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Russell Targ

Russell Targ is controversial.

According to Targ:

"Heaven and Hell are available for the asking, but no experience can take place in our lives except in our consciousness...

"A master told his student: 'You don’t have to look for God. God is here now.'" -

Russell Targ.

Targ worked for the CIA.

How does a laser physicist working for the CIA find his way to a spiritual awakening? -

On the Consciousness Frontier with Russell Targ.

Targ's work for the CIA involved 'remote viewing' (eg. seeing into the future)

According to the Washington Post of August 7, 1977, top 'Scientologists' were at one time in charge of all Remote Viewing and other related CIA mind control operations at Stanford Research Institute under the auspices of CIA MK-ULTRA.

(See the Washington Post article of August 7, 1977, Psychic Spying? by John L. Wilhelm regarding the connection between the Stanford Research Institute, CIA mind control operations via MK-ULTRA and the Church of Scientology.)

Targ may have given up all links to the CIA and become 'spiritual'?

Views on Targ are mixed. (MK-ULTRA SubProject 130: Personality Theory (ACIM, Unity Church ...)

Esp And Psychic Spies Explained Russell Targ, Phd


su said...

"How does a laser physicist working for the CIA find his way to a spiritual awakening? "-

I think it is easier for physicists nowadays. With the advances in understanding and technology - mystisicm and physics share the same knowing.

Not all physicists will be mystics and yet i bet a lot of mystics understand the physics of the universe.

su said...

thanks for that. most enjoyable to discover.

Anonymous said...

remote viewing is not seeng into the future. it is seeing distant places remotey.

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