Monday, May 09, 2011


McDaid was a special forces officer and became a radical Moslem?

McDaid Who?

"ISI Chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha reportedly met CIA Station Chief Mark Carlton a few days ago."

Pakistan Media Name Man They Say Is Islamabad CIA Station Chief .

Humanitarian NATO?

Nato and European military 'left 61 migrants to die of thirst".



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Anonymous said...

Michael said...

Gadaffi has destroyed the tanks supplyign energy to the last town held by rebels. CIA is now on the bakcfoot.

su said...

hi collective of convent girls.

just wanted to let you know that when i try open the post about dutroux's wife i get this message bX-kd9wlm

thanks su

Anon said...

Hi Su,

The Dutroux link may be working again.


- Aangirfan

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