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Payton Wall, Avery Wall and Madison Roberson - left to right. (Facebook)

Glen Wall and Donny Robertson, executives with Cantor Fitzgerald, were reportedly killed in the 9 11 attacks on the Twin Towers.

(Justin Bieber.)

Glen's daughters Payton Wall, 14, and Avery Wall, 12, met President Obama at a Ground Zero ceremony in May 2011.

The girls asked Obama to help them meet Justin Bieber.

'I know Justin,' Obama said. 'Maybe I could set something up.'

Justin and friend.

On 23 June 2011, Justin met the girls at Macy's department store, in New York.

Also in attendance was Madison Roberson, 14, daughter of Donny Robertson who was reportedly killed in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Justin Bieber said hello and asked them if they were wearing the perfume he was promoting called 'Someday'.

'He didn't even look real,' Avery Wall told the New York Post.

(President Obama sets up meeting with Justin Bieber for girls.)

In the February issue of Vanity Fair (Justin Bieber Vanity Fair), Bieber is reported as saying:

"I'm crazy, I'm nuts.

"Just the way my brain works.

"I'm not normal. I think differently - my mind is always racing. I'm just ... nuts."

"Just prior to 9/11, Cantor Fitzgerald layed off 800+ employees...

"They hired 200 new and young, very young bond traders." (Fake 9/11.)



Anonymous said...

Whoever heard of a photo credited to Facebook?

su said...

he looks like he should still be playing with lego.

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aferrismoon said...

I notice they both lived in RUMSON, 2 of 6 'victims' from there.

RUM and uncanny SON!

Info from the CNN 9/11 Memorial site.

"It was hard to find a photograph of Donald W. Robertson Jr., 35, for the prayer card for his memorial Mass. A father of four, he was seen in all his pictures with a child climbing on him. The family had to crop him out of a family reunion shot to get a photo without a small arm or leg draped around him."


Cantor lost 658 people in the attacks. there were no more than 3000 killed in the buildings and plane crashes.

Larger loss of life was explained saying it was early in the morning, people hadn't got to work. Why, then, did CF have so many in, 1'6th of all 'victims'?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Something really smells here - and it isn't perfume.


The Realist Report said...

These guys have proven pretty conclusively if you ask me that many of the victims on 9/11 are either frauds, fakes, aliases, ect.:

Spend an hour or so reading around that sight and you'll find some really interesting stuff. I'm not sure about this particular guy Wall here, but I did find this interesting tidbit of information:

Her father, a Lynbrook, LI, native, worked for 17 years on Wall Street, including 12 at Cantor Fitzgerald. At the time of his death, at age 38, he headed the collateralized mortgage obligation desk on the top floors of the north tower.

Read more:

Weren't all those collateralized mortgage obligations a big reason why the economy has imploded? Would the bad guys take out one of their own because of his insider knowledge? Just speculation here on my part...I guess except the first question! Haha!

Anonymous said...

"They hired 200 new and young, very young bond traders."

It sounds like Cantor Fitzgerald knew about 911 in advance and laid off longtime employees so they wouldn't be killed on 911, then hired young blond employees to be killed instead. If I'm not mistaken CF had the highest death toll of all the companies in the towers. Was CF the floors where the stairways were locked? I wonder if most/all of the young blond employees were Christian Americans.

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