Monday, May 30, 2011


On 21 May 2011, Pakistan's General Mirza Aslam Beg wrote that the 'Osama compound' was raided in 2009 (Abbottabad attack: New revelations) :

"This house was raided in 2009, to capture Abul Faraj...

"Why couldn’t they find Osama then, if he and his family were living there since 2006?"

(It is not clear who the name Abul Faraj belongs to. The Pakistan Taliban's Abu Faraj, a deputy to Mullah Fazlullah, was captured in Swat in 2009)

We should note that Pakistan 'alerted the US over the Abbottabad compound in 2009.


Asif said...

Anon check this video, CIA is really impressed from your work,CIA Agent believe bloggers are a better source of information than traditional media? Did you take idea from this man,whats your opinion comment for comments oops!

Asif said...

link is here

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