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Scotland's First Minister, part of the cover-up?

On 9 June 2011, Al Jazeera aired a documentary providing new evidence that 'the Lockerbie bomber' is innocent.

Al Jazeera gained exclusive access to material gathered by George Thomson, an investigator used by Abdelbaset Megrahi's defence team.

The documentary features secretly recorded footage of Thomson speaking with Maltese witness Tony Gauci.

Allegedly, Megrahi bought from Gauci a shirt, which was then wrapped around the bomb.

The tapes of the conversation were confiscated in a widely reported Scottish police raid onThomson's home in 2002.

He subsequently got them back and this is the first time they are seen by the public.

Gauci was taken on several all expenses paid trips to Scotland, which went beyond the normal police relationship with a witness.

Thomson concludes in the film:

"And I remember one very important bit [Gauci] said - they [the police] wanted - to make sure I was saying the same things, saying the right things. So there was no doubt at all Mr. Gauci was coached."

The shirt is brought into question in the film.

Gauci testified that he sold Megrahi a men's 16.5 collar shirt.

But in the programme, Thomson tracks down the manufacturers and suppliers of the shirt, who say that the fragments show it was actually a boy's size shirt.

This was revealed to investigators at the time, but was never brought into court.

Thomson said about this:

"As you can see there today he’s stuck right by his story in that he can say with some certainty that what he has there is a boy’s shirt. And at the risk of boring you can’t describe just how important that is. It’s crucial to the case. It breaks the chain completely."




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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They don't mention anything about the money found after the explosion. Al Jewzeera seems a little too superficial in this video.

brian said...

my letter to NATO:
Im outraged, as are millions of other people world wide at NATOS socalled Responsibility to Protect turning into a massascre of civilians and now university staff, as we ses here :
Is Nasser university a 'Command and control centre'?

This alone is a A1 war crime... and i will ensure its spread around the internet

regards and see you in the Hague


Anonymous said...

I was traded away as a witness in the original trial and the appeal. I can send you emails from the victims or the Libyans . The US was trying to put the Shah's son into power with a coup. PanAm largest shareholder was the Shahs family. The US had just elected Bush and the Ollie North trial was coming. Both the Shah and current government in Iran allow the National Iranian oil company in London to give kickbacks to the NHS, Royal charities and politicans so the UK govt would not allow any serious talk of Iran being blamed as they knew they would have to take them out. The new group may not be willing to forceable 'share' the revenues. Hence, the coverup.

Ghaddafi did far worse things and wanted off the 'lists'. After the trial was rigged, they made a deal . Pay the victims on scale; 40 percent for getting US sanctions off; 40 percent for getting off UN sanctions and 20 percent to get off the US terrorist list. Ghaddafi paid nothing and the money was paid by new oil contracts in which they passed into a fund. Even the NYT got reported the fund. Shell, BP and others got new contracts, among others. Ghaddafi paid nothing.

The US Department of Intelligence said Iran did it and this was reported by the Times of London 5 days before releasing Mehgrahi in August 2009. The Libyans also agreed to put money to work in the FTSE LSE and pushed the market up for 3 months.

The SNP made deals as well and I was blacklisted after the deals.

The current Iran 'issues' are to stick in the Shahs son or a similar group.

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