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Ronan Parke, who was 'got at' by an anonymous blogger.

There was a lot of betting on who was going to win 'Britain's Got Talent' in June 2011.

In the middle of May 2011, bookmakers Coral had singer Jai McDowall on odds of 25-1.

(Ayrshire singer Jai McDowall odds to win Britain's Got Talent ... - Scottish Daily Record - ‎May 16, 2011‎)

Jai McDowall "didn’t even make it past boot camp on last year’s X Factor so his talent is questionable, and it would take a big shift from traditional voting patterns for him to win the show." (Britain's Got Talent Tips and Predictions)

Imagine you bet a large sum on Jai.

Bet £40,000 and you could make a million.

You then use various tactics to make sure that Ronan Parke, the 'favourite', loses.

Before the TV contest took place, an anonymous blogger produced a blog entry which attacked Ronan.

Speaking of how the blog could have affected Ronan, TV mogul Simon Cowell said (Ronan Parke row):

"He could have got beaten up .... He could have lost his confidence."

The Football Academy of Saligao, India

In 1915, a soccer match between Liverpool and Manchester United was fixed. (Match Fixing in Football)

Liverpool accepted money to lose the match and they bet on themselves to lose.

They lost 2-0.

Spanish team

In 1965, Peter Swan, Tony Kay and David Layne, all of Sheffield Wednesday and England, were jailed for accepting bribes. (Football stars charged with taking bribes - News - The Independent)

In the 1970s, in Germany, the manipulation of games was revealed when the president of Kickers Offenbach, Horst-Gregorio Canellas, presented an audio-tape to DFB officials and a few journalists.

In that tape several players offered to let themselves be bribed (including German internationals Bernd Patzke and Manfred Manglitz) to help Offenbach avoid relegation. (Bundesliga scandal)

"Liverpool keeper Bruce Grobbelaar was caught on videotape discussing match-fixing with members of a known gambling syndicate.

"Specifically, he was accused of taking £40,000 to ensure that Liverpool lost to Newcastle." (Match Fixing in Football)

In 1995, three top UK soccer players were charged with taking bribes to rig results between 1991 and 1995.

Bruce Grobbelaar, the Southampton and Zimbabwe goalkeeper, John Fashanu, the Aston Villa striker, and Hans Segers, the Wimbledon goalkeeper, were accused of conspiring "to give and corruptly to accept gifts of money as inducements to influence the outcome of football matches".

Two alleged accomplices, a Malaysian businessman, Heng Suan Lim, and Mr Fashanu's wife, Melissa Kassamapsi, were also charged. (Football stars charged with taking bribes - News - The Independent)

Italian team

In early 2005, in Germany, a 2 million euro match-fixing scandal was discovered. Referee Robert Hoyzer confessed to fixing and betting on matches. (Bundesliga scandal)

Numerous players, coaches and officials were accused of involvement with an organised crime group in the scheme, which came on the eve of Germany playing host to the 2006 World Cup.

In 2005, in Brazil, football match-fixing was denounced by Veja magazine (Brazilian football match-fixing scandal)

In 2008, in Portugal,Porto president Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa stood trial for allegedly bribing a referee before a Portuguese Premier League match in 2004. ("Porto chief up on referee bribery charges". )

In May 2010, the head of the English Football Association, Lord Triesman resigned his post.

Triesman was of the opinion that World Cup matches were in danger of being fixed .

Picture from Indonesia by Jonathan McIntosh

Did the Russian mafia pay Bayern to throw the UEFA Cup semi-final?. (Russian Mafia 'In £32m Uefa Cup Fix' - The Daily Record)

In May 2008, in the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Cup competition, Zenit St Petersburg beat Bayern Munich 5-1 on aggregate.

Zenit then beat Rangers in the European final.

It all looked fishy.

Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon reportedly has a taped phone conversation of suspected Russian mafia member Gennady Petrov saying that 50million of a currency, thought to be euros, was paid to Bayern.

Petrov's friend Leonid Khristoforov reportedly boasted to Petrov that he knew Zenit would win the second leg 4-0.

Indonesian team

Malcolm Glazer, who owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is Jewish.

Glazer won control of Manchester United, sparking outrage among fans.

Jewish Tribal Review has an article on Jewish influence in the sports business. (

Some quotes:

"All the heads of the 4 major American sports professional organizations are Jewish."

"By the early 1980s Jewish individuals owned or controlled a huge number of professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey and other sports teams."

"Some of these sports moguls have questionable pasts, having been linked (though never convicted of anything) with characters in the criminal underworld."

"Eventually, Jewish gangsters like Meyer Lansky, Dutch Schultz, Waxey Gordon, Bugsy Siegel, Arnold Rothstein, and Lepke Buchalter helped move the criminal underworld into boxing."

"The world of sports betting and gambling has long been largely Jewish as well, influenced in many spheres by the Jewish criminal underworld..."

Ronan Parke, who was expected to win 'Britain's Got Talent'.

Large sums of money were bet on Ronan.

5 June 2011: Google Search for Ronan Parke: About 4,190,000 results

Jai McDowall, who won Britain's Got Talent.

Jai McDowall saved the bookmakers, and made a lot of money for the few who backed him at odds of 14 to 1.

5 June 2011: Google Search for Jai McDowall: About 1,760,000 results.

Ronan is said to have 'star quality'.

Jai saved the bookies, as relatively few people bet money on him.

A bookies' source said (Britain's Got Talent.):

"There appears to have been a last-minute rush on the betting just 10 minutes before the phone lines closed."

These bets were reportedly for Jai.

But, "Gary Burton, of bookmakers Coral, said: 'Jai saved us!

"'Although he was popular he was a long way behind Ronan’s following.'"

Ronan's Mum.

Ronan is expected to become very rich.

Jai may not be so lucky.

In the 'Britain's Got Talent' TV programme, on 4 June 2011, the favourite, Ronan Parke, ended up in second place.

So, the bookies are happy?

Was the voting rigged?

Bookmaker Ladbrokes Odds on the Outright Winner were:

Ronan Parke - 4/5

Jai McDowall - 14/1

Jai won the contest.

"Police have abandoned plans to launch an investigation into an online blog that claimed Britain's Got Talent was fixed, amid speculation it was a publicity stunt to boost ratings...

"Martin Troy, the owner of the JustPaste.It website where the article appeared, said he had had no contact from either British or German police over the matter.

"Mr Troy also confirmed that the blog had been posted by somebody in the UK using a connection to the internet from a cable TV provider." (Ronan Parke 'fix' inquiry is dropped by police as it may have been cooked up ... )

Ronan Parke went into the final as favourite to win the competition and the show's £100,000 prize.

"However, he ended up in second place after Scottish singer Jai McDowall, 24, was the shock winner - with just 2.5 per cent more votes than the schoolboy." (Ronan Parke 'fix' inquiry is dropped by police as it may have been cooked up ...)

1. In the USA, the Oprah Winfrey TV show had a poll which many believed was rigged.

Viewers could vote for Zach Anner or Doctor Phyllis, among others.

Anner was clearly in the lead.

But in the span of an hour Doctor Phyllis suddenly took the lead.

The Huffington Post reported an increase of 300,000 votes in 20 minutes.

Reddit reported 600,000 in an hour.

Reportedly 'the source code' for the Phyllis' Vote button differed from that of all the other contestants.

Zach Anner Scandal - Oprah Poll Rigged? Geekosystem

2. In the UK, an online poll was rigged on the TV programme 'Blue Peter'.

Son of Blue Peter boss sacked after vote-rigging scandal found hanged

3. In 2008, a Spanish documentary alleged that the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest was rigged.

Allegedly, Spanish officials offered bribes to various people.

Allegations of vote rigging


"Sources inside the American Idol empire have confirmed – the show is rigged!

"American Idol fans have long suspected something was amiss ever since Ruben Studdard lost, and now, with Pia Toscano being tossed off this year’s show, the cat is out of the bag...

"WWN spoke to insiders at Diebold – the company that provides some of the hardware for the vote counting...

"The executives of the record labels ... run the show behind the scenes, and contracted with Diebold to tabulate the votes as they saw fit.

"Also, AT&T, one of the biggest corporate sponsors of American Idol, repeatedly influences the outcome of the competition by providing free text-messaging services and allowing blocks of votes at parties organized by fans of certain contestants...

"The history of American Idol is littered with voting irregularities.

"An independent audit was done of actual phone logs the nights of the shows.

"In season three, Latoya London had gotten the most calls each week, but Diebold machines declared her a loser in one of the late elimination rounds.

"Based on phone logs however, there is no way that Pia Toscana was not the most popular. Season four also showed wide discrepancies between phone logs and official tallies.

"Carrie Underwood should have been voted off a considerable time before the finals, yet was ultimately declared the winner in spite of Bo Bice lighting up switchboards on a consistent basis."

5. Britain's Got Talent - Riddle as kid rivals get axed

"AT least four child stars of this year's BGT have been mysteriously axed despite getting an enthusiastic 'yes' from all three judges, the News of the World can reveal.

"Out... Arisxandra and Rosalyn Tina Turner lookalike Taylor Fowlis, 12, concert pianist Curtis Elton, six, classical opera singer Rosalyn Bremerkamp, 16, and nine-year-old Arisxandra Libantio - dubbed 'Mini SuBo' - all got standing ovations from the panel.

"Last night a source said: 'It's strange so many good acts have been cut out when so many awful ones got through.'"





The Realist Report said...

Very fishy. An NBA referee was found guilty of accepting bribe money to fix games a few years ago. Happens here, too, although it appears this may be worse in the soccer leagues in Europe. I could be wrong though. I used to bet sports a lot, and made some money then lost it. Made some, then lost it. The house always wins in the end. And, surprise, surprise, who owns that house?

su said...

the question is is anything not rigged?

Anonymous said...

There has always been 'underhand' gambling. It got so bad the Brit govt realised here was a rich source of taxation, made it legal, and betting-shops sprung-up.

I knew football-players and boxers in 50's London, and 'bought' matches were the norm, all to get the best odds. Heard the same about horse-racing, cricket and tennis, too. Many earned far more money 'under the table' than they ever could actually trying to win.

But not all were on the take: Cooper, Mills, Eamonn Andrews, for example, never threw a match, always fought to win, the bookies would find all sorts of ways to sway the odds to compensate, as they attracted a LOT of betting, mostly illegal money from various sources being 'cleaned'.

Henry Cooper did throw one match, but not for money. He realised Cassius Clay (Ali) was under the thumb of the American mafia and the betting on him was astronomical. We are talking several hundred million dollars here, ok? Ali was a dead man if he lost the match.

So he allowed him to use 'Henry's Eyes' to win the match. But it almost went belly-up, Henry wanted to make a point; that he was quiet capable of winning the heavyweight title (and he was) he was the better boxer (he was) and floored Ali 8 seconds before the bell, giving him time to recover during the break. But Ali took one of the best of 'Henry's Hammers' and was in dire-straights, hence the illegal activities in his corner (not only 'the glove', but using smelling-salts to revive a boxer was/is illegal). Ali has now publically confessed to all this.

He later offered Henry a lot of money in compensation, but Henry refused.

It is said Freddie Mills was bankrupt when he died: I knew Freddie personally and know different, he had just run out of legitimate money (fighting-off the Kray Twins trying to take over his nightclub) he was having trouble using the ten-times the purse 'illegal' money he had hidden-away to cover it, as the taxman would wonder where it came from.

I knew one Swedish boxer who's wife would, every single match, ring an hour before the match and say he was sick, couldn't box. The organisers went mad, the punters (read; mafia) had placed huge bets and wouldn't be happy - i.e; they were dead! "We'll give you 5 times the agreed official fee, cash, if you get him here, no matter how bad he is he can do his best for 2-3 rounds, we'll get the other boxer to go easy. Deal?" She would VERY reluctantly agree. And, once in the ring he would beat the shit out of the poor guy 'taking it easy', surprised at how lacklustre the guy was, an off-day? And thus would slip the poor sod a few notes after the match, to help him out.

For he was in perfect health.

She earned more money out of his boxing than HE did using various scams as this. For he didn't know.

When he found out, now serving 2 years in jail for insurance-fraud as she reported his fancy and expensive cars stolen after selling them, forging his signature on the bill-of-sale she gave the insurance company, he divorced her.

Where there's money there's betting, and why should modern showbiz be different. I've always thought this talent stuff, the phone-ins, were rigged. Pushing pop-stars became big business in the 50's, the new post-war youth generation a prime source of easy money ...and perfectly legal... if you ignore the triple-fee under the table to get a group onstage despite they 'falling sick, car's broke-down miles away, can't afford to fix it', call it what you will.
The fans would rip the place apart if they guys didn't show, it was cheaper to pay-out.

Money the manager would pocket, not telling the group.

Not to mention the manager telling them the gig only paid a fiver and a free beer each, pocketing the rest of the 100 Pounds they actually got paid.

It's a game.

In the end, though a good career in showbiz beckoned, I chose to get a normal job and live an honest life.

Asif said...

twist hmmm bookmaker now expending their tentacles not limited practices to cricket,So the fixer like our president Zardare(ulloo ka patha) are too strong to bust the ring by Police or law enforcing agency.

arthur zbygniew said...

Asian gamblers seem nowadays very influent: european football: murders and bribes

aferrismoon said...

I reckon its why FIFA won't allow replays to decide dodgy penalties and goals.

All down to the ref and if he's got the proverbial gun to the head .......


Anon said...

Dear Anonymous,

Many thanks for all the interesting information about Cassius Clay etc.

Your comment appeared mysteriously in the 'spam' box.

Maybe the powers-that-be did not want me to notice it?

- Aangirfan

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