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Bar Mitzvah in Surabaya, Indonesia. "The Dutch East Indies Company's main financiers were Jews (Isaac le Maire) and the majority of the executives were Jews."

Indonesia has a small Jewish population.

In the 19th century, most of the Jews in the Dutch East Indies (now called Indonesia) were Dutch Jews from the Netherlands.

The rest of the Jews in Indonesia were mainly immigrants from Iraq and Aden.

There has been a degree of intermarriage.

Yapto Soerjosoemarno, a prominent Indonesian politician, has a Dutch-Jewish mother.


Mossad has a presence in Indonesia (JEWS IN THE WORLD'S LARGEST 'MOSLEM' COUNTRY)

Hanukka in Bandung, Indonesia, 1935

At Inside Indonesia., Rotem Kowner, a Professor at the University of Haifa, has written about Indonesia’s Jews - An obscure history

From this we learn:

1. Jews were probably living in Indonesia well before the European expansion into Southeast Asia.

A Jewish merchant from Egypt died in Sumatra in 1290.

2. When the Portuguese and Spanish began their voyages of exploration, Jewish converts to Christianity and some non-Iberian Jews were involved.

3. By 1619, the Dutch had taken Jakarta from the Portuguese.

A number of Jews, hiding their identity, were living in the Dutch East Indies as early as the eighteenth century.

Leendert Miero (1755-1834), who was born in present-day Ukraine, became the wealthy owner of a large estate at Pondok Gede near Batavia.

Miero revealed that he was Jewish when the Dutch agreed to allow Jews in Indonesia in 1782.

Jacob Saphir (1822-1886), a Jew of Romanian descent, reported the existence of Jews in Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang.

He reported that the Jews in Jakarta were wealthy merchants, government officials and soldiers.

Some married local Indonesians.

Most Jews 'concealed or denied their Jewish origins'.

The locals

4. In the 1920s, the Jewish community set up the Association for Jewish Interests in the Dutch East Indies and a number of other Jewish organisations.

A monthly magazine called Erets Israel was issued in Padang.

In 1926, a number of Jews in Surabaya and Padang set up the Dutch Indies Zionist Association.

In 1928, the central fundraising organisation for Zionist settlement in Israel began to operate in Indonesia.

The fund opened branches in many cities, including Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Medan, Padang, Semarang and Yogyakarta.

In the pre-war years many Jews lived in large houses and they usually employed native maids, cooks and chauffeurs.

A few Jewish men married local women.

The 'Baghdadi Jews' lived mainly in Surabaya and some of them were involved in drug trafficking.

George Soros meets Indonesia's President Yudhoyono (Website for this image). Soros reportedly has links to the Rothschilds, Mark Rich, and Rafi Eytan. (The Secret Financial Network Behind "Wizard" George Soros)

Jews and the Mossad are influential in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the largest 'Moslem' country in the world.

Christians account for 9% of Indonesian population.

George Soros, who is Jewish, is said to have caused Indonesia's financial crisis in the late 1990s. (Financial plot; Soros; Russia Iran Venezuela; Indonesia)

Soros supports the 'pro-democracy' Tifa Foundation in Indonesia. (Indonesia Now On the Global Investment Map, Soros Says.)

Soros has investments in Indonesia.

Aburizal Bakrie, Chairman of 'Suharto's' Golkar Party

Meanwhile, former Suharto 'crony' Bakrie joins forces with the Rothschild Banking Dynasty.

Top Indonesian businessman Aburizal Bakrie has made a deal with the Rothschilds, a deal which is about dominance in Indonesia's booming coal sector.

The Bakrie Group has done a deal with Vallar, the mining investment fund set up by by Nat Rothschild.

Bakrie will have majority control of Vallar and rename it Bumi Plc.

"We’ve announced the creation of an Indonesian coal champion ... (that) is going to be the largest supplier of thermal coal to China," Nat Rothschild said.


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I never understand why there is a constant misspell of the word Muslim.

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These parasites are all over the world. There is no country where they don't have their hands on.

Pas said...

Exellent post, thanks a lot for all your work.
The Dutch East Indies Company (V.O.C.) main financiers were jews (Isaac le Maire) and the biggest part of the executives.(More than half)
Almost nobody in Holland or Indonesia know these facts.

Anon said...

Dear Pas,

Many thanks for the info on the VOC.

- Aangirfan

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i think theres no jews in indonesia, i live in central java near sugar company, tanks for info about jews in Java

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why always jew?

Anonymous said...

"An obscure history" ....... In the past it was not known if the arabic look people who visited Aceh, north and west Sumatera was arabs or jews. At the beginning they could pretend as Arabs.

Anonymous said...

"an obscure history" ......... in the past it was not known if the arabic look people who visited Aceh, north and west Sumatera was Arabs or Jews.

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