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Tafazal Mohammad

Tafazal Mohammad attended a training camp with the London tube bombings' 'ringleader', Mohammed Sidique Khan.

The camp was led by Martin McDaid, a former Royal Marine special forces soldier, and 'convert to Islam'.

Tafazal Mohammad and Mohammad Sidique Khan ran an Islamic bookshop in Leeds.

Tafazal Mohammad and Khan were kept under surveillance by MI5.

Now we learn that Tafazal Mohammad has been working for the London Metropolitan police.

Muslim with intimate 7/7 links works for Scotland Yard / Police pay Muslim with links to 7/7 leader

He has been paid more than £80,000 for lecturing Scotland Yard counter-terrorism officers, council workers and youth leaders.



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The Realist Report said...


"Stories of bystanders fighting their way into mangled, pitch-black subway cars and refusing to leave passengers whose lives were slipping away. Stories of body parts strewn in the rubble of a sliced-open bus. Stories of grievously wounded people who somehow cheated death because of resilience, luck and the extraordinary efforts of strangers.

And the story, too, of how four British men of Pakistani descent committed one of the worst acts of terrorism in British history on July 7, 2005, setting off four bombs in London’s transportation network that killed 56 people, including themselves, and wounded at least 700 more.

Nearly six years later, after a highly unusual inquest in which the final moments of each of the 52 victims’ lives unfolded in forensic detail in a courtroom here, the coroner in the case made her ruling: “unlawful killing.”

It was a foregone conclusion, as, in a way, was her other finding: “That the evidence I have heard does not justify the conclusion that any failings on the part of any organization or individual caused or contributed to any of the deaths.”

What a load of shit.

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