role in shaping new world order)

Gül was speaking at London's Chatham House, said to be a front for the security services. (Chatham House: MI6 Front And Corporate Think-Tank)

Chatham House, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is the sister organisation of the US Council on Foreign Relations.

Chatham House has presented Gül with its prestigious Chatham House Prize.

During his speech Gül suggested that the Cold War era world system was yet to be replaced by a new and effective system.

Gül suggested that the new order will be accomplished in the next decade.

Gül said that this new order must focus on the whole world and reject a Euro-centric understanding of history and international affairs.

Gül said that the new order must be a multicultural one where a single power's hegemony is absent.

Gül had a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, a staunch supporter of Turkey’s accession into the EU.

On plans to build a NATO-wide missile defense system, Gül dismissed claims that the planned shield is designed to protect Israel from a possible Iranian missile attack.

Gul studied for two years in London and Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Gul is an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Civil Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath

Fethullah Gulen is the founder of the Fethullah or Gulen movement, which some suspect is linked to the CIA.

Gul and his AKP party are linked to the 'moderate Islamic' Fethullah Gulen sect, which some suspect is linked to the CIA.

Fethullah is named after Fethullah Gulen, the founder of the group.

On 10 February 2010, Dikran Ego wrote (Turkey) :

"Many ... fear that what is happening now is the AKP government, together with the followers of the Fethullah-sect, who have taken positions in all governmental and military institutions, has begun to break down a competing power structure in order to establish its own position and take full control of the state.

"The question is whether the AKP government will deal and eliminate the (military generals') terrorist network 'Ergenekon' ... to establish its own 'Ergenekon' based on 'islamofascist' ideologies."
(Government Sponsored Terror Squad Killing Assyrians, Other Minorities in Turkey )

Fethullah is seen by some as being the CIA. (Fethullah Gülen's Web Site.) Former CIA operative Graham Fuller reportedly helped Fethullah Gulen obtain permanent residency status in the USA. (Has the Universal Caliphate Emerged from Pennsylvania? Is the CIA ...)

Why would Fuller support Gul, who reportedly wants a 'modern and moderate' grouping of Moslem countries, allegedly as part of a New World Order?

The answer reportedly comes from the transcripts of investigative reporter Sibil Edmonds. (Has the Universal Caliphate Emerged from Pennsylvania? Is the CIA ...)

Reportedly, during the Clinton administration, the CIA began to fund Gulen and his movement "with millions derived from drug trafficking – including the revenues amassed by Turkish underworld figures (bubas) from the flow of heroin from Afghanistan through northern Iran to Turkey." (Has the Universal Caliphate Emerged from Pennsylvania? Is the CIA ...)

Gulen set up madrassahs (Islamic schools) and cemaats (Muslim communities) throughout the Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmernistan and newly-formed Russian republics "in order to gain control of the vast oil and natural gas reserves of these developing countries."

Abdullah Gul, Turkey’s first Islamist President, is said to be a fan of Gulen, along with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (Has the Universal Caliphate Emerged from Pennsylvania? Is the CIA ...)

Turkey, under the AKP, has taken a more pro-Iran and more anti-Israel approach.

This might not worry Obama and Brzezinski, who reportedly want Iran as an ally against Russia and China.

Turkey's AKP party worries Israel which sees Turkey being friendly to Syria.

The Gulen movement has been outlawed in Russia, perhaps because it is seen as being a tool of the CIA.

The CIA allegedly believes that the Gulen movement "will succeed in uniting the Muslims of Central Asia and, thereby, gain control of the natural resources of these countries for the so-called 'good' of the American people." (Has the Universal Caliphate Emerged from Pennsylvania? Is the CIA ...)~~


Penny said...

question for you?

Turkey's military?
Are we looking at outside control of their military?
because that is sure how it appears to me!

Anon said...

Yes, we are looking at CIA-Mossad-NATO control of key people in the military.

- Aangirfan

Penny said...

Definitely the impression I have come away with!

opit said...

BradBlog broke a story a while back which makes it look as if the idea of a NATO black ops controlled Turkey is too simple. Security in Washington was badly compromised and there were elements of sexual entrapment/blackmail in play.
Elements of the Mafia and drug trade are in the brew too.
Sibel Edmonds blogs at Boiling Frogs and has a Twitter account.
Here's a sample of the sort of coverage I've been seeing.

Just a thought. The British crown looks far too innocuous in most of this. Mention of the SAS is usually evident more in its absence than any real coverage.

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