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Pitlochry (Website for this image)

Thinking of a holiday in the United Kingdom?

Try Pitlochry.

Pitlochry and Ben Vrackie by Val Vannet

Pitlochry, in Perth and Kinross in Scotland, is the quintessential highland town.

It has a population of 2,564.

The friendliest, most relaxed and most comfortable hotel in Pitlochry is The Green Park. AA rosette for food.

“Probably the best hotel we have stayed in!” / “Excellent Hotel” / “The most comfortable and relaxed hotel.” / “Excellent hotel - top class customer service” / “Truly excellent and relaxing”/ “Very friendly, very comfortable and very popular.”

For shopping, try the House of Brewer (Food, clothing, art, restaurant....) House of Bruar - Quality Scottish Country Clothing and Produce

Pitlochry lies on the River Tummel and is surrounded by mountains, including Ben Vrackie and Schiehallion.

Much of the architecture is Victorian.

In 1947 there began the construction of a dam as part of the Tummel hydro-electric power scheme.

The damming of the river created Loch Faskally.

The dam and its fish ladder can be viewed by tourists.

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Pitlochry's famous Festival Theatre was founded in 1951.

(Pitlochry Festival Theatre What's On)

There are two whisky distilleries, both with visitor centres.

Edradour, the smallest distillery in Scotland, is privately owned.

Blair Athol Distillery is owned by Diageo.

Pitlochry (Website for this image)

Pitlochry has a fine golf club with fine views and fine food.

Worth a visit is Blair Castle, with its Hercules Gardens.

Blair Castle is home to the Dukes and Earls of Atholl, and home to the Atholl Highlanders, 'only remaining private army.

Also worth a look are: Killiecrankie, Rannoch Moor, Ben Vrackie, Black Spout Wood, MacNaughtons of Pitlochry and Queen's View



chuckyman said...

It’s a small world Aangirfan. My wife and I went there for a short holiday a few years ago. Beautiful location and lovely people. I’m glad you had the same thoughts.

Ian Leslie said...

Are you not coming to sunny Jersey Aang?

We could do you a great tour on cover-up & corruption!

SL said...

Whit ur ye daein' in scootlund.

Anonymous said...

Given the amount of tartan splashed all over your recent posts aang, one can only assume you are in receipt of some substantial backhander from the Scottish Tourist Board.

But you are right!

I lived on the banks of Rannoch in the late seventies; the scenery is breathtaking, the people friendly and the air quality so good it soon dissipates the hangovers (in time to let you put an early down payment on the inevitable next one).

Though a vegetarian for many years now, I still experience a strange (and slightly embarrassing) Pavlovian salivation whenever I think of venison sausages...

J xx

Anonymous said...

...And right in-between Dunblane and Balmoral, known seats of evil. But also remember none of the Scots Lords are that, Scots, but Brits who killed and threw out the sitting nobles (thus creating Canada, Oz, NZ, SA, so some good came out of it) taking their titles and lands and banning the Tartan. They hanged you if they caught you wearing it.

I am from the Gunn Clan of The Orkneys and Caithness via my mother. The Gunns came from Norway (north of Bergen) and it seems my mum and dad were probably related! The Norwegians were descended from Brittany and the Basks, so it goes in circles. Norwegians speak a derivative of Danish, and with a French accent! Nottalotta people know that. The language the Vikings spoke is actually Icelandic.

I have ridden the road from Inverness to Perth, obviously via Pitlochry though I can't recall it - hick! - on a Vespa, way back in the late 70's. Great time, slept naked in the heather. I was younger and more stupid then.

I note most of your so-called 'Tartan' piccies aren't, really. Real Tartans are a dark, drab, greeny colour, boring. The more streaks of colour in a Tartan indicate a lower-ranking clan. The odd streaks of colour in a top clan are merely to blend the Tartan into the local heather, solely used as camouflage! All the happy, bright, Tartans are false, rapidly made-up after the Scots were allowed to take the Tartan again. Red-headed and freckled girls in Tartan - phwaough!!! Oh to be sixteen again....

I have travelled the world, lived in several countries, but though I come from London and am the only Englishman in my family I would prefer to live in Scotland if I even had the cash to return home.

Anonymous said...

Wow aang! - your blog has helped me resolve a most peculiar incident that happened to me in the late seventies in Perthshire. There was I, in the early morning dreech, trying to shake off the obligatory hangover after a night in the Loch Tummel Hotel, when I nearly stepped on a human figure asleep in the heather. Up he sprang, pagan and naked, throwing off his duvet of midges, and then tootled off on his nearby moped whilst I stood there woozy and dumbstruck. Thank you! Thank you! It's an even smaller world than Chuckyman supposes...

J xx

Anonymous said...

Been there many times. Interestingly... The Tavistock Institute have a wee jolly here every summer!


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