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Ulrich Mohrhoff

Centralisation and top-down control do not work?

According to German physicist Ulrich Mohrhoff:

There is 'an intelligence' that is far superior to human intelligence.

When a 'human being' creates a car, he first makes a design.

Then he manufactures the car using the materials available.

And he works according to the existing laws of science.

The 'superior intelligence' doesn’t work that way.

It doesn't first design and then make.

(Interview with German physicist Ulrich Mohrhoff about materialism, consciousness and quantum physics)

Some people believe that there is no 'old man in the sky' who designed the world on his drawing board.

Some people believe that 'God' had to have an element on 'randomness' to make life 'real'.

In The Financial Times, 4 June 2011, in a review of 'Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure' by Tim Harford, Harvard professor Edward Glaeser writes (FT.com / Adapt):

"Humanity has done and will do great things... because our randomness generates plenty of gold amid the dross..."

Harford favours decentralised authority, not top-down command and control.

"Perhaps ...many corporations today have the right level of centralisation for an era dominated by logistics and scale, but too much for an era dominated by innovation and creativity...

"Decentralised entities prosper by allowing for experimentation."

Think how inefficient the US military has been.

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo (1870-1950) was an Indian philosopher.

According to Sri Aurobindo (Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine.):

'The Divine' brought 'division' to creation to enable the greatest multiplicity of forms and possibilities of existence.

For example, night and day are divided from one another, but allow for greater possibilities.

The ultimate purpose of life is to discover the delight of existence.

We reach that delight when we discover our higher nature.

Luke Johnson

In the Financial Times, 5 April 2011, Luke Johnson tells us why big centralised institutions are not a good idea (The biggest groups are ill with inefficiency

Luke Johnson refers to:

"An obsession with governance: increasingly, institutions favour compliance over competence, and box-ticking over practical solutions...

"Institutional capture: the phenomenon whereby management end up running an enterprise for their own benefit...

"Lack of proprietorship: when employees have no effective capital stake in an organisation, they tend to be less cost-conscious, and take a more cavalier attitude to waste, personal expenses and the like...

"Anonymous mediocrities: there is nowhere to hide in a small company – if you can’t deliver, you’re out. But in a large outfit, also-rans can get away with poor work for years...

The greatest multiplicity of forms and possibilities of existence.

More from Subversive Thinking : Interview with German physicist Ulrich Mohrhoff about materialism, consciousness and quantum physics

According to Sri Aurobindo, the passive impersonal Brahman (God) has its other side, the active and personal Brahman.

All life... is attempting to realise her perfection in an ever increasing expression of her potentialities.

There can be an "effort towards self-perfection by the expression of the secret potentialities latent in the being."

There can be "a union of the human individual with the universal and transcendent (outside the world) Existence we see partially expressed in man and in the Cosmos."

Central Europe.

The 'divine power' has three main features.

In the first place, it does not act according to a fixed system ... but as determined by the temperament of the individual in whom it operates. Everyone has his or her own method.

Secondly, the process accepts our nature such as it stands organised by our past evolution and without rejecting anything essential compels all to undergo a divine change....

Thirdly, the divine power in us uses all life ... All life, all thought,… all experiences passive or active, become thenceforward so many shocks which disintegrate the outer coverings of the soul and remove the obstacles to the inevitable flowering.


According to Mohrhoff:

Some materialist scientists argue that a non physicial consciousness is impossible.

They argue that psychokinesis (eg. moving objects with your mind) is physically impossible because it violates the law of energy conservation.

For example, in psychokinesis, physical energy would be actually created by a non-physical consciousness in order to affect a purely physical world, and the principle of energy conservation precludes such creation of energy.


According to Mohrhoff:

Energy is only conserved within a closed physical system.

To assume the universal validity of the law of energy conservation is to assume that the physical universe is 'causally closed'.

The physical universe may not be 'causally closed'.


According to Mohrhoff:

Neuropsychologists, phenomenologists, mystics, and yogis reject the 'folk psychology' of free will.

The mystic or yogi discovers behind our ordinary consciousness a subliminal consciousness, whose initial attitude is that of a detached witness.

It experiences thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions impersonally and undistorted by any sense of ownership, authorship, or responsibility.

Those who go further become increasingly aware of the true origins and determinants of their thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions.

And once they are sufficiently aware of these subliminal controlling influences, they are in a position to accept or reject them, to choose, and for the first time to exercise a genuine free will.


According to Mohrhoff:

There is good scientific evidence for psi phenomena and survival of consciousness.

There is impressive evidence.

I believe in an intelligence that is far superior to human intelligence. The latter first designs and then executes its designs, utilizing pre-existent materials and pre-existent laws.

The former doesn’t work that way; it doesn’t first design and then execute, and the only material it uses is the substance (Reality) in which it inheres.

It works more like a spontaneously self-realizing vision of what is to be...

Man moves towards the infinity of the Truth by the experience of its variety; so his reason helps him to build, change, destroy what he has built and prepare a new construction, in a word, to progress, grow, enlarge himself in his self-knowledge and world-knowledge and their works.



Anonymous said...

Sri Aurobindo, just another brainwashing tool, like most gurus anyway. But there's a sucker born every minute, right?

Anonymous said...


A13 said...

Very Interesting.
Cheers A13

paul said...

Visited auroville once, pretty creepy. Probably down to his followers rather than Aurobindo himself.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of wishy washy type of reasoning...e.g.
The 'superior intelligence' doesn’t work that way.

It doesn't first design and then make."..........How can anyone know the unknown?


Michael said...

That firms are more productive and creative when decentralised is is not really a surprise and IT IS NOT due to a employees having ownership stakes in smaller firms.

In 1922 when Austrian economist Ludiwg Von Mises was studying the rise of socialism/communism he was unable to see how a socialist society could exist due to a lack of decentralised coordination mechanism (aka market prices, see his book 'Socialism').

In 1945 his student Friedrich Hayek writing in an article 'The Use of Knowledge in Society' expanded Mises' rap for decentralisation to the level of a firm writing "...it is with respect to this that practically every individual has some advantage over all others because he possesses unique information of which beneficial use might be made"

Around the same time Mises published the book 'Bureaucracy' in which he used similar but much more in depth arguments about economic calculation to critique central planning in the firm.

His conclusion was that a firm will only become large when there exists high barriers to others entry (sometimes reputation but usually government licensing or regulations).

Most of the the large firms we see as inneficient today are large due due to government protectionism (Wall Street, Boeing, Northrop, Rayethon), licensing/zoning requirements (Wall Street, oil companies, big auto, big utilities, Walmart), regulation that hampers smaller competitors (Wall Street, big auto) or due to IP (microsoft and the music industry being two of the best known patent trolls and thus two bad share price performers). Clearly DOD is one example too.

I just think it is a little innacurate (perhaps intentially) for that man to turn a realisation about decentralisation into a call for more employee owned firms.

Beautiful pics of Austria by the way.

Greg Burton said...


Greg Burton said...


dublinmick said...

Nice touch angirfan but beware some will try and brand you as a "new ager," It will bring you the wrath of drive by "entities."

Many times we find with Germany, the west in general, some of the more gifted scientists and physicists reach a point where science has no answers.

You will notice the conclusions Mohrhoff reaches could not possibly come from a text book but are direct results of introspection and self analysis.

Germans are heavily programmed toward the material. Much of their news is about the "economy." Their religions are patriarchal, just sing Handel's Messiah and everything will be alright.

He is of course correct, things began with a top heavy spiral when the druids and celtic nature culture, the herdsman and fishers, were destroyed by Rome. The natural balance of nature was overthrown and the march toward centralization began. We can see the results of it now, repression war and genocide. It began the destruction of the most efficient unit, those who honored nature and knew what God actually consisted of.

There have been those who broke the mold but even then were experiencing the hunted existence of the truth teller.

Matter as such does not exist, there is only the life giving, invisible, eternal spirit as primordial ground of matter, which I do not fight shy, to call God.” Max Planck Nobel Laureate in Physics

“Who lives by the mind alone has has not understood life.” Professor Gerd Uhlenbruck Immune Biologist.

The brothers who let themselves by guided by scientific curiosity alone, will stand empty-handed at the day of judgement. I preferred they filled themselves with vital energy. Then God were with them in the hour of need. For in the hour of need and hardship, books are no good for nothing and will remain on the shelf. Vital energy, however, will turn hardship to the better.”

St. Francis of Assisi

In fact the real words of Jesus which have been buried by the "solvers of riddles" directly refute the march toward the corporate state.


dublinmick said...

Luke Johnson of the financial times perhaps does not realize he is long into the realm of the inefficient organization. Once the small city state begins to need more resources it can find within it's border and begins the inevitable attack on the natural world to acquire more resources, the problem begins.

Even the inefficient corn grower and fisher in the world of the Hau de no sau nee was not thrown out on the street, (there were none) and his teepee was not taxed, so he still had a home and hope the next season would bring better fortune.

The corporate organization and the city state itself began this inefficiency if we give any credence to the THE HAU DE NO SAU NEE.


Karen said...

It is this creativity, this superior intelligence, which tptb wish to destroy in us. They target our minds from birth in an attempt to destroy who we really are. They do not fight fair--they use vaccinations, chemtrials, brainwashing through religion, drugs, poisoning our drinking water etc. all to alter our minds.

Despite this assault, WE ARE WAKING UP which proves that there is something to the superior intelligence of our minds--this awareness outside of our egos that holds our true power.

Anonymous said...


CS said...

The late Michael Polanyi, a Hungarian refugee and professor of Chemistry at Manchester University wrote an essay "The Logic of Liberty" which gives a compelling explanation of why central planning produces bad results.

Polanyi's son, John, won a Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Mike Smith, a graduate of University of Manchester also won a Nobel Chemistry prize. I haven't been able to figure out whether Smith was taught by Polanyi, senior, but it seems likely.

Michael I believe is correct in pointing out that the success of large corporations is often due to their ability to monopolize markets and to dictate government legislation that promotes their success against competitors.

As we approach the time when there will be global monopolies in virtually everything, we need to explore political means to restore competition to markets. This may mean pulling out of international agreements such as the WTO, something that will likely get a government branded as a rogue regime -- so this will be difficult to do without incurring NATO bombing.

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