Friday, June 03, 2011


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Brian drew our attention to the post entitled "MCKINNEY LEADS DELEGATION OF INDEPENDENT JOURNALISTS TO LIBYA."

The following comes from: Cynthia McKinney in Tripoli.

"Tripoli sustained 22 to 25 bombings last night, rattling and breaking windows and glass and shaking the foundation of my hotel.

"I left my room at the Rexis Al Nasr Hotel and walked outside the hotel and I could smell the exploded bombs.

"There were local people everywhere milling with foreign journalists from around the world.

"As we stood there more bombs struck around the city.

"The sky flashed red with explosions and more rockets from NATO jets cut through low cloud before exploding.

"I could taste the thick dust stirred up by the exploded bombs.

"I immediately thought about the depleted uranium munitions reportedly being used here--along with white phosphorus.

"If depleted uranium weapons were being used what affect on the local civilians?

"Women carrying young children ran out of the hotel. Others ran to wash the dust from their eyes.

"With sirens blaring, emergency vehicles made their way to the scene of the attack. Car alarms, set off by the repeated blasts, could be heard underneath the defiant chants of the people.

"Sporadic gunfire broke out and it seemed everywhere around me. Euronews showed video of nurses and doctors chanting even at the hospitals as they treated those injured from NATO's latest installation of shock and awe.

"Suddenly, the streets around my hotel became full of chanting people, car horns blowing, I could not tell how many were walking, how many were driving. Inside the hotel, one Libyan woman carrying a baby came to me and asked me why are they doing this to us?

"Whatever the military objectives of the attack (and I and many others question the military value of these attacks) the fact remains the air attack was launched a major city packed with hundreds of thousands of civilians.

"I did wonder too if the any of the politicians who had authorized this air attack had themselves ever been on the receiving end of laser guided depleted uranium munitions. Had they ever seen the awful damage that these weapons do a city and its population? Perhaps if they actually been in the city of air attack and felt the concussion from these bombs and saw the mayhem caused they just might not be so inclined to authorize an attack on a civilian population."



nina said...

If the price is high enough, anything gets authorized.

su said...

karma will come their way.
god help them.

nobody said...

Wake up Cynthia - it's the death cult, they love it. It's not like they need to be made familiar with what it all means. They know what it means. They know what DU does. It's just that they have no compassion. None.

Actually know that I think about it, saying 'they have no compassion' falls short since we might then imagine them as Machiavellian, ie. they'll do anything for the good of the state. But these endless wars are not for the good of the state. They're actually destroying America. Instead what these people are is something beyond that.

Regardless of how they view themselves we may as well consider them as satanists for whom deaths in insane numbers qualifies as a variety of religious duty. Once you're ofay with that as a concept, everything makes sense.

And inversely, attempting to impress upon them the horrors of what they're doing becomes completely senseless.

Anonymous said...

su said...

yes it means nothing to them./
actually it probably pumps blood to their genitals to hear of an arab woman trying to protect her babies and her eyes.

what i want to do is take the top 20 in the death cult. each one would be sent to an orphanage in either Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya.
And once dropped there for the children and staff to be told who they are and what they have done.

and then walk away and leave them.
i swear i think i could do it. ignore their screams.

Anonymous said...

digging in the dirt said...

Stuart Syvret & The Chief of Police

nobody said...

Hullo Su, how are you?

If it was me, I'd merely give them the Pu'yi treatment that we saw in Bertolucci's Last Emperor - imprisoned until they write a true confession, ie. their release date is up to them. And when they've been broken (it'll take a several years no doubt) then we let them work in a market garden or somesuch for a standard wage. Cop that compassion, you sons of bitches! Far more than you deserve but then again, I ain't you.

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