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Greece is corrupt.

The Greek government hospital system is said to be the most corrupt institution in Greece. (Near-bankrukpt Greece a culture of corruption.)

What is the average salary of the people working for the railway system in Greece?

This includes cleaners and track workers.

Is it £20,000 or £60,000?

It is £60,000. (The Big Fat Greek Gravy Train.)

The wage bill of the Greek railway system is £500 million per year.

The annual income of the Greek railway system is only £80 million.

The wage bill of the Greek public sector has doubled in ten years.

The Greek school system employs more people than it needs - four times more teachers per pupil than Finland. (The Big Fat Greek Gravy Train.)

Crete boys
Crete by jpbell11

Greece has spent vast sums on armaments.

Guess which bankrupt EU state is the world’s fourth biggest arms importer

During the years 2005 to 2009, the defence bill in Greece grew by a third.

During the years 2005 to 2009, Greece doubled the amount it borrowed from western banks.

So French banks lent money to Greece and Greece bought French fighter planes.

Bribery of top Greek politicians, public officials and military leaders has been used to secure contracts.

Many of the Greek tycoons and industrialists pay no tax.

Greek shipping tycoons are exempt from tax.

There is a lot of Greek money in tax havens such as Liechtenstein, the Bahamas and Cyprus. (The Big Fat Greek Gravy Train.)





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"Google Under Investigation By The U.S. Government

The FTC has announced they are opening an investigation into Google for antitrust behavior. The FTC believes Google is operating as a monopoly and wants to probe if the tech giant needs to be broken up, for violating the nation's corporate laws.
A week ago, an article was published on the Politico website, about a new Google advertising program that was said to be offered to President Obama before anyone else, which would not only advertise his reelection campaign, but harvest personal information, such as consumers and readers email addresses, among other things. Previously, a number of sites published articles about the relationship between the President and Google."


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subrosa said...

No wonder Sarkozy supports the bailouts.

Ragnarok said...

Unsustainable salaries, needless military spending and other extravagances are all part of the program of forcing crushing debt peoples worldwide. Nothing new there then.

C.I.A coup in greece? Of course, it's worked so well in the past hasn't it. And we can hardly have the people making real decisions about their future now can we. Hopefully the Greecians have learned enough by now to prevent this happening, but i have my doubts. Far too many still haven't seen past the lie that is 'Democracy'.

Franz said...

Just two quick points --

The figures for annual wages make no sense without an idea of what the Greek cost of living might be.

Too, in the 1950s between corrupt union officials and declining rail company income, the US railroads were treated to an era of "featherbedding" that included things like paying full rates for a fireman on a Diesel locomotive, that did not need one, and a full-days pay for every 100 miles covered by rail, the average for when the standard was set in 1919.

With corporate bankers featherbedded will millions at a young age, if the Greeks have found a way to featherbed regular working people again, my hat is off to them. Americans lost the talent about 50 years ago, but we'll take lessons from anywhere now that we're all mostly broke.

___ TIME magazine seethes about American featherbedding, 1959:,9171,825855,00.html

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"Mario Draghi (pictured) is appointed for an eight-year term as President of the European Central Bank, effective 1 November".


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felix said...
via Winter Patriot.

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Whats going on with Chavez? He has already got replaced or what?


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