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The Scottish Government is speaking out about Lockerbie, Iraq and Palestine.

The Scottish Government curently has limited powers, but hopes to achieve independence for Scotland.

1. On 15 May 2011, we learn that Scotland's new Scottish National Party government aims to publish evidence which suggests that Megrahi may not have done the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

The Scottish Government plans to change the law to allow the publication of papers from the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.

The Commission said there were six grounds for thinking a miscarriage of justice had occurred.

SNP plans law change over Lockerbie files

Currently the release of the Lockerbie files can be blocked by one or more of the parties who gave evidence to the review.

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said in February 2011 that he would change the law if the SNP won a second term.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill told the Scottish Sunday Express: "This is something the new SNP Government will do in early course. We have always been as transparent as possible.

"And following the announcement last December that the SCCRC was unable to secure the necessary consents to release its statement of reasons in the Megrahi case due to current legislation we now intend to bring forward primary legislation to overcome those problems presented by the consent provisions."

2. Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond says that an independent Scotland would follow its own foreign policy.

Alex Salmond says that an independent Scotland would not have taken part in the war in Iraq.

According to Alex Salmond, "(Iraq) stresses why you've got to ... chart your own way in the world so you don't get entangled into illegal and disastrous international conflicts".

(Alex Salmond: Scotland 'would share military' under independence / Scotland's Salmond says could share military / SNP lowers sights to 'independence-lite')

3. The Scottish National Party wants Scotland to be rid of Trident nuclear weapons.

The UK military employs 20,000 people in Scotland.

The UK military spends an average 600 million pounds a year in Scotland on 500 contracts.

Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party wants to keep its military.

According to Alex Salmond:

"Many many countries in the world share military facilities with friendly neighbours, and there is absolutely no reason why Scotland wouldn't be prepared to do that."

4. The Scottish First Minister supports sanctions against Israel

The SNP has called for the suspension of EU-Israel agreements.



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