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Dawood Ibrahim, allegedly a friend of the CIA.

The 'Osama bin Laden compound' in the Pakistan town of Abbottabad has a special design.

Reportedly, it is a design used by the US military.

Reportedly, the US military use this design for constructing secret and safe homes for top officers in dangerous zones.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build 'Osama's' Abbottabad home? / Did Dawood's construction firm build 'Osama's' Abbottabad home ...)

"Highly placed sources in Indian intelligence" reveal that the contract to build such homes in Pakistan has been given to Safari Construction.

Safari Construction is reportedly owned by Dawood Ibrahim.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build Osama's Abbottabad home?)

Reportedly, Dawood Ibrahim is an asset of the CIA.

According to the media, Pakistan intelligence agencies reveal that Dawood's construction company, Safari, is building many houses in Abbottabad.

They also reveal that Dawood has had a large home in Abbottabad for some years.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build Osama's Abbottabad home?)

Who might have been staying in the so called 'Osama Compound'?

Most likely it would have been people working for the CIA and its friends.

This might explain the reports that it was Pakistan forces who attacked the compound.

"A poll published in Pakistan shows that 66% of people believe the man killed (at Abbottabad) was not Osama bin Laden" (Al-CIAda statement should kill off Bin Laden conspiracy theories) The CIA did have a safe house in Abbottabad. (CIA Occupied Safe House in Abbottabad)

"Gangster Dawood Ibrahim slipped out of Karachi ... on Monday evening, just hours after US Navy Seals (arrived) ... in Abbottabad."

"The gangster ... flew down to Islamabad and (was) then taken to a safe house in Murree by (his) ISI handlers." (Dawood, Shakeel fled Karachi day after Osama kill)

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim of the CIA?

Reportedly, Ibrahim has joint casino interests with the CIA in Kathmandu.

Reportedly, this involves money laundering for top Indian politicians. (Wayne Madsen sees Dawood Ibrahim link to Mumbai Attacks)

"The United States showed a 'lack of enthusiasm' in getting underworld don Dawood Ibrahim deported to India from Pakistan despite making some initial efforts, says senior BJP leader L K Advani.

"Advani, in his memoir 'My Country My Life', notes with deep disappointment America's reticence in pressing Pakistan to hand over Dawood, wanted in connection with 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, to India." - ('US showed lack of interest in Dawood's deportation')

"Ibrahim is believed to be one of the men behind the terror attacks in Mumbai." (Fears of a Mumbai Redux: The Story Behind Germany's Terror Threat)

And it was an American agent, David Headley, who planned the Mumbai attacks. (DAVID HEADLEY AND OSAMA BIN LADEN)


The UK spooks protect Dawood Ibrahim?


Iqbal Mirchi lives in Hornchurch, in England.

Iqbal Mirchi is wanted by police in India for murder and his part in a terrorist bombing campaign.

He is allegedly among the top 50 global drug barons; according to the US authorities he is the right-hand man of Dawood Ibrahim, head of the 'D' company, a worldwide mafia.

Bombs in Mumbai in 1993 killed over 300 people.

Mirchi's name was linked to the bombings.

According to Mirchi: 'a senior police officer told me that my name would be attached to false charges unless I paid millions of rupees in bribes.

'I refused and moved to Dubai.'

Mirchi admits having met Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai.

Dawood has been described as 'the most dangerous man in the world'.

As well as drugs and terrorism, the D company is involved in gold smuggling, gambling, counterfeit currency, diamond trading, contract killing, extortion and film financing.

It is said to have a 60 per cent stake in the Bollywood film industry.

Dawood is also known to have met Osama Bin Laden and, in the aftermath of 9/11, allowed his smuggling network to be used to enable senior al-Qaeda operatives to flee Afghanistan.

Dawood Ibrahim seems to be untouchable.




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