Wednesday, June 29, 2011


An international team of investigators from Voltaire Network is currently in Libya.


Thierry Meyssan writes:

1. NATO is striking key Libyans "where it hurts most...

"The missiles are ... aimed at their private quarters and, more precisely, their children’s bedrooms."
2. Saudi Prince Bandar’s mercenaries (working for the CIA) committed atrocities in the Libyan city of Cyrenaica.

Some of the the Al-Qaeda leaders in Libya (working for the CIA) were sent directly from Guantanamo to fight alongside the United States.

The (CIA backed) rebels have carried out lynchings and mutilations in cities which have been transformed into Islamic emirates.

3. Colonel Gaddafi has armed the population.

Approximately two million machine guns have already been distributed to the civilians.

The idea is that each adult, man or women, should be in a position to defend his or her home.

Libya "follows an original system of participative democracy, similar to the grassroots assemblies in Vermont."

People are used to being consulted and assuming responsibilities. Hence, it is easy to mobilize them en masse.

4. A portion of Libyan assets has been grabbed by western governments.

"Perhaps this is the success that NATO is talking about: colonial pillaging."

5. With the exception of Cyrenaica, the Libyans did not rise up against the "regime."

The only exit allowing NATO not to loose too much face is the division of the country.

Benghazi would thus become the equivalent of Camp Bondsteel, the largest US military base in Europe, which acceded to the status of an independent state by the name of Kosovo.

Cyrenaica would serve as the base that Africom lacked for the control of the black continent.



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