Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Who gains from the Arab Spring?

The Arab Spring has weakened and divided Tunisia, Egypt and a number of other Moslem countries.

Israel gains.

The Arab Spring has increased debt in the Arab world.

The Western Bankers gain.

Tunisian Boys
Tunisians by By PilotGirl

On 26 May 2011, the Wall Street Journal updated us on Tunisia n

We learn:

1. Tunisia is now facing sharp drops in tourism and foreign investment.

There is rising crime and unemployment.

2. In Tunis, shop owner Mohamed Guesmi said that things have worsened since the overthrow of former President Ben Ali in January 2011.

Frequent robberies and carjackings on the streets keep customers at home, he said.

Business at his women's clothing store is down 80%.

3. Tunisia's economy is expected to stall this year after a long period of healthy growth under Ben Ali.

4. Police have imposed overnight curfews in Tunis to control street violence.

5. Tourists have been scared away.

6. Under Ben Ali, Tunisia opened up its economy to foreign investment and invested heavily in universities, producing a well-educated middle class.

Under Ben Ali, women in Tunisia gained more rights.

President Ben Ali
Ben Ali - By PilotGirl

Egypt was booming, under Mubarak.

After the CIA coup, Egypt's economy has slowed to a Crawl (NYTimes.com):

"Khaled Younis, 45, said he had to lay off the eight people he employed...

"'Many people here believe this revolution was a curse on us poor, simple folks,' he said."

Egypt's economy is on the brink of disaster (Global Public Square).

"The tourism sector is waning, factories are paralyzed by strikes and sit-ins, exports have taken a steep plunge, and the construction sector is at a standstill.

"Since February, the country has been losing $40 million (28,5 million euros) each day, and foreign investment is 'nearing zero'...

"Sky-high inflation (12%) contributes to the tense social climate."


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