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Chinese Cheerleaders - Sand show by cmaccubbin

How will the CIA destabilise China?

In Egypt, Mubarak's sucessful attempts to help the poor meant that the upper middle class had to pay more tax.

The CIA's coup in Egypt made use of the discontented upper middle class.

The Economist, on 23 June 2011, reports on the possibility of the Chinese government doing more to help the poor.

If the middle class has to pay more in tax, it may rebel.

"That is a day the party dreads...

"The party fears them far more than it does unruly farmers or migrants.

"Beijing's centre was flooded with police earlier this year when calls for an Arab-style 'jasmine revolution' circulated on the internet."

Truants by Greg

On 24 June 2011 Tony Cartalucci wrote about Collapsing China

According to Cartalucci:

1. In 1997, Neo-Con Robert Kagan wrote an article in the Weekly Standard about a "New Strategy of Containment" for China.

2. Kagan writes that the West's goal is to collapse China's government.

He writes, "Some new China hands agree that the Chinese regime is vulnerable and believe that increased ties will hasten the day when political liberalization finally catches up with economic liberalization.

"By embracing the Chinese, by exporting our Western ways through our Western goods, we will bring them down.

"By helping them expand their economy, we will exacerbate the contradictions of 'authoritarian capitalism' and force their resolution in favor of more democratic forms...

" Chinese leaders are more aware than anyone that there are contradictions in their system, and they will not be comforted to know that America's policy of 'engagement' contains the hope that they will be swept away by an uncontrollable tide of liberalization."

3. China's has increasing influence throughout Southeast Asia.

It has a naval port in Pakistan.

It has growing influence in the Middle East and in Africa.

4. The engineered "Arab Spring" is meant to put pressure on China via its dependency on foreign oil.

China's friend Pakistan is facing increased aggression from US intelligence and military forces.

Similarly, there are efforts to destabilize China's neighbors throughout Southeast Asia including Thailand and Myanmar.

5. America's influence in South east Asia has been reduced.

It seems that the West hopes to create a sufficient amount of chaos around the world to disrupt China's economic growth, while attempting to destabilize Beijing itself through foreign-funded sedition.

China has now openly accused the West of fomenting unrest both abroad and within its own borders.

6. The global elite are attempting to impose on us all a despotic global regime.

Kagan himself admits that "Western goods" are the method through which this modern empire expands its reach, so logically boycotting and replacing them with "local goods" and solutions is the answer.



Pas said...

It also of importantce to recognize that the power structure of China, resembles very much like the rest of the "powerful" nations:Jewish faces in Chinese Government.

Best regards from Holland.

Kathy said...

The US has been engaged in a covert war against China for decades now.

thanks for doing a story on this.

Anon said...

Many thanks. I have been reading the blog entries at the links.

- Aangirfan

nobody said...

Hey Aang,

It's my opinion that that's why American complaints about DVD piracy in China never amount to much. Frankly it suits the Hollywood propaganda machine to have China flooded with their product.

I'm all for piracy given that what with Hollywood being such a relentless spewer of propaganda (both Jewish and MK satanist etc), by all rights they should be paying us to watch it.

With that in mind, I reckon Kagan is being disingenuous. Western goods aren't going to bring China down.

For starters, there aren't any Western goods there. It's all made in China and there's nothing they can't make. Rather, what'll bring China down is that variety of mind control that comes through film, TV, and games, particularly the product aimed at teenagers. If Hollywood can turn Chinese youth into same variety of self-obsessed, disaffected gits that they've done with Western youth, then China will implode in a similar fashion.

If you control the means of artifice, you control reality. Kagan knows that of course but god forbid he should say so. Not he of the hate your masters and never tell the truth crowd.

CS said...

China's Communist leadership seem unprepared to transfer power to the global capitalist elite.

A democratic revolution will open the way to control by a global corporate-financial elite, who will buy the elections for the politicians who do their bidding.

The nation state is the greatest threat to the plan for global plutocratic hegemony.

The North American and European nations are already subservient to globalized capital. The BRIC nations, are not fully integrated into this system, although both the Indian and Russian Governments seems ambivalent.

China may thus represent the last hope for the perpetuation of a system of self-governing nation states.

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