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According to The Wall Street Journal, "Indonesia is in danger of sliding in the direction of Pakistan." (Indonesia's Next Challenge)

The CIA is not happy that Indonesia is increasingly friendly with China. (China Ready To Take Part In Realising The Expansion Of Indonesia's economy.)

In 1998, mysterious Ninjas, said to be linked to the CIA, murdered hundreds of people in Situbondo, and surrounding districts, in Indonesia.

Someone was trying to destabilise Indonesia and its president, Abdurrahman Wahid.

In June 2011, The Economist tells us about a Christian woman, a Pentacostalist, who was kidnapped in Situbondo by men in Islamic clothing. (Religious extremism in Indonesia: Under attack)

Someone is trying to destabilise Indonesia and its president, Susilo Yudhoyono.

The Pentacostalists are said to be used by the CIA in many parts of the world. (The Born Agains)


to The Economist:

On 9 June 2011, in Situbondo in Indonesia, Aprilia was abducted by three men after leaving a church service.

She was found battered, but alive, hundreds of kilometres away.

She managed to get home after local farmers gave her some money for her bus-fare.

In 2011, there have been around two dozen attacks on churches in Indonesia, mostly on the main island of Java.


This 'Kidnap' Case looks fishy, if you read The Jakarta Globe

"The men dragged her into their car.

"Once inside, Aprilia managed to send a text message to her mother and two dorm friends that she had been kidnapped...

"Aprilia claimed she had been bound and blindfolded inside the car, then brought to an empty house where she was beaten and slashed repeatedly, before being dumped in the middle of a cornfield."

The Situbondo Police chief of detectives said Aprilia’s story was inconsistent and full of holes.

"Like the fact she was able to text her mother and her friends after she was kidnapped," he said.

"How did she do that? Why would the kidnappers allow her to do that?"

Sunarto also said her family had refused to let her be questioned by police. "How can we trust her if we’re not allowed to speak to her on the pretext that she’s still in shock?" he said.

He said there seemed to be no motive for abducting her, given that no ransom demand was made and they barely said a word to Aprilia.


What about the Ninjas in Situbondo?

Peter Dale Scott has written about the Ninjas at -

In late 1998, black-clad ninjas murdered hundreds of innocent people in East Java, in Indonesia.

Some of the victims were mentally handicapped youths, easy targets. (Murder in Java: Psychological warfare and the New York Times)

Bloody decapitated heads were paraded around the streets.

Reportedly, the killings were part of a psychological terror campaign ( like that waged in 1965 by the US-advised Indonesian Army, when at least 500,000 civilians were killed.)

In 1998, as in 1965, there was the distribution of death lists to terrify the public, the arrival of assassins in trucks, mutilation of corpses and display of body parts in public places.

Some observers believed that a faction of the US-trained army was fomenting terror to justify a military crackdown.

Army members were arrested by local authorities for the killings, and then mysteriously released.

Pro-democracy activists in Jakarta pointed out that'Ninja' is the term popularly used to designate the Army Special Forces (Kopassus) in disguise.

"The U.S.-trained Kopassus Special Forces were the preferred assets of the CIA and Pentagon."



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